Anna W.

Anna W.

thanks all 

good luck to everyone, thanks for your encouragement. I'm going to try to get my arm better, and keep trying to build on these chisel workouts so I can get to the end... and just to eat as well as possible. I still have to take my final picture but after this trip is over....

my plan

well folks, you've been a great and encouraging group but i didn't put my all into it this time and therefore didn't see major results. I have been eating better than pre chisel for sure, but not sticking with the diets. It was a good reminder to cut back portion size and eat way more veggies. I've also gotten to the cycle two workouts and plan to keep doing those and build up to where everyone else is, finish all the workouts I'm able to do with my still injured arm, over time.

you all are an inspiration and I'll see you in mind as I continue to do these workouts moving forward over the next few months. I have my jumprope with me for my work trip that I leave for today and plan to get a few of the workouts in.

good luck for everyone's last week!

still plodding along

folks, I admire those of you who have gone all out on Chisel. I think I'll keep trying post the program being officially over. I'm not giving up but also not holding myself to the highest standards. my energy is elsewhere. like nursing this fur baby back to health. Usually she's my hiking buddy - along with Carlos - but she's out of commission for a few weeks.

I'll try again to stick better to my diet and get some workouts in this week. I know that in two weeks I can still accomplish a lot. I may have to go back to some of the x2 cycle workouts I missed rather than trying to do the x3 and hurting myself. I did one of them though! anyway, hang in there everyone!

hey folks - I am just struggling with this program for so many reasons... my life has been crazy and honestly I just haven't made especially this last week of Chisel a priority. #1 issue is my fur baby has to have heart procedure and I've just learned all of this and scheduled it very quickly for this Wed, so my mind (and time) has been focused on her. I'm also making some work transitions AND Carlos (in a different Chisel group) had his birthday and we went away for the weekend camping with the fur baby, and we both indulged in non Kenzai diet throughout the weekend; I've also missed workouts and my arm continues to hurt. I didn't sign up for this to make a bunch of excuses but I am definitely not doing nearly as well on this as I did on KB 1. Well...will do what I can for the 2nd half of the program. I like the workouts but as I get older I also realize that the super strenuous stuff is less appealing to me than it once was. I'm always worried about hurting myself. DAMN I feel old saying this. anyway, to all of you out there doing well, keep it up. To the rest of us, keep trying!

thanks for listening.

Wow, I just have to share first that my triceps especially have been sore since after last Tuesday's workout (where I couldn't do all of the workout due to my tennis elbow, so I substituted some other exercises in). I was soooooooooooo sore!

While I've been active consistently, I haven't been doing any specific strength training especially in my upper body, for probably at least a year. I am feeling these Chisel exercises all over, but the arm soreness was a little crazy. I hope today's extra fitness challenge doesn't bring me back to that place. I think the leg jumps (slalom) will be easiest for me but thinking of doing the push ups or long boat. When I push my muscles to failure that's when I feel the real soreness described above.

On the diet note, I've been pretty abysmal. My confession is here to you all my teammates. I know I need to get it together for the next four weeks or I won't have as good results as I'd like. ON the positive note, I have been eating a lot better than before, mostly cutting out the junk and significantly cutting back wine...but not 100% on point. I've eaten tons of veggies and less carbs but have gone out for dinner a couple of times in the two weeks and just ordered and ate from the menu, something somewhat but not totally Kenzai compliant.

Here's to trying harder for the next 4 weeks... thanks for listening teammates! Keep up the good work. You all are inspiring me.


I love the fresh veggies we get in the Bay Area during summer! Carlos (in chisel in Belona group) and I made this with squash from my neighbor, tomatoes from my garden and other veggies from the farmers market! Delicious though we didn’t weigh out stuff so maybe we went overboard on our portion size.

On days like today when I can't do most of the workout b/c of my injured arm (I can't grip the bands), I am committing to do some extra cardio and any of the full body exercises that I can. Today, we did a morning (hilly but short) hike with the dog, then I did the 5 minutes of jumping and butt kicks and the Kenzai 8 minute abs. Keep me on track team, make sure I'm doing it! I know most of my challenge, though, and gain will come with how close I can stick to the eating plan...that's the hardest for me. I love food, wine, etc.

Chisel Day One

Hi everyone, I just got back from a 3 day camping/hiking trip and am a little behind getting started on the program but excited to get this going! Since doing Kenzai Run last fall, my eating has slowly gone downhill and I look forward to strengthening and tightening it all up. I kicked it off unofficially this weekend with lots of hiking in high altitude gorgeous Cali spots (see picture of me swimming in an Alpine FREEZING lake) and even ate pretty well on the camping trip aside from all the wine I drank...but that was my last hurrah before our diet starts.

I also have a pretty bad tennis elbow thing going on, but I'm just going to do my best to stick with the diet, and do all the workouts that I can without further hurting my forearm. I look forward to doing this with all of you!


see my last post too. i thought i was writing my graduation post then...I'm looking forward to a little more variety in my workouts now - back to a little more hiking, maybe mixing in some swims. I wasn't too great about the diet on the program but still ate better than my normal trying to keep up better habits at least through the end of the year, with some flexibility in there too. Good luck everyone and congratulations!


I’m so happy we got through the program and did our final run today! I was happy with my 61 minute time & mainly with our progress over the 8 weeks. I feel better, lost a few pounds, and can run 10k though it was definitely not easy. Having run a number of half marathons before, I didn’t think this would be so hard but I guess time takes its toll! I think I’ll be keeping up with the running in category 2- as part of my ongoing workouts but not interested in signing up for any big races anytime soon. I might look into some sprint triathlons though. Good luck and congrats everyone!

I was traveling this weekend & decided to do my 9k on a treadmill. It took me a whopping 76 minutes, slower than I usually run outside. Weirdly the treadmill showed me having gone quite a bit further than my watch tracker (which is what I officially used). Maybe I actually ran further than I thought? At least that’s wheat I’m hoping. These longer runs have been harder than I expected but happy to say I’ve been able to get through them. One more to go!

On another note... are there no running movies that feature women?? Seriously?!

Sorry I don’t have any to suggest but they must be out there!

8K in 51 minutes!

It was a hard run today but got it done!

A photo from our runs

We've been running at a local high school track, which is great! I love our runs where we hike and other beautiful places, but the track is really nice because it's flat, we don't have to worry about traffic or stoplights, and feels so good on our joints!

Happy to say I was able to do the 7K run today in about 46 minutes. We ran at a nice high school track, and it really does feel better on the knees and make it easier without traffic, hills, etc. I decided to run a little more just to prove to myself I will be able to do the 8K next week, and did very close to 8K in 51 minutes. My eating is still a little up and down but I'm definitely making progress. Go team.

Well, I'm here confessing to the sad to say I missed a few workouts latter half of this week. I came down with a cold and really felt I needed the rest so I didn't run on Thursday or Friday. We went camping this weekend so I did a little hike/pretty mellow on Saturday and ate off diet somewhat this weekend.

We're going out for our distance run this afternoon so hope to be able to complete it. Still feeling a little under the weather but trying to get back on track for the second half of Kenzai run....especially with the diet!

End of Week 4





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