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Whoeee! Wow! Yipee! 

90 has been a long time coming and for me the first time I had an injury and missed a week and a half with a bad asthma event. But ......with both I really learned something. THE BODY LIKES WORKOUTS. My injury kept me away from some of the leg exercises. Being a little long in the tooth I have old knees and turns out they like be oiled regularly through challenging and sometimes alternative exercises. With the asthma I was unable to breathe and exercise so chose breathing as I doctored. I missed walking and turns out those same knees missed it as well. So if I was a young whippersnapper I would sure listen to my those workouts and don't let your head talk you out of it. I am planning to be Kenzai's first 100 year old so only 25 more years of this.....

Today's workout was very interesting. As I finished the reps it seemed like I had just started. The Davinci still kicks me no matter how many reps but my shoulder height is NOW shoulder height. I did notice that though less reps, like with the yoga, I go deeper.
As we have journeyed our 90 days I also feel no music, no tv, just task and intent so important.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers for attention. Thanks to Talya, Patrick and Ward for your advice along the way. Kenzai has changed my life in many ways and continues to keep my knees functioning and no surgical visits. I'm in the middle of a month of children's theater

Last Week

So it seems unreal we are days from the finish. Circuit workouts challenging....more food.... what's next? For me I will still be doing maintenance until my next class....silver I think.
We did kick this and it shows in our pics.


Nearing the tempted to go off food but hanging tight. Workouts tough but so are we. Workouts are important to me. Doing outside on porch after weeks inside....loving spring/summer....moments without rain.


This Kensai experience has been an exercise in frustration and patience. I had thought this outing with body 1 would have been directed and tough and rewarding. Though there have been many successes this time I had other frustrations. . .a pain in the butt(literally) and more challenging
Acute asthma which we've had a bunch of trouble controlling. It seems to be better but still confining me on bad pollen days to inside. So what I have learned is
That keeping food on point really works, the workouts are important to Me and This spring in NH just wasn't good for me. Also YOUR blogs and triumphs have excited and encouraged me. So party on gang...we are almost there. I'm joining the workouts when I can and we will get through this. And oh yeah Patrick those egg dinners were easy!

I'm on board

Reading daily messages, staying on top of food but unable to walk or workout til at least weekend due to very compromised breathing due to acute asthma and inhaler treatments. The moment coughing and pollen count which Causes coughing slow down I will be hitting the workouts.

Starting last Sat I have been having acute asthma issues brought on by the seasonal pollen. Been doctoring since Monday twice and though I am improving cannot go outside or workout til off nebulizer and multiple inhalers. Boring, annoying, frustrating but am looking forward to more improvement and Monday being full time back in the fold. Not much appetite so drinking shakes with eggs, fruit and veggies 3 times a day. I am improving....nebulizer down to once a day. So party on you can't imagine someone saying wish I was in thick of it right along with you.

So had quarterly meeting with Ortho...They were greatly impressed with my strength and range of motion. They asked if I exercised and I said that I did workouts daily. She asked to see
Workouts and I explained other components. She was very interested. She said many of her
Patients could benefit from program and asked where she could get more info. She left room and had already been on website. So feeling good about knees (even with week off doing very light legs due to muscle pull) and feeling good about Kenzai! Rock on folks. You guys that started this in your 30s and 40s are supporting a long and active life in your latter years .
Pretty sad to say that I am most active in my 70s but better late than ever!

Hitting the wall

The perfect post this morning. Those exercises when you get to six reps and you can't believe there are
Eight more to do and you are just starting your workout. Here's to all of us hanging in there. And to those
Looking for encouragement.....well here it is. Look to the blogs. We are all in this together.


Kennebunk Maine....beautiful day...lots of walking.....lovely food
Crab cakes, salad and onion rings....
Let us return to the wonders of veggies and fruit....

Recovering slowly

Had a muscle pull and a back shot so was off exercise for a few days.
Feeling a bit better so not doing leg exercises but upper body. Also only walking a mile at a bit slower gait.
Keeping on point with food except for A Mother's Day treat. Let's get this going this week. Kenzai strong.


Oh what a lovely spring dinner.....minus the spring weather!

A pain in my butt

So pulling back a few days with a pain in butt...over zealous with the legs circles. Warm bath and easy stretching in lieu of leg exercises
Upper body ok. She persists.

So I have been a participant in several Kenzai programs, classes and activities. I know that numbers are a part of what we many reps, how long we meditate, how often we blog.....yuk yuk. Well recently I was prompted by my insurance to do a biometric screening.
So they take weight, height, blood for all the variety of things they look at and measure your waist. Learning here weight and numbers are only one thing to look at and not all that important. These numbers were all good with only sugar a bit high....know it was the cinnamon roll, my test day after Easter.

My age: 75 My heath age: 61 MIKE DROP!

Kenzai for your future!

THOSE OTTER KICKS!!!!! So my tricky way to power through is to sing the Jeopardy or alphabet or happy birthday and 25 sec have gone by in a flash. It doesn't burn any less but it gives you something other than the burn to think about.

Can't take the Kindergarten Teacher out of the trainee.....

Made it through Easter with just a couple of bites of delicious cinnamon roll. Doing well with workouts. It is getting to be not
Will I do my workout but when. One night it was 11pm but got it in before midnight. Do not plan on doing that again.
Doing ok with meals but the thing I Sometime miss is tea fruit. Been charting it so goal for next week is tighten up meals. Carefully measuring. Have found eyeballing not so accurate... new body tricks next week...bring 'em on!

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