Anthony S.

Anthony S.


Not having a great run this time round. Last week i mildly pulled my back and then this week during a gentle stretch I somehow managed to make it worse. My chiropractor told me that I have a category 3 injury involving a small disc movement. This has happened before although it has been 18mths or more since the last occurrence so I now I will recover but it means no exercise for the next couple of weeks and then a gradual warmup. Anyway I will stick with the diet and see where we get to.
Hope everyone else is having more luck than me

Another tough week

Hi All. Yet again I have had another tough week. My work/life balance has taken a real dive over the last 10 days. Last week I left the house at 6:30 every day and do not get home until 22:30. This ruled out any exercise as I was flat out in the office every day. Also I have noticed that my will power really drops when I am tired and I start to make poor food choices but this is the great thing about having completed Kenzai a few times. The poor decisions that I make now are much better than the poor decisions I would have made several years ago so whilst I am not as strict as I would like i am still not making really bad decisions.
Anyway onwards and upwards. The next fee weeks look better and more in my control so hopefully I can get back on track.


It has not been a great 10 days. I have three had business trips and a lot of late nights in the office plus a weekend with friends in Bangkok. I find that my willpower really slips after a very late night in the office or when tiredness begins to set in. Having said that I still think I am making better food decisions and I have managed to stick with some exercise. I expect another week of late nights and then things should start to get back to normal. Phew.. I am hanging in.

Still going

Hi all. Well I am still hanging in. The last 10 days was way better than the previous 10 days. Not perfect but definite progress. My diet has improved substantially and I managed to get the exercise in most days. I am not doing the cardio exercise since my back is still not in a great place so instead I have tried to speed up the exercises into a circuit session to keep my heart rate up. In addition, i am adding a 1 hr yoga session most days and at the weekend I am doing a lot of hiking.
I am thoroughly enjoying doing regular exercise again. Although it helps that my whole family are away at the moment which means I am getting a good sleep and not getting woken up by a 2 year old at 4:30am every day. This week should be good as well but i have a trip to bangkok planned for next weekend. that will be tough.

Building up

Hi All
It has been a tough couple of weeks. I had a lot of social stuff already booked in for these first few weeks so it has been difficult to be as strict as I would like but I have been making better decisions than I would normally so I am pretty pleased. All the late nights has also hit my exercise regime a bit as well as i tend to try and do this first thing in the morning before heading off to work but it is gradually getting better and I am really enjoying the workouts so that helps.
I foolishly went for a massive hike on Sunday and pushed myself a bit too much and as a result could barely walk between Monday and Wednesday but that is easing up now. I don't know about you guys but I always seem to make this mistake and go too hard at the beginning and then have to take a few days off to let my body recover. When will I learn.

Hello All - Here we go again.

I now see the importance of blogging. Whilst this is my fourth Kenzai programme (2 bodies and 1 reboot), I think this is the first time that I have not put my blog up immediately and as a result this week has not felt quite right. I have not felt totally committed until now. The blog is my moment of commitment so here we go.

Having said that it has not been that bad a week. Overall my diet is not too bad but I could see that a few bad habits were beginning to return. My last programme finished in November last year and whilst I have largely kept the weight off I feel that now is a good time to reinforce my healthy lifestyle and see if I can get a bit more weight off.

My aim is to get my weight down to around 70kg and fat % to around 16%. I am currently 76kg. Last year I went from 85kg to 74kg.


Thanks again to Kenzai and the team for another great 3 months. Given the circumstances I am pretty pleased with my progress. Whilst visibly the results don't appear as significant as my first Kenzai experience. I do feel significantly better than during the summer and my clothes are all fitting again. In fact I think I have lost almost 4 inches off my waist which is great. I am viewing this as just the beginning as a I hope to maintain this new lifestyle long into the future and continue to improve my overall health. I already feel that a lot of good habits have been reinstalled which I think is ultimately what I think makes the difference as this needs to be a lifestyle change not just a 3 month change.

Well done to everyone on the program. You are all great and thanks for all your encouragement and blogs.

Almost there

Hi folks. Sorry, yet again for the failure to keep up the commentary. I am hanging on and still going. Diet is going well and whilst the exercise it still very interimittent I am pleased that my weight and body shape seem to have stabilised at a good level. I have been focusing my exercise on core exercises as this is the area my chiropractor told me to focus on for my back pain. I am now beginning to see that pay off with better stability and alignment which is great. Almost there now.

Over the bump

Well as I expected the last 10 days continued to be difficult with several business trips and a vacation in London centred around a wedding. The trip to London was great fun as I had not visited for several years but this meant a lot of catching up with old friends which whilst great fun meant that my diet suffered, To attempt to counter this I forced myself to walk pretty much everywhere in London keeping my daily step count at around 25,000 steps. I also managed to keep my alcohol consumption really low until the wedding so all in all whilst nowhere near a perfect 10 days i am still pretty pleased as it could have been so much worse. I also received a lot of complements during my trip on how good and healthy I was looking which has give me a real boost to get back stuck in to the programme now that I have returned to Hong Kong. On the home front our adopted son, Brodie, is starting to settle in and is beginning to bond with his new sisters. I am still not his favourite person but this is ok as we had been warned that it is often the father that is accepted last and this process can take several months. So onwards and upwards.

Half way

This has been a really difficult period for me. I have lost a lot of momentum and I am struggling to maintain the motivation. Up until a couple of weeks ago i was really pleased with my progress but the last couple of weeks have been really challenging. I have had several business trips and several social commitments that have really stretched my commitment to the diet. The adoption has gone through now and our new two year old son is now home with us and we are busy attempting to integrate him into the family. We have two daughters already so whilst everything is going fine it has been pretty exhausting getting everyone adapted to the new status quo. This has put further pressure on my diet as I have noticed that my willpower really drops when I get tired and stressed. Its a bit of a shame as I found the diet so easy to maintain at the beginning of this programme and immediately before during the reboot programme. And I have a week long trip to London with a stopover in Bangkok coming up involving a wedding for one of my oldest friends and a week of getting together with old friends. So it is only going to get tougher.
But I am not giving up yet. I know that I just need a few good days to get my motivation back so watch this space.

Did it

Hi folks
Well I managed to complete my 30km night hike on Friday night. We started at 23:20 and finished at 7am. The highest point was 940m and I think in total we did about 1200/1300m of climbing. We were walking but there were a lot of people running and I think the fastest time was around 3.5hrs (incredible). I felt pretty good all the way round with only a bit of aching on the following day which is all down to the great progress I have made on Kenzai over the last few weeks. I think I have lost around 6kgs now with my body fat% dropping from 26% to 20% which is great. Having said that, the rest of last week was not great with a few very long days in the office which did not help as I have noticed my willpower really drops when I get tired. I did not steer to far away from the diet but none the less last week could have been better. But I am staying on the positive as I am still really pleased with my hiking achievement and we are only half way through the programme so still plenty of time to make further improvements and lots more hiking to do. What i really want to achieve now is to add a bit of swimming in but i think that might have to wait for a while yet.

Not a great week

Hi All - Sorry for not blogging sooner. It has been a bit manic yet again. Work/life balance is proving to be a big challenge as I try to make time each day to achieve my objectives. My wife and I have started to adopt a little 2 year old boy which has meant daily visits to the orphanage which coupled with a busy period at work and a few staff on holiday has created the perfect storm. I am still sticking to the diet but the exercise regime has suffered which is disappointing. Having said that my weight and fat% is continuing to drop which is great and very motivating and I know that the balance will improve shortly so that I can get back into the exercise. Anyway better go. Speak soon. Anthony

Week 2

Not much to report from this week. Having completed reboot immediately before kenzai this is n ow my 6th week of diet and exercise. I have settled into the diet pretty well now and i am still enjoying the feeling of being on the diet. i have noticed that a lot of my snacking urges have passed and my appetite is smaller. All good. However, the exercise regime is still proving difficult to maintain as work and life keeping getting in the way. I managed four days of exercise last week which is an imrovement but not as much as I had hoped. Last night my two toddlers were up for several hours with food poisoning which meant this mornings exercise session was off. Try again tomorrow. Having said that I did manage a big hike again on Saturday and I hope to start swimming again soon.


Hi everyone. Sorry to have not blogged sooner, it has been a bit of a crazy week at work. I write to you now absolutely exhausted, I am just back from a 30km hike around Lantau Island in Hong Kong. I am training for a 30km night hike on 16th October so decided to today cover the full course just to check that I can do it in daylight. It took 7hrs and my legs are now jelly.

I am very excited to be beginning this journey again and can't wait to see how we all get on. I decided to sign up for Kenzai 2 after completing the Kenzai reboot programme last week.

I am decided to participate in Kenzai 2 to kick start a new healthy regime to try to get back my fitness. I completed Kenzai Body back in April 2012. I managed to keep my fitness for over a year until I mildly herniated the two lower discs in my spine in September 2013. Since then I have not been able to do any exercise. But after 18 months of yoga and physio my back is feeling better again so I am ready to get back my fitness and remove some bad eating habits I have picked up. Having said that I can't do any high impact stuff such as running or skipping so I will be trying to swim and hike as much as i can for the cardio.


In Dora's words, "We did it" 

Whilst i didn't get as much of the exercise done as I had wanted, I am super pleased with how well I stuck to the diet which was probably the main aim for me. I have really enjoyed eating well again and how that makes me feel and I am really looking forward to taking the next step into Kenzai 2 which starts on Tuesday. My main aim for Kenzai 2 will be to maintain the good diet and add the exercise which I am sure will take me to the next level.
Thanks everyone for a great reboot.

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