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Beverly B.

Kenzai Body | Day 20 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 20
Program progress:
end of week 2

Not keeping the diet so well. Today was much better and hoping to be good this week.

end of week 1

First day of diet. Trying to stick to it. Last week I tried to clean up diet but enjoyed my last sweets on Saturday night. Have kids so a lot of junk food around. That’s a big challenge when it’s there.

ski boot 

It was great preparation for my ski trip. my legs didn't hurt nearly as much as past years.

Half way done

I am enjoying the workouts. Feeling like I am getting stronger. Looking forward to skiing in about 2 weeks!

About me

I have not done a Kenzai program since the Summer. Going skiing in the middle of March so wanted to try to get in better shape for skiing. My legs also feel terrible after my first or second day of skiing usually. I have to say the leg workouts haven't felt too hard yet -- but I imagine they will build up.

1st week of Ski Boot

I am enjoying the workouts on Ski Boot. Not doing such a good job following the diet but trying.

Didn't finish off well 

I started training for the Marathon and wasn't able to really follow the program the last week or two. I love Kenzai and want to do another program after the Marathon. Just need a break for now.

Workouts going the same. I’ve been working a little less hard I’m doing mostly upper body because I’ve started running more.

end of week 3

Away on vacation right now out of the country. Hard to follow diet and exercise but am trying.

End of week 2

Probably shouldn't have done back to back programs. Having a hard time staying motivated. Trying though.

So far so good

Enjoying the work outs. Trying to follow diet - but not as successfully. Like the short and efficient workouts though.


42 Days went very fast! I really enjoyed the program! This was probably one of my favorite Kenzai programs so far. I like the length and the work outs very much. I look forward to starting my next program soon! Thanks to Kenzai members and trainers!


I tried to blog from my phone the other day and it didn't get saved for some reason. I wrote that I am really enjoying the workouts -- but having a harder time keeping to my diet. Really enjoying the power jumping and can't believe how easily I am able to power jump for 1 min.

I like the cycles and I really liked todays workout with 1 minute power jumps. Eating still kind of sucks. I'm good during the week and on the weekends I have been letting things go. But really enjoying the Kettle bell workouts.

end of week three

Loving the exercise. Not so much the diet. But trying. Really good through my afternoon snack. Then things get a little hairy. I wish that were enough to make things happen.


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