Ann Lin K.

Ann Lin K.


So in the half moon pose, I decided to challenge myself by getting in the pose straight from the Triangle pose and without touching the floor to work on my core and balance. Picture says everything about my results...


Somethings are not for Sharing. I would rather stick to Brocolli.

@Scott Burns

Conference blues

Diet wise, options have been so limited with nice green vegetables. But on the flip side, with the drier weather, my hips are way ok and the perfect barre have been in the... ELEVATOR!
The view from the gym was so so nice so overall despite the busy schedule I am mighty pleased with myself.
Few more days left crew!

Out for a week!

Had such extreme pain in my hip on Saturday and was practically on bed rest the whole weekend. Fortunately with the typhoon I was not going anywhere anyway.
Been to the doctor and unfortunately only gentle exercises for the week.

Diagnosis -
I have hip bursitis. Not that I have over sculpted or pushed those hips out too much but because
1. I am over 35 and female 🙄 Old age looms.....
2. It was the typhoon and air pressure has caused the inflammation in the body
3. Have been over stretching in yoga and not eating enough fat to compensate for the shortening nerves
4. Am too stressed (Hubby will attest to this)
5. I am too 'cold' and will need to bundle up when the air con is on(its 37 degrees Celsius here)

It's quite funny really and I suppose good news that I can still continue with Sculpt slowly but looks like I have to start eating more fatty meats and avocados!

Maybe another typhoon on the way. So fingers crossed and I am going to wear my thermal tights.

I'll be back!

A new week!

Been juggling work and a migraine that has persisted for days. Not the best mood or had the inclination to go through the routine.
Just spent all my time with the legs in the air and plow pose which has helped the migraines. Only had energy for the downward dog.. thinking positive, at least my back is relatively straight (could be even straighter though) even if my feet aren't entirely on the ground.

Had my eyelash extensions... do they count as channeling the energy and time the right way? 🤔


Have never been very good at Savasana as my mind starts racing around after practice on my to do lists.
Well, it's ok to take that 1-2 mins out.. 🙏

Day 18?! Already?

Time has flown by! Starting to panic that I feel no difference in my stretches!

Had to remind myself that I am in this Reach journey with the hubby and the whole point is to breathe and relax!

Need a just Pyjamas and Cupcakes day soon


All prepped for next week's diet and looking forward to next week's exercises.
Have 2 Hot yoga classes next week booked, and really struggling in 37 degrees heat when it's 37 degrees outside too, it makes it more oppressive! But I will carry on, with just more H2O.

Hubby bought me a SUP board this weekend and signed me up for SUP yoga which I am really really looking forward to!

Have also been trying the Grasshopper, Dancer's and Crow's pose with the daily stretches. Let's just say I have not succeeded much, aside from face planting very well.
My muscles have some soreness despite finding the stretches relatively easy. Must be today's strength workout, pretty good balance!

Looking forward to Week 2!

That's all done now folks! 

Day 90 came in a flash! We came, we saw and we Konquered!

I went back to my blogs and pictures from Day 1 and gee what an emotional journey - from being cranky with no hot dinners and too much veggies to now thinking I need veggies!

My reasons for starting Kenzai if I am being honest with myself was not motivated by how I wanted to be or feel, or the fact that the better half always ended a program looking fab and I was feeling a little left out.

I made lots of excuses of why I could not start Kenzai. But even with not being able to skip nor fully appreciate the egg white dinners, I can see and more importantly feel the progress. I almost feel ready to star in a Shampoo commercial ⭐️ (Almost).

Well here I am! And wanting so much more! Look out world!

My mummy brain at work... but as I was reading this I had omitted to mention 2 very important people that I could not have done this without.
Kim and Cecilia - thank you so much for everything. Alternate workouts, keeping me to task and your humor to get me through the 90 days.

Where did the week go?

Has been an extra challenging week at work that seems to be close to resembling a TV drama and thus with colleagues just back from Japan... I succumbed to the Macha Kit Kats after the copious amount of fruit just did not give me the sugar fix I needed. While I did not necessarily feel better after... my goodness they were yummy 😳 Oops!

30 Sun Salutations today to make up for the misjudgement 😬

Today's lesson is somewhat accurate, with my emotions largely being in check these past 90 days which has been fantastic... but I think it is gender bias and can only be taken ceteris paribus .. ie when it is not a certain time of the month and stress levels are Uber high.

So reckon it needs a disclaimer somewhere

Coming soon!

'Nuff said. All the hard work must come with results!

Keeping things interesting!

Swapped our cardio today and brought the kids kayaking. Ow.. my aching biceps.

Despite the fog, the hubby got a bit (a lot) sunburn. That's what happens when you don't listen to the wife and put sunscreen on!

Hooray! Indulgence!

What great timing! My spirits definitely needed lifting up.
I chose Lasagne with YUM! And no I did not feel one bit guilty.
Though my tummy has shrunk so much that I only managed to eat 1/2 of my normal serving.
Loved every minute of it. Now for the rest of the 45 days


So am miserable. Husband says I am so cranky which is true. The eating for fuel is just not fun. But I have realised a large part of me surviving this is to make sure my veggies at night are served hot. Am also really tired all the time.

Don't worry, am here to stay just because of the great team, my type A personality and the hubby never letting me forget if I quit. I keep going back to my Day 1 photo for motivation and it really works at 5 am when I am asking the 'Why am I doing this?!' Question.

Week 7 here I come!

Guilty as charged

I keep waking up at 1 am either from hunger pains or lower back pains. I finally succumbed and had 2 almond nuts. Did nothing for me.

Continuing to get the great comments on my weight loss though I had a colleague pull me aside and demanded to know if I am on a diet as I have lost weight as if it's a terrible crime.

Walked into M&S hungry. Bad idea. Though came out with lots of fruits and veggies so did not do too badly.




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