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Anne F.

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Hi All,
Unfortunately, I think I need to leave your lovely group. Suffered an injury to my sacral joint and have been in extreme pain for the past week. Barely able to walk, much less lift, skip rope etc...
I'm not a good patient at the best of times, and being outside is my go-to cure for most things, so this injury has really laid me low.
Need to suck it up though and just rest the nerve. At the moment, numbness at the sole and side of my foot and excruciating pain in my calf and lower glute.


Best to all of you and good luck with the rest of the program.

Annie OUT!


Hi all, How's everyone doing on the program thus far... ? I know for myself, the workouts are the easy part. It's the food that's hard and since it's the 80% result generator, I know it's where I need to put my energy. Just hard as there is so much end of year stuff going on already and it seems like each weeks has more dinners out, and events than the previous. Finding it very hard to stay compliant while trying to have a social life. I think when I first did Kenzai, I pretty much just didn't go out. It's way easier to stay on the program if you don't go out.

Anyway, trying to find the balance, but it's a bit off kilter at the moment.

66 days left.

Start of week 3

Had a pretty good week workout wise... Didn't miss any, but had to move things about a bit. Food is going well, but not perfect. I still have the occasional cheat with wine and chocolate, but definitely less than before I started the program. Trying to make healthy choices when out.

Having to do the barbell exercises as my gym must be the one place in HK that doesn't have the long bar, but that's OK. I'm looking to build muscle while getting leaner, so not looking for the huge weights or lifts.

Love getting back to jumprope and hiking the HK hills as alternative cardio is always good.

75 more days to go.

No Pain No Gain

Unfortunately my pain occurred trying to make my bands have more resistance and it snapped back and got me right between my eyes. Anyway, now leaving them fixed into place so I don't have to risk that again. House is starting to look like a gym again with the ropes out, free weights and mats around. Hong Kong living doesn't allow for much space, so my entry way basically does double duty as my jump rope spot if I can't do that outside and my weight room.

Now just need to work on the coordination a bit.

11 weeks to go!!


Hi All, Annie here. Am back to Kenzai after taking a bit of a break after a half-hearted 3 months with the KB standard. Was derailed a bit with lots of friends visiting and while I kept up with most of the workouts, the eating and mainly drinking was not Kenzai compliant in the least.

Hoping to do better on this program and while I'm not shooting for big muscle growth, I'd love to get back to the fitness I had last year at this time, and better yet - 2 years ago, with the strength and fitness.

Looking forward to this journey with you all.

Yep - was doing very well at the start of the program, but then with multiple visits from friends and family and the Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and Xmas holidays in full force in Hong Kong, It's been really difficult to fit in the workouts and the food has gone out of the window full stop!!

I'm fattened up already for the winter and look forward to the times of less revelry and debauchery so I can get back into my more healthy routine... That said, I'm not writing off the whole month, just means, I'll fit in a good cardio workout where I can and when not at a party, dinner out etc... then stick to the principles, low fat, healthy food.


Hi all,
Sorry for the lack of communication. Had 2 weeks with college friends visiting and then came back to HK right in time for Thanksgiving and all. Have been getting in the workouts this week, but haven't had much computer down time to post or take pics. Am still on track to complete, hope to end these last 4 weeks strong.

Glad to see that everyone seems to be doing great on the program!!

and it's also day 10 of my travels with my girlfriends from college days.... we're having a blast and walking everywhere, but the workouts have been tough to fit in. I've been getting all the jump rope in, but the weights, etc... have been halved or missed entirely. Been trying to substitute in 7 minute workouts etc... but the eating and yes, some drinking is making it difficult.

going to try to keep as tight as I can with the workouts and diet while being realistic that this a big trip out with friends that haven't been to Asian before, and I don't want them to miss out on anything.


Hi All, Still holding in with the program and finally seeing some results show up on the scale and on my body. Weekends are still really challenging, this past one was fancy dinner at a private wine cellar and then Oktoberfest in Hong Kong. Tried to stay on point during the day, but the evening dinners were pretty much a free for all. Only did one beer at Oktoberfest though (mainly because I don't like beer) but the wine cellar dinner was just too good to pass up.

Also, tweaked something in my glute/lower back during the Saturday morning squat jumps, so taking it a bit easier on the squat/lunge exercises. Skipping rope and running are Ok, but bending over is not. Seems to be getting better though...

A bit worried about the next two weeks though - have 2 girlfriends from college coming into town and then we're off to Thailand. I'm thinking about buying us all matching jump ropes so that we can do the workouts together!!


Didn't get the prescribed workout finished, but instead did a 5+ hour hike, completing sections 3-4 of the Wilson trail. With the steepness of hills and distance, think it counts as a workout.

Bring on the egg white and apple dinners....

Bad Week

So, I knew in advance that this week was going to be tricky... So many different events and meals out, junk trips, boat outings, daughter's 18th Birthday, etc... Fundraising dinners etc... and of course it was bad...

I haven't missed any of the workouts yet - thought have had to double up on some, when I had some days out all day. Food continues to be a challenge. This is my second round of KB1, so I think that I've been too confident that I had the food weighing and snacking options down, so have been just kinda winging it, and lots and lots of cheating... As a result, body feels more strong, but scale hasn't moved a bit!!!

Need to get on the program 100%, as the mantra is that your food is 80%, workout 20%.

Hoping to do better this week.

Week 3 workouts

Loving the workout sessions and lessons, but food continues to be a challenge. I'm pretty addicted to my sweets and after doing a big workout, I really want that little reward. Fruit or veggies just doesn't seem to cut it.
Hate the Davinci's big time. Don't know why but feel my form is always bad on those ones. Looking forward to getting some muscle back though!!

Have a couple of hard days ahead though -2 Fundraising dinners this week, a junk boat outing... all very difficult to regulate and eat Kenzai compliant. I can't pull out my packed dinner at these events.

Wish me luck!!!


Hi Everyone,

I'm Annie, from the US originally, but have been living outside of the US for 18 of my 50+ years. I currently live in Hong Kong. Pretty active here as I love hiking, I dragonboat (hottest new team spot for those of you not familiar with it) and am an avid walker with my 2 dogs.

My fitness level is pretty good, but I am a sucker for sugar and treats and have recently been dealing with some muscle/spine issues, so my fitness level isn't exactly where I'd like it to be... so, I'd love to get more toned and tightened and if about 3-5K came off at the same time, that would be great also.

As for barriers, nothing external, just willpower and hoping that my body holds up!!

Here's to a great program. Wishing everyone tons of success with this. It really is a mind-shift on how you look at exercise and at what you put into your body.

Can't wait to see how we all progress!! Go Team!!

Almost forgot - Fight Song.... I'm an 80's girl so it has to be Eye of the Tiger!

The Last Run....Pending 

Been an interesting last week for my Kenzai run program. I was in China for 3 days on a hiking trip, so did lots of alternative cardio and what I'll call strength training carrying my very heavy pack and bags up and down rice terraces and train station stairs.

Haven't been able to do the last 13k run yet though - due to some alternate conditions and the state of the roads and sidewalks after the Typhoon. Everywhere is still pretty much a mess, and while I've tried to do a few shorter runs, the pace is super slow, navigating around all the debris. It's getting better every day though - so hopefully I'll get the run completed within the next few days.

I've had a great time with this program.... haven't been knocked out by any injuries and been able to do all the workouts. I do run a lot on my own though - so am realizing that I like Kenzai better for the weight and strength workouts. Now just have to figure out what to do next!!

Congrats to all on my team for a success RUN 10K


And boy does it help for the motivation. Everything felt right today... Pace, even though it was faster than usual, felt easy, nothing hurt, weather was nice and slightly cooler, which makes a huge difference in Hong Kong. Started off so well, that I didn't do the without head phone challenge. Didn't want to jinx it.

So nice when those cyclical rhythms come together!!

End of Week 3





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