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And the Road Continues

What a active and supportive group of Silverados! Thank you for your interesting blogs, energy and support. A big thanks to our awesome and fearless leader. Thank you Ward, you are always there with humor, support and when needed, advice.!

I like the last lesson and check list. Did well with almost all, but know my weak areas are stairs and balance. The stairs are due to my right knee and hip weakness. I wasn't 100% on the exercise and diet, but managed to lose 11lbs and gain strength in arms and core. Still a ways to go, but intend to stay on the Kenzai style of living and continue next with Reach or Mind.

Back Home

Lots of fun, thrills and screams. Harry Potter did not disappoint. Hours and hours of walking every day. I didn't get the bands in as we gathered to get on the shuttle at 7:00. When we got back, I headed to the pool to relieve the legs and feet.

Adults were glad to be back home; grandchildren were just wishing it would begin again. The temperature went from 80's to 15 degrees.

The next morning I woke with a bit of the sciatica, so I chose to take an 1 1/2
hour aqua aerobic class divided into segments of aerobics, abs, and stretching. I added a few other exercises focusing on the problem.
It seemed to solve the problem.

Back on track today, with one substation.... instead of leg lifts, I did Ring of Fire

Ready to go

Off tomorrow on an early flight. I've chop veggies, and have packed fruit and my bands. All but one of the adults are Kenzai followers, so there won't be too many misspent meals. It is a celebration though! Diagon Alley here we come, but no Butter Beer for me!

I haven't weighed myself in a week. Will do in the morning and check back in after the trip. Last week the "lying scale" gave me three different numbers at one visit. Still going down, hoping for ten tomorrow.

Back on the burner

This has been a more than hectic week. I have been up at my sisters taking her to various appointments. Part of my normal life is connecting with a close friend diagnosed with dementia, working for a neighbor who is running for state legislature, and checking in with my eldest who has special needs. Sometimes things just all come together at once.

I have been about 75-80% effective with Kenzai. Walking and swimming laps is good. Diet has been not weighing and sometimes missing a meal or snack, but eating healthy.

On the up side, I just finished packing my daughter and myself for a family trip to Universal Studios. This is what she wanted all of us to do for her 50th birthday. Needless to say, the grandchildren are all excited. All but one are Harry Potter fans. We leave Friday for a long weekend.
Secondly, Election Day is Tuesday, so that is another thing that will give me more free time. Can't wait!


Just read today's lesson and find I am guilty of ATM thinking. While I don't see how doing an exercise on Sunday rather then say Wednesday makes much of a difference, I get it with the diet. When I was dropping a medication, my doctor told me to do it gradually as the body does not like rapid change.

I will focus on avoiding that ATM thinking!

Day 33

Exercising done, laps swam, egg white french toast tried for dinner. It was disappointing, but I was looking for something that had eggs but didn't look like eggs. Last night was better, I made an onion, asparagus omelette with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese .
Any ideas for all these eggs?

With Thursdays rest day gone, I have to make up a strength workout Sunday. All in all moving along.

What Luck!

Indulgence just at the right time! My sister's 85th birthday and I AM going to have a piece of my niece's cheesecake. I hope it's lemon. I was/am bringing my own K meal. Salad for all and chicken for me. I cheated a little and made it marsala style in case anyone wanted to share. The rest are having lasagna and garlic bread. Now I can enjoy slowly my piece of cheesecake.
Have caught a cold which is ironic considering a past lesson. Mostly just was slower yesterday in strength exercises and walking. Also am swimming laps and occasionally also do aqua aerobics.

Enjoy your indulgences Plymouth mates.

Back Home

Back home and catching up. We were on the go most of the time. Soccer games, horseback riding lessons and skateboarding parks. Halloween Kermit head was left to parents to finish.
Got all walking in. Ate in a Kenzai matter but didn’t weigh or keep up with food amounts.
One of the walks was the last night when just we 3 adults went for dinner. Such a wonderful treat to see the rising harvest moon. My picture doesn’t do it justice. Spectacular!

Unexpected Day

Yesterday started out fine. I was halfway through my morning exercises when there was an unexpected knock on the door. From there, the day was one thing after another until dinner time. I did get in a midmorning fruit snack, but that was all till dinner. Yesterdays exercises were done today, and later I will extend my walking time.

Tomorrow off to Maine with my grandaughter, who just loves being there with her cousins. My grandson put in an order to make a Kermit the frog head for Halloween. Papier mache here we come!

Changing Times

The other day I took 2 of my grandchildren to a fall fun place. What was once a 100+ acre farm, is now filled with delights for children of all ages. After the maze, I suggested that we climb into this gigantic chair and compare the photos with those of a few years back.
What was once easy, was now a real struggle. We had a good laugh, but the point was made. Use it or lose it. Keep exercising and stretching.

On the good side, I have lost a few pounds.


Last night I went to the opening of a play in Albany. Opening night ends with champagne and Italian desserts and a meet the cast. I was able to pass up all treats in favor of seltzer.
Today's lesson was timely and gave an interesting explanation of refocusing loss aversion for a healthier outcome. Here's to changing mindset for positive living.

Day 8

The exercises reinforce knowing that the 2 sides of my body are very different from each other. Left side being the stronger. It is also the side where my leg and foot cramp up. It started to cramp when doing a post stretch (quad). I stopped, shook it off, and continued. Seems to have been a gift left after a bout with sciatica.
Any suggestions?

switch up

I swam laps yesterday for 35 minutes instead of walking. Not sure how the swimming equates to walking.

Happy Day

Channeling Menno, I got up and out for my walk first thing. Nice surprise to see "Rest" on the workout screen.
Happy day!

Day 3

Got rid of the banana bread, that I had made for a meeting last night. The guys who worked on my car were glad to help me out. Didn't get the exercising done till late in the day, but got it done.

End of Week 7





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