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Graduation Post...the Thank Yous 

At graduation I always am reminded of a book I would read to my Kindergarten Parents: It Takes A Village. In their case I encouraged them to look around at other parents who would be teachers, coaches, Church teachers, Scout Leaders who would support their kids from Kindergarten to High School. In our case, our incredible leadership team of Ward and Patrick who were always there to accommodate our injuries and body foibles, their humor and experience and just the knowledge they were there makes our village pretty special.. In this class of graduates the big thank yous go to our blogging team. Everyone was so supportive, kind and helpful. No crankypants seniors here! Progressing together was essential to our success. My biggest take away in Kenzai promotes the village and was often surprised by a comment from a former classmate and other Kenzai folks. As I first began doing Kenzai I was encouraged by family and in fact motivated by them. Though of course they still motivate me, I am realizing the end of my life has to do with luck and a willingness to be a self motivated active proponent of my own health. So let's go forth propelled into our next adventures with information, activity and wellness. Oh, and by the way, for you who don't know this, I must thank Kenzai for offering me an opportunity to share an activity with my son and listen to all your sweet comments about him. Our esteemed leader, Ward, is my oldest child.

Final workout

1. Shelf reach....notice arm muscles and strength in back of legs. Done with ease.
2. Reach behind...feel core strength. Done with ease.
3. Coin...wide leg squat keeps weight from inner knees enabling me to easily pick up coin. no wobble.
4. Help I've fallen back....little difficult. Felt core strength so important. More practice on this.
5. Face version help...easier core strength, strong arms are so great to have at my age.
6. Balancing: easy to half minute,
Beyond that balance not problem, weight bearing of knees one of which is bone on bone.
7. Groceries, no problem.
8. biggest life matter the great success with knee workouts stairs continue to be the worst. I can practice and strengthen but stairs continue to be nemesis. I live almost stair free life so not serious problem.
9. Obstacle course...easily done.
10. Clean Sweep problem but a little easier with dominant hand. See how important it is for stretches pre and post and workouts left and right.
I feel these workouts have helped me continue to live the kind of life I want.


Living in Concord, NH...home of first United States Primary.....we see many candidates for President, many Presidents and other famous folks. When walking today through the State House grounds, candidate Stewart, a Libertarian on horseback with upside down boot on head surprised had to share this pic.....he was surrounded
By so many folks couldn't get close enough for good pic. Moral of story, Kenzai cardio reaps interesting rewards.....and by the way, walk today no braces or elastics on knees. Kenzai strong!


Those last 6 of 4 12's pony punches today!

The Best Thing

The best thing about being my age is having choices. So much of younger life involved responsibilities that limited choices. I have a family I love and had a career I loved as well so some limited choices were not a problem to me. But today choices and time offer me opportunities volunteer, to hang with family, to read in the morning with my coffee,
To connect and reconnect with lifelong friends and meet new ones.
All these depend on health and physical ability. I have so much more energy and improved health
With a Kenzai life style and stealing words from my brother," just wish I had started in my 40s."

A fine breakfast

Whole grain bread, sweet potato, egg, European cukes and a great book. What could be better?
Lazy Sat morning after workout!

Oh my back!

So ever since a college incident with icy roads and waiting at stop sign.....apparently waiting to be hit at driver's side door, I have had back issues that come and go.
However, ever since I have done Kenzai they are considerably less frequent. I used to have back shots several times a year but now only very occasionally. During this session I have found back to be tired but most often after vigorous workout or walk. I have found 20 minutes on heating pad really
Helps. I have learned not to move furniture around as much. Well truthfully am working on it. There is no comparison to pre Kenzai back and post. At 76 in a few weeks, I'll take it!

So early morning today I planned to get my workout done though hadn't yet done my walking as it is pouring out. All went swimmingly as I worked through warm outs and legs (knees held up fine) and shoulders (was able to do all 12 reps). to upward shoulder fly. Deciding that my skills needed a change of locale I left bathroom door for front door, fastened my bands and number one upward swing caused door to let go and the band smacked me in the mouth. I have a bit of a fat lip and some bruising inside mouth but after icing I will live....Cautionary tale....fasten doors carefully. Anyway after all the Kenzai workouts this would be the only one I leave a bit battered and bruised yet laughing a bit at myself for not being more careful. Back to the bathroom door! Other than that I find myself really struggling through 8 - 12 in set 4 but feel I have slowed down my workouts. I note the burn!
Thanks all for your continued inspiration and perspiration!

So....the shingles shot

I got my second dose of the shingles shots yesterday. Fortunately I had done workout, bone builders and yoga class before shot. Within an hour I had headache, nausea and a low fever.
So slept through yesterday afternoon and evening. Today fever a bit higher. Slept day away. Eating nothing til 630 when daughter brought me
A frappe....icecream is my go to when sick. So found it amusing that Patrick's message today about getting sick. Thinking I might continue to rest and be ready to rock and roll
Tomorrow. The first shot gave me no side effects. Go this case. The cure worse than the disease. 🤒😔 ZZZZZZzzz.

New blog....

First of all....noticing knee are better and not using braces around
House. Walking a bit longer every day and taking 3 classes each week at senior center(yoga and bone builders). Writing everything down that I eat is more difficult than
writing daily workouts for the reason I am doing keep me honest, I think. I feel it has helped me reach closer to gram goals and interesting to me focussed look at carbs. I often do sliced oatmeal or multigrain bread for carbs as I kind of forget to cook pasta, rice . Carbs are my weak spot I guess. So the writing down has helped....but one day did not write anything. Great support from all my fellow bloggers.🌻

So food.....

I have done a few Kenzai programs and have always written down my daily activity.......yup I learn from writing. Other than normal problems with workouts and the occasional tweek for wonky knees I
Have been pretty successful. Now food.....that's another thing.... frequently running out of day before the 6th meal or adding inappropriate food to the mix or the occasional glass of this time, determined to be more successful, I have started to write down everything that goes in my mouth. Well, after one week, I had one slip up and definitely could attribute it to want, convenience and poor planning. So, easily noted
And hopefully corrected. Not for everyone idea but it has me more carefully measuring and a more successful dietary procedure. Whatever we do it all helps and after misstep just get up and get on with it.


So sleep...sometimes elusive, sometimes non existent but oh so necessary. I find it works easily for me most nights when on program.
I also do a few stretches before I get in bed, do deep breathes when in bed, then inhale deep push out seven puffs then breathe deep again and push out three breathes and works for me. ZZZZZZzzz! Heard it somewhere. I especially need to sleep well in September as 36 years of waking at 5 or 6 kicks in and it takes me into October before I can sleep until 6:30 or 7:00. Happy Sleeping to us all.

Easing in

It is working and only falls apart when you are not prepared. I usher at lovely old
theater here in Concord. Show times vary but generally it is four to five hours with little opportunity to sit. It is critical for me to be fueled before the show and have a good snack after. I had small dish of plain yogurt with my peach before I went to bed.
I know my meal plan did not have that protein push before bed but I felt I needed it after standing so long. Also did yoga stretches before bed and slept quite well with that extra support. Once you are into the workouts you realize how they can be integrated into life like before bed.

Week Two

Well here we go! Am excited to find able to do workouts either with knee braces or not depending on day. Food choices on point. A few extra trips to grocer to keep fresh veggies. My inspiration is good health. I found when on Kenzai programs I am able to fight
Off colds etc easier. Those of us with grands around often find the joy of being with them brings a few germs along the way. All those great vitamins keep us healthier....and that's a good thing so we can enjoy this world and each other.

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