Ailant K.

Ailant K.

Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 2 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Day 2
Program progress:
W1: Core beliefs

All about energy, frequency and vibration
It is transient (anicca)/ Nothing is permanent

Opposite values are complimentary
The unity is in dualism (there is you and outer world and its reflection of itself's_net)

Balance is a verb, presence in the moment
As above so below (inverted version works too)

"There is neither good or bad but thinking makes it so" (S.W.S)
The path of the least resistance
An abundance in nullifying the concept of possession (the energy changing hands)
A self-contentment game

Differentiate noise and signals
Enjoy the ride of Joy and FUNdamentals

After morning milk and in general having had milk I feel a certain level of lethargy or a apathy.
I think I am either lactose intolerant. Needs to be checked. Still meanwhile may I have an alternative to milk with the regime of consumption please?
Thank you

Been feeling discomfort in shoulder blades and a sense of opening is spreading through out the body
Hope everyone is doing great


Its good to be a part of the gang. What are you reaching for?
Been busy these days. Lots going on. Still not quite sure if go vegan.
Wish everyone is having great time.

Wild associations

Kenzai assignments remind me of the homework assignment in the Fight Club.
I wonder what we are assigned during the forth week... haha
I am up for something radical ;)

Ashtanga + Reboot combo

I am attempting attending mysore classes in the morning and combining it with the Reboot.
I have to admit after day 2, I was exhausted.
Day 5 here I come.
Keep it up!

PS: Feeling it in the quads...
I think they will be accelerating the scale up 3 times faster compared to Kenzai.

Let's do it!

Hello world,
It's good to be alive it's good to be back.
Just got back from a 3-day vippasana meditation, having rebooted mind it is time to get to the body. (Not quite sure if the spirit is rebootable)
A bit surprised with a light week one but believe we are in good hands. So let's enjoy the ride!

Many many thanks! 

That was one of the most valuable experiences of lifetime. No exaggeration!
I look, feel better then ever.
Dietary and overall suggestions on physicality and mentality make me feel to continue on with kenzai.
All the best!

I'm back

On track but which one?


Time to confess
I've done it all
Mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella,
Chocolate Chip cookie (fresh Pacific coffee)
Hagen daarz ice cream
Fizzy waters
Raw chocolate
That's about it not that much actually given that if I do indulge I add a few sets or something (8 minutes abs, a few circles on skateboard till break decent sweat, couple minutes of skipping, 30 minutes of swimming) extra into the workout
Well not feeling guilty (at least not too much) and enjoying the indulgence is the key

PS: there is a big party on Thursday
We shall see how that turns out

The Bliss of the Abyss

There is a point when the jumper and jumping disappears
The subject and the object merge becoming the whole and
Only awareness is there

On technical part:
The neutral position of pelvic floor is crucial, so keep your spine in a natural position
Here's the link on how if interested
(On the left wall in the video there is a picture of the anatomically natural curve of the spine)
Also if your forhands get tired don't force and let the kinetic power of the previous loop guide you into the next one
And beware of the core
All that helps me with skipping my skipping Haha
(there's no doer ;))

All the best,

An attitude of gratitude

I'm feeling light and bright
Thank you Big Bang
Thanks mum and dad for the big bang
Thank you Life
Thank you PCP
Thank you Kenzai
Thank you Patrick
Thank you Leah
Thank you Nate
Thank you Thomas
Thank you all for being there and here when needed and not only

Yesterday was working the back
Today after prolonged shoulder stand felt the pain in the southeast corner of the left shoulder blade
Feeling alert about tomorrow
Checked online possible reasons
Hard workouts is one of them
I'm assuming that layers of lactic acid being broken down
Please advise if wrong/appropriate
Many thanks!

Your Excellency week 8!

I bow in front of your feet.
May prana flow in all of you bring joy of mind and soreness in the muscles. Hohoho

Had an extra sleep yesterday
2 hour day nap and 10 hours overnight
Feeling charged

The intelligence in practice brings in effortless action
Nishkama karma

Recommending everyone to watch the Pumping iron with A. Schwarzenegger
7x Mr Olympia

Happy Easter to All

End of Week 12



Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready


Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body


Kenzai Reach
Kenzai Reach

Kenzai Body 2
Kenzai Body 2

Kenzai Run 10k
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Kenzai Chisel
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Kenzai Iron

Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready