Ash K.

Ash K.

Still here

Workout has been like I started over again...working thru and standing it....slowly …

still here..

am safe and sound, happily following the routines!

Still Here

I am safe and sound, regularly following the Kenzai routine.

Hi All,

As shared earlier, I am still on a whirlwind sales trip in US. From sunny SFO/ LA, California to Sub Zero Indianapolis, IN this has been quite a trip.

Good part is I am being 100% focused on the diet and I would say 70% focused on the exercises. I admit, I have skipped a few sets here and there but mostly have covered it all.

The skipping continues to surprise me as I can do the 800 jumps (Somehow!). The Leg Circle, Crunches & Side Sit Ups have been a bit difficult. Barely can do 2 sets. I push to do 3 somehow.

Timing has been odd given the trip. Not been able to maintain the schedule.

Lastly, I know I have not posted an image since long, But I promise to over the weekend!

Signing off and ATB to all.


Hi All,

Sorry for not being able to update on my progress so far. I have been on a sales trip and constantly travelling since the last few days - Multiple time zones, multiple trips. Skipped a few days in between and could not workout as expected!

However, I have been diligent about my diet.

Forgot to update on the surprising aspect of the weeks so far. I was surprised that I could do 600 jumps at a stretch without break. Never knew I had that in me - even now!

Day 15 was quite good. Could workout as instructed without major issues. Crunches still are tough to handle - Could do only 10 reps in a set (not 12-14 as instructed). But am better that what I was before, that's heartening.

The instructions on workout while travelling are helpful. I think I have more stable a trip plan in days to come and I shall be able to exercise without any major hassles. Wish me luck!

Hello All

Hi All,

Not been able to write about the program since the last few days. First 3 days were good. I completed all my exercises as instructed. I liked the fact that the program has started slow and there is no undue pressure to over exert. But I also see how every day there is some or other minor increment in the number of reps and/or difficulty of exercises. Which is great! It's building up slowly and steadily.

I could not do my exercises on Day4. Had an early morning VISA Interview followed by a grueling day that lasted till 2am in the night.

That's a slight concern I have. Given that I am in sales, neither my schedule is fixed nor my location. Would be great to get some tips on maintaining the flow of these exercises despite the same.

Anyways. Off to my Day 5.

Wish me luck!


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