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Ari G.'s Kenzai Run Half program, Half | Jun 24 2019, starts in 9 days.


I had trouble with the strong finish again. I was almost ready to give up in the middle, but I kept going and finished the run. I also made it up the big final hill in Prospect Heights. Excited and nervous about the 10K this weekend!


Wasn't excited to run today and was definitely nervous about the 9K. But, I did it! Really tried to focus on not running too fast in order to pace myself. I think it worked out pretty well. Also, I setup a queue on Spotify to start with some up beat music before switching to podcasts for the bulk of the run.


Decent run today, but just like last time, I really struggled with the strong finish. Maybe I needed to ramp up more slowly (pacing is a consistent challenge for me) but I really wiped myself out. I felt like I was going to throw up and had to stop to catch my breath for a few seconds. Does this happen to anyone else?


Did my 8K today.

Had planned to do it first thing in the AM, but it was raining. So, I waited a bit.

A few notes:

1. Can't believe I hit this milestone!

2. I listened to a podcast today. I've been getting bored on longer runs...

3. Really tried to keep at an easy pace. I think I accomplished that. Felt tired at end of run, but not wiped.

Day 37

A few things:

1. Tried listening to classical music this AM. It was a nice change of pace, but next time I think I'll choose another playlist/album/opera.

2. This run felt very long. Seemed like it was taking forever!

3. I ran around all of Prospect Park today including the big hill at the end. Figured that since it was a timed run, I could take my time on the hill. It was really hard, but it felt great to do it.

4. Yesterday's workout really did a number on my legs. They were really sore today. Made sure I did the stretches today. The roller wasn't on the list today, but I added it to help my sore quads.

Looking forward to a break from running tomorrow :-)


7K felt good. Tried to keep a slower pace, but kept speeding up. Also, focusing on my form (especially) breathing definitely helped.

I also used a playlist to keep me focused and to try to keep me on pace. Not the greatest music, but I find that a steady BPM helps me a little bit. Here's what I listened to today:

Can't believe I did a 7K. 10k here I come!

Kenzai Run: Day 34

Today's run was pretty good. Ran a little faster than I expected. Planning to try to run a little slower tomorrow for the 7K so I don't get winded.


First of all, I can't believe I'm polishing off a 5K first thing in the AM.

Second, the finish strong part was challenjng. I really tried to amp it up and the end, but I had to stop and take a quick breather. Maybe I was rubbing too hard for the first 25 min? Or for the last 5? Not sure. Regardless, I pushed myself hard towards the end and completed the 30 min run this AM. Felt good.

It was snowing yesterday and there was also sleet and hail. I could have dealt with the precipitation and the temperature, but I was nervous about slipping and falling.

Plus, couldn't go back to the gym I went to last time AND my daughter was sick.

So... missed my run. My body was craving it and I felt really bad about it.

My goal is to stay on point this week with diet and workouts. So far so good.

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