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Anisha R.

Kenzai Body | Day 46 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 46
Program progress:

The diet isn't as annoying as struggling to find time for the exercises - either as soon as I get home from office which means I miss the only 1-1.5 wakeful hours with my 10 month old or then after her bedtime and my night calls which becomes as late as 9 or 930 pm. This isn't sustainable. Cant do the exercises in the morning as my lower back is stiff and sore in the mornings to the Physio suggested I keep my exercises regime for later in the day when my back is better. SO well there is one part of my rant.

What else am I fed up with? Of not seeing an upward crawl in my confidence when I look in the mirror.

Anyway, I was back on the bandwagon today and so far, my aberrations have been as follows:
- 3 days of no exercise (2 days when I was unwell and yesterday when I was just plain pissed off at this whole thing)
- approximately 2-3 meals when I wasn't compliant (again, one or two were when I wasn't well and one was yesterday when I was upset/hangry)


Today's indulgence involved a carb-y lunch (yes, carbs are an evil I love) and a piece of carrot cake (mmm). In hindsight, I should've started with dessert and then eaten a salad. My craving was mostly for something sweet but I guess I 'indulged'. The silver lining? I'm done with junk for the next one month (i.e. till the next indulgence!). It's amazing how veggies form such a minuscule, sometimes nonexistent part of any meal at a restaurant. I hadn't given it much thought until now. I was too focussed on the bread basket till now.

In other news, diet has been on point and so had the exercise. I noticed how an extra 50 skips were slyly added in ;) I am just a little, teeny-weeny bit less 'stuffed' in my clothes. Some days were hard - more because of the exhaustion of a crazy day at work, then conference calls and pushing myself to go to the gym. But I dragged my ass to the gym and I got the exercises done. Sure, I stumbled on my rope an embarrassing amount but I clocked in every single skip for the day.

Wonder what next week will have in store...!

Falter and Sail

Week 3 begins!

So where did I falter and which parts were relatively easier?

The faltering:
- Lack of sleep (thanks adorable 10 month old!). Boy oh boy, what lack of sleep can do.
- A lower back issue which prohibits me from working out first thing in the morning, leaving me to hit the gym post a grueling work day when my energy is at rock bottom and exhaustion creeps into the space where motivation should be sitting pretty.
- Diet on point EXCEPT one night when we had friends over and I ate about 100 gms of carbs (versus the prescribed 50 grams) and a portion of home made fish (when actually I had no proteins prescribed for dinner)
- Annoyance at not seeing much of a change when i look into the mirror (yes, yes, i know its only been 2 weeks) and self-doubt about being able to achieve my fitness goals (*rolls eyes*)

The smooth sailing:
- Not a single missed day of exercise or diet (well besides that one aberration)
- A teeny weeny increase in energy level since I started working out.
- Because my days are so packed, i honestly have no time for cravings and can eat absolutely anything without thinking twice or fussing (a salad without any dressing! how about that?)

Who I am...

1. Where are you from and what do you do?
- From India but living in Hong Kong since 2015. I work with a bank (yawn).

2. What's your best quality?
- Wow. Didn't think I'd struggle so much with this answer. Umm. I think I'm quite creative.

3. How did you hear about Kenzai and get to be here? If you were referred by an alumni, tell us who!
- My husband told me about it in 2017. Since then I completed Kenzai Body and Reboot. This is my second time with Kenzai Body.

4. What surprised me most about week 1?

- What surprised me most was how much of a difference a year of no exercise and 50 extra pounds can make. I feel unfit and am ridden with aches and pains. I should've known those delicious lactation brownies were evil! On the brighter side, I'm quite keen to get rid of the flab and feel good in my skin again.


To say that the last one year has been a rollercoaster ride would be a hilarious understatement. The kind of hilarious where you roll your eyes and end your snorting laugh with a "yeah right".

Everything in my world changed - personally (had a baby 9 months ago) and professionally (took on a huge role right after a meagre maternity leave). Suffice to say, I'm at my personal lowest - heavier than I have ever been and busier than I could ever imagine. Self esteem negative. Confidence lower than low. You get the picture.

This is my second time doing Kenzai Body 1. I did completed KB1 with a fierce passion two years ago and saw spectacular results. So here I am again, dragging my post-baby body over the line to Kenzai land. I know Kenzai works, I know what Kenzai can do. I guess I've just forgotten what I can do.

Here's to me; to all of us.

From Complain to Compliant

I've been told I complain too much so on this blog I won't do that anymore. Here are some quick updates and inputs:
- The diet and exercise this week (so far) have been on point. Can't say the same for last week given there were 3 indulgences in one week to celebrate Diwali. Pictures of the festivities uploaded for your viewing pleasure !
- Can feel the difference with minimal salt in my diet and my face surely feels less pudgier
- T minus 9 to my wedding reception. Needless to say I'm a bundle of nerves and an emotional wreck. Managing to get my workouts and diet done in this emotional wreckage isn't easy but I'm trying.
- will need to figure out what to do in terms of the diet and workout regime once I fly to India on Nov 1 ! Trainers help me out ! :)

Alive & Kicking

Sorry about the insipid blog post - drowned in work and 6 am - 9 pm work days this week. I'll follow this up with a more detailed blog soon. Haywire week on all counts. More to follow.

Okay! I'm not hiding behind the couch anymore and here are some updates since my last blog:

- Last week, I got 6 out of 7 workouts done nice and proper. It’s been an on again-off again time for me health wise with minor spells of being ill every now and then. Anyway, feeling better today (minus the sore and painful throat) so you'll find me in the gym this evening - thats a promise.
- Diet has been more or less on point minus yesterday when i wasn't well and ate soup and a sandwich for lunch and dinner.
- Realized the thrill of an ‘indulgence’ for me is a nice dessert and not as much other things like savory snacks or a large calorific drink. Anyway, thanks to a night out this Sunday, my indulgence ended up being a little stretched to a Sichuan dinner with some Vino. Okay, quite a lot of vino.
- Scales aren’t moving at all :( but clothes fit slightly better (teeny tiny tad bit). Slight muscle formation in the arms and legs though the chubby torso still follows me around everywhere. Still haven't reached a point where I'm comfortable wearing a sleeveless dress/shirt.
- In my last blog post, Thomas suggested that I make a resolve to focus on 2 key things. For me those are –
1. If I can finish my work out before the fatigue of a weekday or the laziness of a weekend seeps in, I can have the rest of the day/evening to plan anything else I want. Must get the workout done as soon as possible on any given day.
2. Planning and prepping for my meals is critical – If we’re going to be out, I need to carry my snacks so as to avoid getting hangry and making poor food choices.

On a more existential note, I got into a very interesting discussion with my husband yesterday and we wondered why healthy food is more expensive and difficult to find than ready-to-eat junk. For instance, a burger at McDonalds is 10$ but a half decent salad (even the one from a supermarket/grocery store) is nothing less than 50-70$. Pretty counter-intuitive that our society wants to be healthy but there is such a big price to pay for it both monetarily and in terms of effort. Of course in the long run the benefits of spending more on a salad versus a burger are immense (reduced health bills, for one!), but it’s amazing how difficult it is to find good food which is healthy, easily available and not priced ridiculously. Of course cooking at home is the easiest answer to this problem but it’s a localized solution and the couch questioning we were onto last night was more about how closely entwined education, earning capacity, etc. Long story short, as rewarding as it is to be healthy and eat clean, it's a choice that requires everyday effort but I guess that’s what makes all the difference : )

(P.S - Thanks Deb for the much needed nudge! :) )


'Arrghh' - that's the perfect word to describe five days of a sunny, carby and beach bum-y vacation. Zero exercise (unless you count bumming around in the pool), totally non-compliant meals and self inflicted ignorant bliss.

The start of KB2 hasn't been ideal. Who am i kidding - its been nothing like I wanted it to be and so far, i'm probably only 50% on track so far in terms of diet and workouts. Anyway, this isn't going to be a rant (surprise surprise).

I hope I can get my motivation back by reading through all the teams blogs and the daily lessons. I've realised what my virtuous/vicious cycle is - if i workout and put in all the effort to sweat it out, I am less likely to cheat on a meal or detour from my diet. Hopefully I'll have more epiphanies to share. For now, I'll be hiding behind the couch.

The BIG Questions

What do I want to get out of this training?

One word - RESULTS. I want to feel as good about my body as I did at the end of KB1. I remember my enthusiasm and effort during KB1 was relentless and strangely even though I just finished a good Reboot program, I do feel slightly jaded and not as inspired as I should be. I am an ‘all or nothing’ kind of person and I really want to (quickly) move to the ‘All’ end of the Kenzai spectrum.

What do I need in order to make that happen?

Inspiration and Intent. Both will waver from time to time but I hope blogging, venting, sharing and being a mule about my body-goals helps me during slothful days.

And it's a wrap! 

28 days flew by but it sure didn't feel that way when I was huffin' and puffin' through multiple sets of v sit ups or double katanas!

Reboot ends today and with this end, comes another beginning. The last 28 days taught me a few things and there were changes too, some subtle and some overt. Because I love lists, here's one:

- You have got to WANT to change. Inspiration can come from outside but Intent is an inward task.
- Nothing is worse than feeling stuffed and cramped in your own skin. That is not how we're meant to live.
- We choose the center of our world, every day. Sometimes, its imperative to make oneself the center of one's world.
- Even a small change is good enough, as long as you keep at it.

Reboot may seem like a mini-program, not meant for crazy transformations but its a great way to get back to the Kenzai way of life and the rhythm of discipline. Almost till the end, I kept looking at this program to give me 'Kenzai Body' results but I realize now, as i write this blog that Reboot wasn't built to achieve a Greek god body in 28 days. Reboot brought a certain rhythm back in my life and helped me remember how good it feels to see a glimpse of muscle in my arms and legs, how sweet sleep is after a long day of prepping meals, hitting the gym and wrapping up office work.

As I end this short and sweet journey, I am now looking towards a bigger, more intimidating goal with KB2. I have to admit, I am scared of the intensity and commitment KB2 requires but nothing worthwhile ever comes easy so I'll skip and whine, I'll squat and vent , I'll probably be a pain to be around but it's time for intent and inspiration to come together.

Wishing everyone a healthy and satisfying journey ahead - whatever it may be, make it yours and make it count! :)


Hi team!

Who's joining KB2 on September 4? : )

Flab to Fab -- Let's do this!!

Lost & Found

One of those days where the science of the 'one week lag' or the adage 'take one day at a time' make no sense. When I look in the mirror, I see no difference and still feel stuffed in my clothes. Sure, my benchmark is how I felt/looked at the end of KB, not how i started it but allow me the impatience and irrationality for a minute. Why does it take forever to get into some sort of halfway decent shape but hours, if not a couple of days for those unwelcome calories and fat to come settle comfortably in the proverbial leather arm chair that our bodies are?

When I finished KB, I promised myself I would never ever go back to the amorphous largeness that I was, constantly tugging at my clothes, checking my reflection in the mirror and blaming the angle for uncomplimentary pictures. No one can take the credit or blame for how we treat our bodies.

Okay, done with my rant and off to the gym now.

Just one

The last week was a mixed bag - didn't miss a single workout but lapsed a little on the diet as I had a friend visiting from Sydney and unfortunately she bakes really well! Not that i went crazy but did indulge a little in a couple of pieces of brownie and one drink. On the plus side, I am proud of myself for not missing a single workout, no matter how tired I was. It's amazing that when one is not training, the tendency to eat/drink/not bother is so easy. I can't remember the number of times I heard 'oh come on, miss the workout today - it's only one day', or 'its just one drink', 'just one dessert' - only someone who's working real hard to shed excess weight knows the true 'weight' of 'just one' anything.

On a funny note, in discussion with my friend about something, I stated casually '7 grams? That's the weight of one grape'! She fell of the bed laughing and couldn't believe anyone would know that ! I'm pretty sure anyone who has every done Kenzai would surely know such unusual facts :D

We're halfway there, folks! :) Feeling slightly better in some of the clothes though I've got a long way to go to fit into most of my clothes but i'll get there, slowly but surely.

Stay strong team : )


Chiselling a body amidst the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. Suddenly I don't feel so "big" anymore ;)

All about perspective huh? ;)