Anita C.

Anita C.


I am a naughty little sculptor (also have the blog reminder to prove it!). Soo.....last week was the long goodbye.....lots of social events, glasses of wine, porridges and croissants for breakfast. The big idea was to get it all out of my system ready for week 1 on "proper" diet. But alas! I had a business trip to India and it all went horribly wrong. Long long days and Indian food must be the most non k-compliant food of all. One day, we were taken for lunch to a famous Darbar (roadside café) and were fed samosas (which I love), stuffed parathas ( carb and veg? at a stretch?), yoghurt (not too bad), pickles (no), tons of butter, and large bowls of heavy dahl. Stuck to my default - ate only half, but felt dreadful, I mean really dreadful all day. Dinners were chaotic and I ended up drinking 2 gin and tonics. Then yesterday had a total nightmare getting back to HK (typhoon here), so didn't do my workout. All on track today. Catching up with my blogs and will do my intro email. Trying not to stress. I can do this!

Scuplt Day 3

A late entry to this programme so my heads a bit all over the place and I'll use this week to get organized! I finished KB 3 around 3 weeks ago - so getting my head back in the game early this time.....

Kb 3- Done!  

I must be the last person to write my post! The last day of the programme happened to be the day before I left for holiday. I have a 3 year old and 5 year old and just me on this trip so I've struggled to find a moment. Anyway, I have got a babysitter, put them in the kids club, done a workout (!) and here I am.
This has been a fantastic programme for me. Amazingly tough and some of the workouts almost killed me but I feel a huge sense of achievement and a certain smugness from completing this programme.
I realise that with my job it's so hard to be 100% on track despite my best intentions but it's still so worthwhile as the programme framework keeps me on the straight and narrow.
I am happy to report I have lost 9kgs, dropped a dress size and feeling quite ok in my swimsuit on the beach. Mission accomplished and goal achieved! I kinda feel like doing it all again.....

Kb 3- day 89

Ah...what a delicious feeling Day 89 is! Saying that I'm a bit apprehensive of tomorrow's workout! Normally at this point I get a bit melancholy, nervous at leaving the group and wondering how I'll cope on my own. But this time I'm feeling ok. Looking forward to tomorrow and beyond!

How is everyone? How is it possible that it is Day 87?! Wow. Its been an interesting programme for me as its had a lot of impact - rather like KB1. I feel that something in my body has changed at a very deep level and its all good. For some weeks now I have had people asking about weight loss, and someone even saying they took a double take when I got out of lift to check if it was me. I definitely notice my clothes feel looser and I would say I have come down a full dress size. I wish I had taken my measurements, and have made a mental note to do that next time.
Even so, I have a long way to go. I am one of nature's Endomorphs, and I grew up in a family of both Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs. So I was always the odd one out and always a bit of a mystery. The great news is that with 2 young daughters (one meso one endo) I feel so well equipped and adjusted to cope with inevitable body woes in the future, and am striving to set the best possible example.
Feeling good coming to the end of this programme. It hasn't always been perfect, and has been insanely messy at times....but feeling like I have definitely given it my best and don't have any regrets. And feel I have some good results.
Looking forward, and bearing in mind my weight loss goal, do I do this again? Do I do Kettlebells (worried about my travel schedule a bit with this one), do I do Reach (mindfulness always good to learn - might enjoy the change of pace).
I am behind in some questions:
1. What would I want to master? A few things here - I used to windsurf as a kid, and gave that up - I wish I had not, but we moved from a beach side climate to the UK when I was a child and I did not take to freezing lakeside windsurfing clubs. I also used to tap dance - wish I hadn't given that up. And lastly, I have done yoga on and off through the years, and wish I had stuck at it more consistently.
2. If I woke up on a desert island, I would like to be 26 - had a great time in my mid to late twenties.
3. Where have I always wanted to go - Punta del Este - I love the good life, and a bit of fashion.

As for the last few days - 100%. All good on food and exercise.

Last week wasn't good, but it wasn't terrible either. I started in KL. Made huge noises about getting up at 5am to do my workout - that even inspired others, but clearly didn't work for me, as I missed 2 5am wake ups and therefore workouts. All in all, I missed 4 workouts last week. I have never done that on programme but I honestly can't see how I could've got round it. It was a tough crunchy work week - you the type - crash in to bed at midnight, up at 6 to do it all over again. That basically lasted 4 days, across 2 countries. So a couple of late/early flights in the mix too. Got my game together over the weekend - did the workout Saturday and Sunday. But at some point on Saturday started to come down with something. Here I am Monday morning, feeling waaaaaay less excited about it the last week than I should and totally under the weather. Might be feeling a bit sorry for myself....sniff sniff.

KB 3 - Day 78

Not much to report. Hate travelling on Kenzai. It drives me up the wall.......Did an ok workout. Not the best as I felt a bit all over the place, and for some reason have a really sore shoulder. Feeling determined overall though. Have to get up at 5am to squeeze workout in before all day workshop and then airport. This is going to be an intense week!


Weird day. Grams are off and I ate 3(!) biscuits. And a croissant. I had my indulgence last night in an effort to clear the decks for 2 weeks to the end. It wasn't anything major but joined the family in their sat night dinner out and had some nachos with a glass of rose. Not great nachos. Picture below. Then had some very nice Roquefort with another glass of rose. Woke up this morning all off. Was going to go for a run but the thunderstorms crept in. Then reasoned I would go for a swim when I got to kl- on the road again for work. But big delays at airport which meant I've just arrived and the pool is closed. Coming up to 11.30 pm so going to call it a day and start again tomorrow. Managed to make a fantastic and 100% compliant lunch- Cajun prawn wrap. It was yum! That's the second photo. As for this coming week- Wish me luck!


...being in control of your grams as you're back in your own kitchen!

In another lounge. Wondering how to pull a lunch together. there is a measely and not good assortment. I have been doing my best - trying to make the best choices, scraping off the sauces. But my god - everything is so SALTY. I left my rope and bands at home again...can you believe that! BUT, I don't think its really harmed me. I hit the gym every day and used free weights to do the excercises. And wow - I feel really sore, but in a good way. Feel good that I got the workouts done, but panicking a bit today. I set my alarm for 5am, wishful thinking as I was on a conf call til midnight. could not get out of bed, so no workout this morning. Lets hope I can cope with it when I land!

Kb 3- day 70

Wow! Day 70 already! Feeling so much better for being home over the last couple of days. For my alt cardio I did a yoga class this morning. All the stretching felt so good over all those burning muscles! I can definitely feel a difference in overall core strength and fitness.
I'm off to Jakarta tomorrow for the week. Planning to take all my lunch and snacks with me for tomorrow. After that I'll have to do my best and stay as tight as possible.

Kb 3- day 67- the lounge

The dreaded airport lounge. Inner grok is screaming like a demented banshee. I'm tired and fed up so resolve is low. Snacks are as you see. Saving the second banana for flight. More travel next week. Woke up Late this morning so yanked out 1 round of emergency workout plus 8 min abs. That's improvisation for you. I am walking around in a permanent state of muscle pain at the moment.

Well....these workouts! They are KILLING ME. I can hardly make it through the abdominals AT ALL. During yesterdays workout I actually felt physically sick. Today's wasn't as bad, but it was still awful. I feel like I am hardly moving but am sweating like mad.
I am still on the road, and making do. I am running as cardio and the nice people in the gym found me some resistant bands that look more like giant pieces of coloured sellotape. They seem to be doing the job although there are no handles at the end and my hands after each exercise look like hams.
I have really struggled this week with time too. I have had to do my workout late - 9.30pm and later. Not good.
I need to aim for an early start tomorrow or it won't happen.
Food. Nightmare. I am doing the best I can. Breakfast good. No mid morning snack. Lunch pizza. Had 2 small slices and a large bowl of salad leaves someone found from somewhere. No afternoon snack. Bipimbap for dinner - I took out most of the rice, had some veg, and the egg which never really cooked as there wasn't enough rice to cook it and was kind of a raw coating on the veg. I can't WAIT to be back in my own kitchen. Just want to sob.

I'm on the road again. Disaster has struck early this time as I forgot my rope and bands! So...had to hit the gym last night and do a run and use the weight machines. I used to use weight machines all the time but it felt weird after all this time on resistance bands. I didn't really like it to be honest but I'm stuck with it till Friday when I get home. I've started to follow kenzai Instagram and using that to keep me motivated in low moments. Keen to finish well despite this endless travel!

Aching all over. The workouts are tough and time consuming but quite satisfying. My negative x sits are very messy. And the last exercise with one foot in the air looked like it would be easy but was awful. Staying strong on diet. Went out with the fam for lunch - had a sparkling water - then my grams st home for a late lunch afterwards. What a bore I am at the moment !

End of Week 5





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