Anne Maree T.

Anne Maree T.

Day 90 !! 

I first approached Patrick with a tentative query about PCP back in July
2011, it took me the remainder of the year to get myself into gear, remove the doubt
and commit to the program.

A decision I am totally chuffed I made.

PCP has got me moving and given me the tools to return to my weight before I
had my beautiful daughters 9 years ago, which was my goal.

I feel terrific and fit!!

It has taught me I don't need to sign up to a gym that all the exercise can
be done at home where you can sweat, pull faces and make all the strange noises
you need to get you through those sets.

I eat fruit every day now , something that has made husband very happy.

I can make a batch of biscuits for the kids and have the will power not to eat them all myself.

I no longer have bat wings or bra handles and who knows I may even try a
bikini this summer for the first time in a long time.

Thanks Patrick, Teo and Sarah for all the advice and support throughout the
90 Days, it has been a great program.

Congratulations and thanks to all the fellow Gemini team, the results speak
for themselves when you look back at the Day 1 photo's…..just amazing.

Day 85

The last week , want to finish on a high , back from a great week in Thailand where the exercise went really well, on the diet side could have gone better so certainly had my indulgence in the form of the odd piña colada.
I've started on the 8 min abs as want to try and shift this persistent tummy , an area I need to work harder on and as today's training message indicates need to work through the pain barrier.
Have a strong final week fellow Gemini's.

day 77

We have arrived in Thailand and the weather is lovely, water nice and warm,swimming is great.
Managing so far to stick to the diet and exercise going well athough very sweaty!!
The cocktails are tempting but so far I'm staying strong.

Day 69

Been a busy week at work and some long days, but managed to stay on track with the workouts during the week. 
I'm surprised how fast 3 sets of 5 min skipping seems to whiz by and the extra sets have been a challenge on some of the exercises in the morning but pushing through to day 70. My significant other can't believe I've made it this far , and to be honest neither can I . 
Enjoy the weekend fellow Gemini's.

Day 62

Morning workout over, weekend is nearly here and can ease into it for the next 2days.
Manage to get the family on a flight for a break coming into Easter and we are all looking fwd to it.
62 days on and there are still exercises that elude me .Can only manage incline pullup's , pushups still can't manage to all with going back to the knees,bicycle does give lower back a bit a jib but overall still slowly loosing the 6 years of HK over indulgence so got to be happy. Have a good w/e everyone.

Day 57

Had my indulgence today, nice lunch at Stanley with the family, couldn't eat it all so rather than stuff myself stupid, I left some on the plate...not something I would have done 58 days ago.

Back to the workout this afternoon with some swimming with the kids...nice way to close the weekend.

All the best for Week 9 fellow Gemini's.

Day 52

Hot and sticky doing exercises this morning in HK,all the boats are using fog horns , at least the weather is warming up.
Struggled today finishing the reps after all the back and tricep work and I'm afraid to say Kung fu situps are still in my future!

Day 49

Wasn't feeling the best today so was glad it was Saturday and an easy day on the exercise.
Hard to believe we are nearly at Day 50 got to keep on pushing through for next 40 odd days.
Subjecting the kids to "Back to the Future tonight" on DVD, an oldie but a goodie be interesting to see how successful we'll
be or if it ends up being mum and dad left watching it!!

Day 43

Went for a hike with hubby over the twins this weekend and surprised how sore my calf muscles were, I thought with all these lunges and squats the legs would have been up for the challenge, decided today to drag the kids along for a gentler hike around the side of the hill.

Completed the exercises,  still having difficulties with the push-ups , can only manage a couple before reverting to knees and tricep dips are sent to torture me I'm sure. 

Kids baked some m&m cookies good do they smell...I need to go and eat an apple to stop my mouth watering .

Onward and upward....half mark nearly here.

Day 40

It was hard going this morning feet felt like lead,  had to drag myself through the skips and overall workout this morning. Tricep dips were a disaster . Hopefully a good nights sleep will do the trick and get my head back in the game.

Day 34

I love Friday nights....Been a busy and late week ,not enough pcp sleep so plan to make up for it this weekend.
Exercise this week...not too bad.... although the triceps dips have been a major challenge ,why are my arms so weak!
Manage to get my butt into a pair of pants stashed in the far corner of my cupboard for the first time in months......very happy moment :)

Day 29

Pull ups ZERO..Incline pull ups ...still getting the better of me . 
New diet will be a tester this protein of a night...first time ever for me. 

Really enjoyed my indulgence glass of RED...oh how I miss you, can't wait until we meet again next indulgence.

Have a good week everyone .

Day 25

Seriously how easy does Patrick make those v sit ups look? My version in comparison was the second part of the video of how not to do it......definitely going to take some work.

Day 23

Tricep dips with straight legs.....oh boy I found them a challenge today ,had to alternate between sets and throw in the previous bent knees.
Pushups can only manage one set without reverting to my knees and pullup's well they still elude me.

On the plus skipping going well and Hubby cooked up some nice vegy's today like the inside of a samosa .......yum,yum.

Day 21

Busy day with the kids today, netball training,birthday party and then hooked into the skipping.....1000 skips never thought I would be doing that a few weeks back , I still have to have a few breaks to get there but it's progress.

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