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It has been a great 3 months... I am so grateful for my friends who I convinced to join me. Without them I would not have made it through.
I am proud of myself of how far I came, it is not the full result I wanted, but that is totally because of me and the time I put into it. When I did PCP 8 years ago, I did it 100% and had those results, but this time around I was 80% and that was also the result that I got. This time around time was not on my side. Between the 2 kids and alll sorts of responsibilities, I could not commit 100%. But I was also not willing to give up a few of my social commitments. The good is that I am eating better, have more energy, more active and therefore will more slowly shed the weight.
I loved the structure of Kenzai, and look forward to the next program. Hopefully, I'll convince my Kenzai gang to do it together again!
Following is a photo of all 5 of us on the last day at a volunteer event at the Symphony.

Exercise 75%
Diet 85%
Blogging... a big fail! So sorry.
My computer broke, and I hate typing on the iPhone. No excuse. Totally lame.
On the good news, I am in smaller clothes. I am down 8lb, need another 6ish. But I feel I am in a good spot. Feeling more energized, feeling better in my body, feeling happier. Should I have been stricter, probably.


My first comment from my Dad who I have not seen in 2 weeks... definite motivator. He told my mom I looked thinner, and parents don't lie. Now onto the remaining weeks!


I had a mini twix bar. I had to.. it was screaming my name, and you know what... I LOVED IT!

YEAH changes

Seeing some great changes in the mirror. I want to be greedy, and want way more changes. There is quite a bit of extra skin, that I don't want to go further in describing... but what will happen with that?
Chugging along. Being patient. I don't like those push-up jumps. I suck at them. Upper body is not my forte.
I most likely won't be able to lift anything tomorrow, maybe my kids will hold my coffee for me, while I sip it.

Day 47!

Today a did a hot yoga class on crack and I did not die as I thought I would have. Shows that I am getting stronger and my endurance is up! It helped me sweat out a steak salad no dressing I ordered at a business lunch. The steak must have been marinated in salt. I had to drink liters of water after.
I hope that I will have another week of egg white dinners. I need to burn more fat. I know at some point you take us off it to build more muscle, but I am not there yet. So dietitians reading this, please keep me on fat melting diet. Off to another weekend of temptations, that are so hard for me to navigate around.
Good luck to all.

This last week

This last week has been insane. So so much to do, but the diet was actually really good. We were home every night and I really started noticing my body changing, especially the tummy. I was glad to see that my diet still pretty much remained the same, except for a decrease in carbs in the am. Another week of fat burning for me. It is shocking to me how stubborn this fat is. I was always the same weight and size until baby #1. Then everything changed. I was so happy when I did Kenzai after baby #1 got back into shape and size, but now it seems so much more difficulty to loose this fat. Not sure if it is age, or more commitments, not a regular schedule, but I hope I can reach my goal.
At least we have a few more weeks to go. phew


All is well here. I am chugging along. The weekends are hard to be totally compliant especially with egg white dinners. I do like to see friends, so I do the best I can. What I do notice are my choices are better, and I don't have the desire to stuff everything down.
But I did just have a full on tantrum, when I logged onto my new diet and found that my banana for dinner was taken away. My tantrum did happen before my lunch and after my workout. Needless to say blood sugar was low and I was fuming. Fine I can handle it, but I was not happy...
I notice body changes. Hope my lack of a banana will make things change even more.
Good luck this week!

Yeah Egg white Dinners!

Maybe this stubborn fat will now burn off!
Also have less commitments, so am really going to hit 100% this week. I admire all of you who travel and do Kenzai. I can't even handle lunch and dinner commitments.
Good luck this week.


like something is changing, but the scale is not agreeing. I know don't look at the scale, but I am feeling lighter. I just wish the scale could agree, along with the silhouette in the mirror. Could really be the reduction in sodium. I LOVE SALT! and reduction in alcohol. Well I guess I am heading in the right direction.
Oh I really don't want to do my exercises today.

I want...

cookies, toast with butter and jam, chocolate, cake, and Chinese food. It's only been three days and I feel we have been doing this for ages. Geez. These lessons always pop up at just the right moment. As if the Kenzai gods are reading my mind. CREEPY

Sunday Prep Day

Roasted, sautéed, stewed and shopped! I am trying to get ahead of my week, but as I roasted, I realized I won't have enough. I am going to try to be an excellent wife and prepare my husbands Kenzai lunch and snacks for him. I mean I can barely do mine and now have to make my son his lunch and now my husband. Let us see how long that will last!
But feeling good. Did all the workouts, tried to eat mindfully all week. Did take a few sips of my children most excellent milk shake today. I mean a few sips could be considered 3/4 of a full one that I would have joyfully inhaled had I not been mindful! So I am going to count that as a win, oh and I didn't eat the basket full of chips either. Another win! HA One needs to have a bit of humor through all this.

Day 3

Have done all the exercises - √
Am totally sore - √ I feel like I really should not be sore, clearly more out of shape than I realized!
Cutting down on portions and being more mindful - √

I live in San Francisco, and have 2 children 8 and 5. One of the reasons why KB2 hasn't worked for me the first time I tried it was because there was always a little person around me. This is the first year where both kids are in school all day. I did Kenzai, then known as PCP 7 years ago after the birth of my daughter and lost 6 inches off my waist. It was amazing to see the transformation. I have not had the chance to focus on myself since the birth of my son, so now is the time. I'd love to feel the same way I did after I finished PCP. On that note, I understand that there is no longer the milk, banana apple egg dinners. Is that correct? I actually really appreciated them. If not can we work them into my eating plan?

Day 1

Last year I gave Body 2 a try and lasted 6 weeks, but I have now convinced my friends and husband to join me, so NO excuses this time around - accountability is everywhere I look. But what really motivated me, is seeing myself in the mirror and not recognizing that person. I pulled up old Kenzai/PCP photos of my final post and that made me realize that I can do this again and be so happy if I put the energy and faith into the Kenzai team. I am so excited about the next 90 days to hard core fat burning and muscle toning!

KB2 Take 2

So I am a KB2 drop out. I made it 6 weeks then life got the better of me. My job picked up, my kids were demanding and so on. I did loose 8 lbs so that made me happy, but I was sad that I did not make it to the finish line. It seems there are not enough hours in the day. So here I am again. Trying to make it work. I have had a rocky start, but now I am excited. I have read the other blogs, and that sure does help in the motivation. Good to know that other are out there feeling the same, and trying to get over the same hurdles. I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror, because this post 2 kids body is not what I know. When I finished KB1 when it was still known as PCP I felt great, looked great, and I was so proud of what I had accomplished. It was probably the best shape I had been in since my teens/20s. Looking at that photo is such a motivation of trying to get there again.

End of Week 3





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