Anita C.

Anita C.

Graduation Post 

Its taken me ages to get round to writing this post. I was away at the end of the programme so it wasn't the strongest finish and I have been hoping to do 2 "strong" days before writing this, but have got to face reality that that is not happening. I have REALLY enjoyed Reboot this time round, and really needed it. Great to get back in the game, focusing on my health and fitness. No major changes but definitely done the trick in terms of refocusing the mind. Thank you to my lovely cohort and to Ward - as always, everything is made easier with your support. See you on the blogs!

Reboot Day 24

Things are never good when I go quiet! Slipped up over the weekend- visitors and lots of social engagements. Finding it hard to fine my groove- definitely have the mehs. Hope everyone else is doing better- I need a willpower injection!

Reboot- challenge 2

The challenge went ok- but ver little protein so definitely could have been better. I went to Pret and my natural choice woujd have been the cheese baguette so this was definitely better. I’m travelling now and it is challenging- definitely not a perfect flight over and we have a big Indian feast (I’m in Delhi) on the cards tonight which will be challenging

Reboot- day 13

Working today which is a bummer...but should help with any weekend temptations! Going to try out my “ outside lunch” so wish me luck!

Got home and felt too tired to do the workout. Which is really unlike me - I normally ALWAYS do the workout, even if the diet can get skew whiff. So....didn't do the workout, then had 2 mouthfuls of the kids pasta. Then my yoghurt, eggwhite, apple etc. Then stopped. I didn't have my veggie snack - couldn't face it. How's everyone else doing?

Intro Blog

2 Blogs in one day! I'm Anita, I live in Hong Kong with my husband and 2 children. I have been on and off Kenzai for coming up to 4 years. But still, due to the "off" am very far away from my goal weight. My aim on this programme is to tighten up the diet after 6 weeks of summer where clean eating got totally cast aside, with no glimmer of it in sight. Lots of wine, cheese, and good times had, but now to pay the price! My biggest obstacle is my work travel schedule, which makes sticking to the routine hard. I hated all kinds of food as a child, mostly every type of vegetable and eggs. I now LOVE vegetables - still struggle with eggs a bit (its the concept - eew!) but put a brave face on it when on programme.

Ok, so Reboot started while I was on vacay, so not the strongest start but I am in the game STRONGLY now. Am catching up with lessons, photos etc. Really happy to be back in the saddle - things have slipped BIG TIME over the last 6 weeks. Amazing how much damage can be done really!

Chisel Done! 

Well.....another programme done! I loved Chisel - the workouts were intense but really travel friendly and I enjoyed the variety. As usual, I had a very intense travel schedule, more intense than I had planned that made things hard. For the 42 days of Chisel I was out on the road for about 24 days - not ideal. I have not weighed myself as I don't feel I have lost anything but I am feeling strong and good. I am going to take a break for a little bit and keep myself on track on the maintenance programme here......and get back on programme after the summer. Big thank you to my supportive team members and the rest of the people on the blogs - you helped me through some touch situations!


I realise that I have been travelling a lot of late (22 days away from home in the last 31 days), and that makes Kenzai tough. What normally happens though is I eat less than prescribed as I am so freaked out by not being in control of my own "kitchen". Something weird is happening that has not happened before, which is I am getting BIGGER, especially across my shoulders, back and chest. Clothes which before the programme fit me fine, are no longer fitting me. This is exactly the opposite of what I want to have happen, so I am not sure what to do. I have been on and off Kenzai coming up to 4 years now, and still struggle to drop this one dress size. I have to admit I am getting so fed up (my husband thinks I should give my body up to medical science - he says anyone else would look like a women's health model, the amount of effort I put in!) that I am on the verge of giving up. I spent last night researching abdominoplasty surgeons! It might just have to be done....grrrr....

On another note, programe wise, all good this week. Diet has been easy to follow as I am at home, and I have even enjoyed the workouts. I find the humidity and heat in HK making me a bit more lethargic than normal, but once I get in to it, I'm fine. Not loving the workouts, but fine.

Day 32!

I’m in the us on a work trip but overall happy with my efforts. I have missed one workout and will miss Fridays as I totally lose the day on the flight back to hk. Still, I’m doing my best on diet - I bring an avocado and packet of tomatoes to breakfast every morning and make the best choices I can for the rest of the day. Feeling good overall!


Ok- do it was never going to be an option for me- I always go for them indulgence- too much of a greedy little piggy and bon vivant to pass it up. And handily I had a school mums drinks night. The plan was to have one glass of rose and call it that. But I went out in an empty stomach, had 4 glasses!! Then ate some cheese as I was so hungry. Felt rotten all day yesterday but was confident I’d have a good day....until I lost my phone and all hell broke loose. I spent most of the day chasing a taxi driver around Hong Kong with find my phone app. Just as I was almost upon him ( I got close a few times before) my phone battery , the phone that was in his cab, that I knew was down the side of the seat, on silent, went dead. Cue total meltdown as I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was just gone 5. So also cue a pistachio ice cream and a pack of salt and vinegar crisps. Then 2 more glasses of wine poured by sympathetic friends. No workout. Total off the rails day

I’m now back at the airport. En route to the us again. It’s a long trip so I’m not sure if I’ll get my workout in. Hopefully everyone is doing better than me

Ps- picture is my breakfast in the lounge - scrambled egg on a mushroom! Great idea! I gave that muffin thing a swerve

3 cycles hell

Anyone else find this so hard? Such s nightmare to get through! Plus look what happened to my rope! So did jumping jacks instead on the last cycle...still hideous.

Out the woods- I hope!

I’m home! Thank goodness. The last few days of my trip were challenging- and I totally fell off programme. Back on now thank goodness.


Workout ok and the skipping is ok too- I have banded my toe up and popped a thick sock on and it seems to be doing the trick.
The diet is tricky though. I am on the go and eyeballing my portions. Managing to avoid the alcohol so pleased about that.
For my free cardio yesterday I got off the strip and headed to the hills- that’s me before my 30 min hike.

Gosh - LV is not a good place to be on Kenzai! However, I feel I've done ok since I got here. Ok with the food and ok with the workouts. I am going on a hike later for my cardio and feel quite excited about that. The weather is amazing.
In terms of what I want to get out of this programme - some fat loss and feeling good about the summer. For me to make that work I need to keep my head in the game, and not get distracted by visitors and social commitments. I have some work travel during the programme (I am on a work trip now) but the reality is that work travel is an intrinsic part of my life at the moment, so making a programme work on the road is a must. I find it also creates some nice routines while on the road, that give me more stamina for the trips in general.
I do have a confession to make - I missed Patrick's opening video (kept thinking i'd look at it tomorrow, and in this case, tomorrow never came) - does anyone have a link to this? Feel I might need it to help me through!

End of Week 5





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