Anna D.

Anna D.

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kb day 90

Done! Not my best Kenzai but not my worst. Diet has benefited greatly from the structure of the program. A bit lazy at the end with the exercises but all round feeling much better.

Great work everyone!

kb day 81

Diet going great but not doing great on exercises. Staying off sugar has been the best part of this for me. I feel so much better without sugar at the base of my diet.

kb day 71

Still hanging on. Jumping 15-20 minutes 6/7 days a week, always been the easiest for me. Strength is on every other day and diet is 85%, during the week is still better than weekends. Tomorrow should be my last day of crazy work. So behind in readings.

All round feeling better, in better shape and jiggling bits not as jiggly.

kb day 61

Reading and exercises done. Diet good today but I have a party tonight and I don’t expect to do well, wish me luck.

kb day 60

Weekend was not great. I’m getting back on track with food. A few slip ups during the week but way better. Missed today’s exercise but pretty good on that.

kb day 53

reading and diet good over the past few days. exercises every other day.

kb day 45&46

Diet ok to good. Reading and exercises done.

kb day 44

Absolutely feeling the valley. Diet and readings good. Exercise not great. Skipped a few but just finished today’s.

Why am I still doing this? Mostly just for the health and good feeling. Although, I’m still jumping in front of the mirror for a reminder of the belly fat I’d like to reduce a bit.

kb day 40

Reading and strength exercises done - I woke up late and knew jumping would be the exercise I’d do later. Diet going ok. Not perfect but nothing crazy. Field trip to Philadelphia today, long day with the kids but I packed a bunch of food.

kb day 39

Reading and exercises done, not my best workout but got it in first thing and I really want to get back to that routine. Food packed for the day, so feeling pretty good.

kb day 38

So much for an early start, sick kid had me up in the night and going for an extra hour of sleep this am. Good news, reading done and diet good and I have time to exercise in the afternoon.

kb day 36&37

Diet has been good, not liking it but following it. Readings done. Exercises only ok. Good with the rope but really hating on and cutting the strength training. I’ve had a hard time establishing my routine since my trip a couple weeks ago. Early to bed tonight so I can have an early morning. It’s what works best for me.

kb day 34&35

Diet ok this weekend. Feeling a little worn out so was happy to see today’s reading. Prepped food for the week today and got in my jumping.

kb day 33

Reading and exercise done. Diet not great. Haven’t gotten it all in today, just busy at work but heading home and ready to eat.

kb day 32

reading and exercising done. diet good.

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