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Anthony S.

Reboot | Day 23 (Member)
Day 23
Program progress:
2 week mark

Been a very fast 14 days the way it’s gone so far I’m kinda wishing I signed up to a longer program as I’m thoroughly enjoying the routine and being back in the swing of things. Diets been good, we ventured out Saturday for lunch and below you’ll see the very healthy ordering that I had where as usually I would have likely gone for the burger......

day 11

been a good start to reboot this time round. My diet is on point and surprisingly not finding myself getting hungry even with egg whites dominating my evening. I'm actually finding exercising much easier in the morning and not feeling as sluggish getting going.
skipping i've been doing the 4 x 4 minute sets and not been getting any soreness which i'm happy about as i usually struggle with my right calf.
roll on next couple of weeks.


This is a pic of the lunchtime workout spot. Tokyo tower in the back ground, a few tooooons on the go....skip away to your hearts content. All the bad habits have been kicked to the curb and reboot is fully underway.

Rebooting again

here we go again. a clean up of diet and getting back into the exercise routine is overdue. looking forward to a fresher feeling body in 27 days time.

Day 15

Solid start to the week with personal training session and my workout in the bag for today. Food still needs working on and I’ve got a couple of evenings to navigate this week but no major concerns.
The little ones in my house seem to be getting into daddy’s boot camp below...

day 13

Todays lesson is spot on. there's not a clearer time for my mind than when i'm exercising. That"s was makes it more frustrating when you slip out of that mindset and the old vices come back and with it a fuzzy mind.
It's been a strong week thats just gone and pleased with my start. I've been doing extra running which is getting easier each time and can feel the leg muscles starting to work again. .....slowly but surely progress happens.
It actually feels like 2 weeks have flown by.

1 week down

Nice being back in the exercise groove, stamina is already feeling better on both the rope and the extra runs I’ve been doing.
Only bad point was waking up Sunday with a trapped nerve in my neck/right shoulder. It’s the first time I’ve had this but the pain eased off by this morning. Very odd

Reboot - day 1

A much needed clean up after all the December festivities. Wayyyyyyy too indulgent and now it’s time to pay back for it.
Schedule is clear so should be a good start to the year.
All the best team.



day 64

its been a couple of bumpy weeks the list of things that caused the bumps could go on and on but sometimes these things just happen. hasn't really been much damage but then again hasn't been much progress is more the issue. few weeks to work on getting the weight down a bit more and it will be happy days again. also my blog slacking really does need some work on

day 46

over the hump and into a indulgence #2........not all bad.

bit of a grind out the workouts week but no real gripes. next week will be spent on a family break to singapore so planning out my best approach to daily workouts with 2 playful kids on the loose.

downhill path now to day 90 and hopefully start ticking off some goals as i go along.

End of week 6

Been a very mixed week in my world of Kenzai. Started on point as I have been but Wednesday a very good friend of mine was in Tokyo and the catch up extended itself on a bit too long.....far too many beers and a client dinner Thursday night left me with the guilty feeling of cheating myself. Normal order all restored now and back on the horse. Slight blip but certainly not too major. Switched my Sunday run for this evening and have session with trainer that more than covers my Kenzai workout Sunday.
Overall though I’m feeling a ton better. Can feel some muscles appearing, clothes are looser and belt size has gone down a notch maybe 2.

All the best for the next week of challenges ahead team.

Note to self .....

Don’t waste the hard work and commitment this time round come day 90.

4 weeks down.

First month has gone quite quickly I’d say then I looked at next weeks diet and the dreaded egg whites, apple and banana are sitting there. The hard part starts now it seems. I do hope my optimism and enthusiasm is at the same levels in a months time. So far so good.
This mornings run was easier than usual so feeling progress in a few different ways now.

Day 24

I've had a very good week on the kenzai path to redemption from a very nasty summer.
workouts have been spot on and diet for the best part good aside from a very quick work trip to osaka which included taking in a Hanshin tigers game........not very easy to stay on point at the baseball stadium.
the weight seems to be ticking down and the diary is clear always a good path for the redemption to continue.

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