Anupama P.

Anupama P.

Off track

Went completely off track last 2 weeks
Weeks one- unwell-managed diet but no workout
Week two- work travel and entertaining guests-no workout or food monitoring
Feeling terrible
I’m hoping to get back on track from tomorrow :(

Tough 2 weeks ahead!

Ive been enjoying the workouts and diet..My stomach is full good part of the time and I am losing weight!

Unwell since yesterday though. Hoping Il be able to do atleast some part of my exercises..
Starting sunday Il be travelling for work and Chinese New Year holidays are coming up as well when my family will be visiting HK!
Managing diet is gonna be tough!
Any suggestions from people who have been on-the-go and doing this program?

First Compliment!

Its been 10 days since we started. time does fly by!
I felt awesome to finish my workout by 6 am. Getting up at 5 am, on a cold, rainy morning was not fun though! That groggy feeling lasted only 10 minutes before I reminded myself of all the good that this program is already doing for me:)

and I got my first compliment today! Not about my looks but about my mood! :))

I arrived all cheery at work at 8 am and one my colleagues says it certainly looks like I am enjoying work as I look all happy, excited and raring-to-go!.. and i did feel that way! :))

Day 1 and it begins!!

Hi everyone,
I have been thinking about doing this for more than a year now! I've seen the advantages of this program, seen people all around me do it and I'm excited an nervous about the next 90 days.

Leaving a quarter on the plate..
I left a quarter on the plate at lunch and kept staring at my food with the urge to finish it. Had to call our kind waitress and ask her to take my plate away! :) I also left a quarter of a half egg-tart I was offered after lunch. My husband told me 'its not easy leaving a quarter, but do it'. It certainly isn't easy!

I like the challenge and geared up for the next 89 days! :)
All the best to all of us!




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