Ashley N.

Ashley N.

can’t eat it all!!!

It’s been a solid week exercise wise although my shoulder and knee are both threatening to derail my commitment, I have ploughed through.
But the diet has been tricky! Not because I am cheating and eating chocolate and crisps but because I really struggle to eat so much fruit and yoghurt!! I know I have under eaten on both . I hope this isn’t a big issue!?!
Next week my carbs get cut so hopefully I can manage more fruit !

En france!

Its half term and the kids and i have escaped to the South of France.
I have thus far avoided wine and cheese which i think is rather impressive!
workouts have seriously taken a step up, having to be in a swimsuit all day is a pretty good incentive to get cracking!


Oh my word I can’t believe I have achieved over the past 90 days!
I have dropped 10kg, I need a whole new wardrobe, I have more energy than ever before and I feel fantastic!!!
I can’t thank the team enough for such an amazing experience and education, it really has been eye opening.
Thank you all so much.
Bring on some more programmes in 2018!

A new beginning! 

Well what an amazing journey it has been. Although I haven't been able to stick to the program 100% I am really pleased with what I have achieved and it has certainly given me the necessary focus and knowledge to look at food and lifestyle in a very different way.
My old clothes fit again and I generally feel so much better than I did in early Jan.
Massive thanks to Patrick and sarah who have been fantastic throughout the process!
I would encourage anyone to give PCP a go, after all its only 90 days!!!!!!!!

Final countdown!!!!

The light at the end of the tunnel is so close!!!!

Not long now!

Its was really tough not having internet access when I was in Australia and because its the habit has been broken I keep forgetting to logon and blog! The light is shining SO bright at the end of the tunnel! not long!

G'day from WA

I am on holiday in the Margaret River this week. No Internet connection so I have driven to a hotel so I can blog.. Gosh how committed! 
I won't lie... I have had to try a couple of local vinos but am being ok otherwise .
Gotta dash as i am being hurried out by staff as I am not staying here!
Over and out !

Relationship suspended

Having spent what feels like hours of the last 50 days cursing the jumprope due to my clear ineptness at simply jumping on the spot, I have decided that the jumprope and I need a little break from each other . So for the last couple of days I have been running instead... ahhh the joys! Now this isn't a permanent break up but more of a healthy time out.
Already I am feeling better and dare i say it at times I am tempted to get back skipping, am going to give it another day or so and by then i will know if absence truly does make the heart fonder!

Day 45

Gosh it doesn't get easier! I am finding i am shattered at the moment. my alarm goes off at 5:15 and i am dreading it! A couple of weeks ago i was bounding out of bed... is it that mid program lull?! need to get my head back in the zone, will not be defeated!

Weak week

Tough week last week. For the second time since starting pcp I got food poisoning!! I really struggled with the skipping feeling frustrated and like I had forgotten how to do it. I struggled through it cursing each time I tripped up which was a lot! Getting back on track now although the thought of eggs makes the memories of last week come flooding back!
Head down and onwards.

Day 28

FINALLY on my way home! Its been an incredible challenge and at times simply not possibly to stick to the diet. I have been at an offsite where its fully catered and you can't bring food in so I have at times felt pretty hungry as I have had to skip eating altogether. Othertimes however you can't simply not eat! Frustrating as I feel I have gone back a step over the past week.
I did manage to do exercise every day though so pleased with that. Those new exercises have my legs burning!!!
25% of the way through.. amazing how has that happened!

Day 20

sooo the last few days have been somewhat challenging! I was ill last weekend , my body couldn't handle one more egg, being a diligent pcper I forced it down and was promptly sick for 36 hours!
I then flew to seattle, a mere 20 hour journey, avoiding rubbish airline food and just asking for fruit (didn't trust the veggies as they were all covered in sauces) took a lot of discipline (the old me would say calories don't count on a plane!). I lost a day traveling and got up early this morning to skip.. a very different experience in 2 degrees when you are used to 32!
My brother lives here and i haven't been over for 5 years so he is taking me on a prized food tour this afternoon, how do i handle that one!? anyway i am sure i can be selective, lots of crab and salmon.
Off to New York on sunday night and i am there all next week, exercise shouldn't be an issue but i am at an offsite which means limited control on food.. sandwiches for lunch in a room. not ideal. I will try to sneak my own in.
can't believe we are doing 1000 skips tomorrow.. wow!!

Day 14

wow two weeks down! 
I have found the exercise ok, although the skipping is tough and I still struggle to do more than 100 before tripping up!
The food however I am struggling with.. I thought I ate lots of vegetables.. clearly I didn't! Eating so many vegetables at breakfast is a real struggle, at times I actually felt a bit ill.. i am used to a bowl of yoghurt or a piece of toast so its just really foreign I guess . Lunchtime and dinner is not a problem its just the breakfast. I know the diet will change weekly so I am not to worried about it, am sure its just my body getting used to it.
Anyway bring on week three!!

Day 9

Feeling good today. Not finding the diet to hard, in fact my greatest challenge is eating it all! Breakfast is the hardest, I am full after my yoghurt and carbs and still need to find room for an egg and veggies!
Anyone had any inspired ideas for breakfast veggies? I have had mushrooms 2 days in a row as I clearly am lacking inspiration at 7am!

Day 5

getting into a routine now of waking up at 5:30. I am getting much better at skipping already, less tripping up! Lunges though... urgh they burn every time!

End of Week 11

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