Ashley S.

Ashley S.

Easy vs Hard

Easy - once I got into the routine, working out each day. Some days I hate doing it but I always feel happy afterwards knowing I have completed it.

Hard - Diet... I would say I’m on diet overall 80-90% of the time but I do drop the ball. But hey, changing bad habits.

This week on the scale I remained same weight but I’m feeling my abs (ab/keg thing) being much stronger.

4kg to go to hit my weight goal for this 90 days so I might not take up the offer of 200grams of protein at lunch but I’ll use the rest :)

A poor week... Travelling in Sydney last week, I did most of the workouts but the diet was well off the mark. Largely good with breakfast, lunches and snacks but dinner was restaurants etc. I did what I could, took what looked healthiest and applied 3/4 rule. Wine was also involved...

While I followed the workouts pretty well, I can see the difference with going off diet and I’m not amused. My calendar is largely free of travelling etc between now and end of the program so my commitment is back with the program.

End Week 8

Another average week... I had 2 social events but outside of that, was on the diet. Was pretty much on the money with the workouts.

A few things;

The time taking to complete workouts is now interfering with home/family life. I.e. getting kids to school or to bed. More often than not I’m dropping the stretching to shorten the time period.

Physically feeling much stronger and mostly enjoying the experience. Went through 11 kg lost during the week (I know KB is not about weight loss but that’s a goal of mine) and I’m at the point where I need to go visit my tailor because my work shirts are becoming parachutes. My trousers just fit nicer for now and I’ve pulled in a couple of belt buckles. Actually wearing a nice pair of trousers too which didn’t fit at the start of the program. I’m just concerned any new shirts will be too big too in 5 weeks :)

I’ve also started to think about the sustainability of this program beyond the 90th day. I’ve mis-treated myself for 15 years right up to the day the program started so lets just say in my adult life, this is all new to me. I’m learning how to incorporate healthy choices into my corporate and social life which is 95% of how I got here in the 1st place. I get it, right now we are pushing hard and I’m good with this for now but what happens on day 91? I guess that’s up to me to determine but I felt we hit the sweet spot with diet around week 4-5 and I’m ok with a daily exercise routine of not more than 1 hour which is 1 hour more than 2 months ago :) . Appreciate thoughts/comments on this too.


Week 7...

Started the week energised after a strong week 6. However on Wednesday I strained my neck and shoulder. As I’ve mentioned before, I am having some re-alignment work done on my neck due to a whiplash injury. I immediately consulted my chiropractor (his practice is across the road from home) and he confirmed that the injury had nothing to do with Kenzai, it can happen with the type of work we are doing on my neck. I say we because I’m also putting in 20 mins of home exercises on my neck each day. I was advised to rest my shoulder however I’ve continued to do the cardio exercises on gym exercise bike and will be back on the full exercise regime today. My neck is still stiff but I’ll take care.

Diet wise... well had our wedding anniversary this week and a buddy in town from New York... Indulgence was perfect timing for wedding anniversary.

Cardio wise, I was very surprised to walk up a large set of stairs last week and find my lungs burning. I’m going to start some jogging today to try work my lungs harder. My heart rate on the bike is down 10-15bpm while exercising at same levels so that side of it is working.

This Saturday I’ll be back to Sydney for another week. Not taking the family this time and will have access to cooking facilities to do as much as I can without eating out.


Tonight I got a bit bored (mainly of the banana and apple with non-fat yogurt dinner...) and decided to go out for a light bike ride (did my workout this morning). 31:40 minutes @ 15.3kph average, app claims 347 calories.

Really? Seems a little inflated?

End of Week 4...

Basically spent Friday afternoon and Saturday in bed with a decent cold. I hit it quite hard with a pharmacy cold level cold and flu drug which I think was the reason I slept a lot. So Saturday and Sunday I have not worked out but back to it this morning after coughing up a tonne of not nice stuff this morning... It was so nice to see the plank finally turn up :p. 2 days without working out and I felt so guilty so nice to be back at it today.

Question on the Kenzai app and exercises. For the jump rope, the alternative exercises don’t change as the actual jump rope exercises increase. Is there a reason for this? I’ve found the jump rope too hard on my knees so I’ve basically been increasing exercise bike cycling by 5 mins a session per week over the alternative times in the app. (I.e. 15 mins week 1, 20 week 2...) while at the same time, increasing the resistance. I’ve also been using an elliptical machine on some occasions. Can you give me some feedback on this?


Tonight I’m taking a red eye down to Sydney and spending the next week there. I’m Glad to read the indulgence article this morning as I think I will find it a little harder to stay 100% on the diet especially while commuting. Workouts will not be an issue while travelling.

I had the posture consultation this morning. Advice is I need to get those pull-ups going to start seeing proper results in my back. Dr suggested starting in a horizontal position and pulling myself up on a lowered bar before attempting further on the higher bar at chest height before a full head height

In another milestone, I went through 5kgs lost this morning which I was very happy with considering I had hovered around previous weight for 1.5 weeks after an initial 2 kg loss over the first 2 weeks. Started wearing some t-shirts which haven’t seen daylight in a few years and almost into some of those promotional event XL size Golf shirts that have been accumulating in the wardrobe too...

Had a great weekend rounded off with a game of Golf. I felt much stronger and hit the ball very well for the first 10 holes but quickly went down hill from there. Still ended up +2 or 34 stableford points (shows how good my first 10 were...).It felt like my upper back just had no strength after 10 holes and I lost form and posture. As discussed in a previous blog, I’m not able to do the reverse pull up and I tried this again today with limited success. I ended up doubling up my back exercises (completed 2nd set of 4 after abs or ab in my case) today given what happened at Golf and also because my shoulders appear to be pulling forward a little when looking in the mirror. I think I’m possibly not completing the Downward Row with the correct technique so I concentrated quite hard on doing it correctly today. I’m also working on pushing the final set of each exercise to exhaustion as suggested in a recent lesson.

As I’ve also mentioned prior, I visit my chiropractor a few times per week to help with some injuries from previous incidents which do not hinder my training. We are scheduled this Thursday to re-assess my posture and I’ll take some advice from him too on the strengthening front. Will obviously pass on to him my observations. He is aware I’m on the program.

Day 1 & 2

Since when was skipping so hard? Was never this hard as a 5 year old :). Difficult first day but feel moving my workout to the morning will help set the tone for the remainder of the day. Day 1 training in the evening I found difficult to muster up the energy.




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