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Kenzai Body | Day 20 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 20
Program progress:
Diet on point

Working hard to stay on diet. Eating the same thing for a few days works for me too. Workouts hard on my knees too but in a few weeks they will be better. I know this works. Trying to up my walking distance. Three miles yesterday.
Feeling achey but good.

Snow in NH

So yesterday I was unable to walk as we had a couple of snow and ice storms so
I jumped on internet and found Leslie Sansone walking tapes. It was granny day with 12 year old granddaughter so we did the mile walking tape together. There are also 2 and 3 mile tapes. Not perfect, rather be outside, but really gets you moving.

As much as it is sad to think about saying goodby to some of those goodies that do us no favors, I am surprised at how quickly
I am starting to think vegetables, fruits and prep to prepare me for week two....let's get after it!


I have taken month off workouts and find even just three days in twingy knees feel better with squats. In interest of full disclosure I do wall or counter push ups and I walk for my cardio rather than jump.

Hi Kenzai!

I am back....I completed reboot in February and have done Body 1 before. I am a healthy 75 year old with pesky knee problems. I am able to do most exercises
With occasional adjustments. I do not jump rope but walk instead. I struggle with eating as much as required. I have never been a big eater. I love being on program. It keeps me on task. Looking forward to reading fellow body 1's story.
We are all in this together.

I did it! 

Still need to take a pic but everything else done. I somehow feel when I am at the end a sadness to take leave of my leader Jenny and my other blogging pals. Encouragement from all of you is so helpful. It's fun to think around the world we are all doing this.... The hardest struggle for me is the food from my first Kenzai class to this one. It's a lot of food. I work hard to get all the food in but have become a master at eating dense foods which I really like. Some days 190 grams of broccoli is just too much and I eat an avocado or sweet potato and am happy. Occasionally I have to substitute an ab or other whole body exercise (I most often text Ward on those occasions just to bug him) but have been well pleased with my progress in both ability to do the exercise and the resulting strength in arms, legs and back muscles. I enjoy the daily messages which often magically seem to appear when that is just what I have been thinking about .
It has been fun doing this with my brother Bob though I suspect he has been doing a lot of arm lifting in Colorado while visiting with his granddaughter and grandson for some of his workouts. I am thinking of doing Kenzai Body 1 again in April. I fear my knees might not appreciate reach. Congrats to finishing Group Oliander:)


Last regular workout in the arms are telling me they are so much stronger than 26 days ago. Strong arms are very important for seniors for balance and as prevention for falling. Woot, woot,

Kenzai at 70.......

This pic is me and brothers Bob and Chuck. Bob and I are both doing reboot but in two different groups. Bob in middle. We were fit children but over the years slowing became overweight and occasional fitness dabblers. Ward brought us to Kenzai and helped us refocus on what we want our next decades to look like. Bob skiing twice a week this winter and most fit ever.
Party on!

Morning Shake

Many of you have heard this before from me. But if you are in a's my morning deal. My morning shake was born from my difficulties some mornings around eating so much food. So I use my milk grams, egg and egg whites ( from breakfast and snack) and fruits and vegetables.....often bananas and peaches with zucchini, spinach, squash carrots
Choose one or two and process. I get all the grams.....and never feel full. Then morning snack becomes carb and caffeine free tea. It works.....maybe not everyday but for me gets all those grams in in the morning when otherwise is too much for me....just saying....

So had early morning appointment for my quarterly knee shots. They do help keep me away from the surgical suite but only in concert with my Kenzai workouts. Doc very surprised at my mobility and kind of daily workouts I do....and fact that I rarely
Use medication. Again I attribute that to
Both diet and workouts. Life puts a few distractions in front of us and I also was told by doc I had a broken toe(from a silly toe stub) so have two toes taped together for two weeks. I am still able to do my workouts so onward....only a few to many of you have great obstacles around your work, families with young children, grown children that challenge you. Keep in mind in the late middle of my life I applaud you and just want to remind you that 70 is the new 50 and the object is to live long and wisely... on to the conclusion of this Reboot and this too long post.

Glass o' wine

Yesterday was Valentine's Day....easy to avoid sweets but toasted my first born
With one small glass of red wine....back to it this am. This is definitely reboot....some of those stomach and arm muscles reminding me how I deserted them for a good bit.


So working out this week with Daniel Concord, NH State Capitol. This has always been a special place for me and my two granddaughters and the rest of the family. I live a few blocks from the State House and the grounds provided green space for the girls to play and climb trees and visit with "Daniel" . Often during holidays a certain uncle of Kenzai
Fame (Ward) might be seen climbing "Daniel" and placing a cookie for Santa (or other holiday luminaries).

Good morning

Glad to be back and engaged in reboot program. Finished last program a couple of months ago and have been lazy and undisciplined often. I do not skip rope but walk and here in NH it has been frigid so have used that excuse more than I should have. So back at it and hello to folks Ive traveled this road with and new ones. Fun doing this one with brother Bob.


It is with great sadness that I end this class. I have enjoyed every moment even when those thought chains got me frustrated. I feel more grounded and more in charge of self. I liked the comments from our group of interesting folks and felt lifted up by others as well. I really like the am and pm 10 minutes. It brings me to peace and a place of gratitude. Thanks to Patrick for his way cool drawings which complimented his daily inspiration and information. Meditation will be part of my life. I may even want to take this class again.

Then and now

How illuminating comparing initial thoughts and thoughts today. No fidgeting, no waiting for alarm to toll, no sense of am I doing it right, no desire to peek at alarm, few thought chains easily chased away. Definitely feeling spill over into daily life. Found my granddaughter fussing over someone's irratic driving. I automatically said breathe.....just breathe. No need to take on someones negativity and make it your own. Just breathe.
Just breathe.

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