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Anuradha S.

Kenzai Mind | Day 8 (Member)
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Day 8
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Typhoon Mangkhut

Has made all HK exerciser plans kaput. Think of Florence but x5. The whole city has shut down, and nothing is open. No running either indoors or outdoors for me today — and maybe tomorrow.

Still plugging away

Nothing much new to report. Still exercising, still eating alright. Only bit of bad news: have hurt my ankle pretty badly so finding skipping difficult. Using the elliptical instead.

1. Eating 1 egg white for dinner is cruel and unusual punishment.
2. I find it defeats the purpose as ALL I now think about is food — which I have NOT been prey to so far.
3. I really love the clean eating of the past weeks and also of my other 2 meals but both banana and egg white make me gag.
4. Not sure how it’s helping, frankly; as I’ve always thought bananas are full of starch.
5. Did I mention I freaking hate bananas?


Today was a VBD (very bad day). Never mind. Going to take that photo tomorrow and start Monday on a clean slate. Feeling a bit hopeless as I’m trying so hard but worried I will fail.

Thank You

A lot of you have commented on how I’m managing to keep up my exercise this week — while away in the middle of nowhere. I just wanted to say it’s not me — it’s you all supporting me, and the knowledge that a bunch of us are in this together, that has energized me to workout even in the “brilliant” English dark and cold mizzling rain. Your comments and encouragement are key for me. So THANK YOU!!! If I succeed, it will be because of my Kenzai team


Managing to catch up on my exercise by doing 2 sets together. Know it’s not ideal but feel so good not to be falling behind. Will try to do Day 17 later today.

The photo shows my workout space today.... makes up for everything!