Bev P.

Bev P.

Feeling good in my clothes, and my skin 

So the 90 days are past, along with the apple/egg white dinners. I won't miss the later for sure. Crazy that we're here!

I went fishing today for the first time since I started KB1, and my waders slipped on without hitting a tight spot. That's a first. I used to have to shimmy into them. That sure felt good.

Although I want to keep going with my own journey in melting fat and seeing more lean in this old frame, I do feel fantastic in my clothes and in my skin. I tried on all my tshirts that before were too tight to comfortably wear, and they all fit great and look good. All the hard work has paid off.

I've really enjoyed all the camaraderie and the daily lessons have been so on point, it's almost like sometimes the Kenzai brain in reading my mind. I'm so glad to hear that we'll continue to have access to those lessons and workouts going forward. I'm eager to read about the maintenance programs as I want to hop on one of those and keep going with my progress. Good to be ordered to take 3 days off though. We needed that.

Congrats team, well done and well deserved.

At the end

I just can't believe we have one more day to go in Kenzai Body. Wow.

I'm overjoyed with the results I'm seeing, and so proud of all the work we've put in. That absolutely includes all the meal planning and ensuring I have egg whites and apples in my work bag each day.

As I finished my last of this weeks 5-cycle workouts, I was happy, but also a bit nervous about not having a set plan going forward to maintain my progress. This thought has crept in the last few weeks for me, and probably for others. I'm happy with what I've achieved, but I know I want to go further, and I'm afraid that I'll slide back into the place I used to be. (I see other Kenzai programs in my future for sure!)

Certainly I see food differently now and focus more on whole foods and veggies. I see meal options with new eyes these days, and surprisingly, I'm not as tempted by the candy and snacks as I thought I might be. I can even imagine going out to eat and happily choosing the most healthy veggie-heavy item on the menu knowing that's what will make my body happy.

I know the Kenzai mothership will set us up on a maintenance plan for the next month, and we have all these fantastic lessons to consider going forward in our lives, but there's just something about having someone tell you what to eat and what to do to get results. I suppose selfishly I want more results and I know given my starting point, I had a lot further to go than most. Sounds like I'm already itching for the next program. What is wrong with me?! ;-)

Congrats to everyone in the program, 90 days is no joke.

So I guess when I first started, I thought I would really miss my nightly salty snacks and beer. Turns out, the healthy fruit smoothie and sparkling water do just fine. Perhaps I'm just a creature of habit and enjoy my routines of whatever kind.

I also worried that I would dread the workouts, but it's been the opposite. I really look forward to them...not getting up early to do them, but having them done and carrying that feeling of accomplishment with me all day. I will want to keep this going after day 90.

I've gotten used to the bland food, and I am looking forward to being able to use sauces and salt again, but sparingly. I am surprised how much I enjoy the big breakfast now. At first it was really hard to choke it down, but now I savor the breakfast and taper down my meal sizes over the course of the day. I don't think this will change post program.

I also like having fruit as a snack throughout the day. It's good to keep energy in the system and a healthy type at that! Makes it so much easier to resist the huge jar of candy at the desk next to mine.


When I think about this, my first thought is "we're going to open that bottle of wine we've been saving, and have some homemade popcorn." But I should probably talk about what I'm going to continue to do post-Kenzai.

I've loved the progress I've seen so far, and I think I have a bit farther I'd like to go. I will stick with the hearty healthy breakfasts and mid-day fruit. I will try to keep mostly veggies on my plate for dinner and limited carbs. I will certainly workout most days and would like to start another program so I'm working towards something still. I don't want to get complacent and revert back to my Week 1 photo!

I don't see myself mindlessly snacking on non-healthy foods, that's for sure. I will treat them as treats, and enjoy them intentionally and sparingly.

I do want to keep my activity level high and continue to push my muscles for more development. I'd like to be a leaner Bev.

I may subscribe to another Kenzai program with a more flexible diet program.

Here's a picture of our dinner last night, we were SO EXCITED to have something other than egg whites to eat along with our veggies. We actually high-fived each other about our real dinner.

Last indulgence

We were coming back from camping when we read that our last indulgence was upon us. We had been wondering if we'd get another one. I knew right away what I wanted for mine: popcorn and beer. Exactly what I've had the last two times.

Since this one was a blow-out, we also had dinner as well. I made homemade calzones for the family and we had those with beer while watching American football. It was really odd to make the meal and not have it be overwhelmingly vegetable in nature. I didn't feel bloated or overly full afterwards, but I did feel like I really hadn't had the good stuff (veggies) that I should have.

Later, I had some popcorn and another beer. Yes, the popcorn tasted really salty (I used Old Bay seasonings which has salt in it) and the beer was so good. Didn't feel overly stuffed afterwards, but I did miss my fruit smoothie for sure.

BUT, when I woke up, I was parched and very, very sluggish. I had a rough time getting through the workout (which may also be because I was starting my period too). I can handle a hard workout and be tired, but this was some next level stuff this morning.

As a result, I'm not craving the popcorn and beers again so much. I was actually looking forward to getting back on track with my diet today, and feeling clean again. Sharing a picture of dinner here. WAY too much bread. Next time, I'll make it as pizza so the carb is spread out and I can stuff more veggies in there.


Easiest has been finding the motivation to exercise every day. As someone who used to put off going to the gym, I am surprised that I'm not more reticent to get my workouts in. Getting up early to get them done is another thing entirely. It is getting hard to wake up when it's dark out to do the workout.

Hardest thing I suppose has been getting my mind around spending time in festive situations without indulging. That's been odd for us, and we end up feeling like party poopers. I don't like having to explain/justify why I can't have a beer or eat what everyone else is eating. I mean, part of me feels pretty great in knowing I've made a good choice to stick with my program and do right by my body, but the other part just feels like an oddball in passing up things.

Lifestyle changes

In thinking about this question, I would say that for one thing, we are working out every day. Yesterday we were returning from travel and I didn't get my workout in. This was the first time in more than two months that I've skipped a day. I recall when I would get to the gym 3 times or 4 times in a week and call that good. No more. I fully expect to stay active even beyond this program. Doing some sort of intentional exercise each and every day is important to me now.

Getting up after just one snooze alarm, in the dark and working out is also a big change. I'm surprised by how we've been able to push our wake up time earlier and earlier to ensure we get our workout done in the morning before the day gets going. I expected that I'd do many workouts during the day, but I really enjoy getting it done before breakfast and then having a nice big meal to celebrate (and recover!). Check in with me when we have snow on the ground to see how that is going!

Veggies! It's amazing to me having been eating on this program to see how little veggies shows up in everyday meal options in non-Kenzai settings. I see food differently now, and I don't think that'll change. Having a solid base of veggies in my meals is now a given.

I heart breakfast

I used to be the kind of person to have a bagel or some sort of carb for breakfast with butter and honey. I'm pretty sure Kenzai has reprogrammed me in this way. Breakfast has grown to be my favorite meal of the day. I am confident this trend will continue after the KB1 program ends for us. Here's a shot of a recent breakfast I made: scrambled egg on top of a mix of red and sweet potatoes, a bit of avocado, cherry tomatoes and topped with some homemade salsa verde. So delicious. These breakfasts don't feel limited at all. Hooray.

Question for the week was about changes in energy levels. Oh yeah, we've had those! Last night we went to bed at 9pm and slept for 10.5 hours and we needed every second of that rest. We did a run instead of the jump ropes this morning and instead of my lungs having trouble, it was my legs and energy that caused me to have to pause a few times. That's different. We have been really gassed at the end of the day and I'm sure this is a product of working really hard and having less calories to rely upon. I'm excited to see the return of veggies for dinner instead of an apple. Those egg white/apple scrambles were becoming pretty dull.

In the category of small victories, I will file this thing I noticed this morning. I was stung by one of my honeybees yesterday while taking the surplus honey off the hive. It wasn't their fault, my technique for removing the honey was taking too long and resulted in robbing behavior which looks like a bunch of bees really amped up and swirling all around the honey. I will employ a new technique as I go out to get the last of it today.

In any case, I got a sting on my inner thigh (yep, that's a fun place.) It has been swelling up and this morning as I checked in on it, I realized that the saggy swollen area was not unlike my pre-Kenzai thigh and that my other thigh was noticeably firmer and not saggy. Whoa! As I thought more about it, I realized on the run I didn't need to stagger my step to extricate my shorts as they rode up while running, they just stayed put as my thighs weren't creating friction because of my body change. This is huge. I used to wear lycra shorts under my normal shorts because of the dreaded ride-up. I don't need to do this anymore.

It's nice to notice these types of changes because while my clothes do feel different and my body feels stronger, my stubborn tummy is still the first thing I see in the mirror. I know I am not a candidate for a 6-pack, nor do I want to be, but I'd like to get rid of my muffin top.

Yes, I have been hearing the message that these coming weeks are when really dramatic changes are coming to our bodies. I guess with all those egg white dinners, I've been a bit impatient to see the muffin top diminish itself.

Shout out to the Kenzai lessons: they are so well timed and thoughtful. It's like they are inside our heads sometimes. Well done, Kenzai brain.

Have a good week everyone.

So the question for this week: What’s the hardest day of the week to get your diet and exercise right? Why?

For me, it's the weekends. Getting the exercise done is fine, but remembering to eat our fruit is hard. I suppose not having the workday routine lets the time slip away if we're not really good at planning when to have our snacks during the day. We are still good about eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner on time and in the proper amounts.

This weekend we did have an indulgence, but we went away with family who we don't see very often, and I overindulged a bit too much. (I feel like this is a confession of sorts). I intended to just have a beer or two on Saturday for lunch. Peer pressure was just too great though: Thursday night I had a glass of wine while playing cards, Friday during the day I had 3 beers total, and Saturday I had four beers. We did keep to our exercise schedule, but I don't feel great about the quantity of alcohol ingested. Thursday and Friday night I slept poorly and felt horrible in the morning from lack of water.

I do feel like when we are done with this program, I will certainly drink alcohol more slowly and in smaller glasses. There's a real acknowledgement that it's an indulgence and should be had sparingly.

I will say that when everyone else on vacation was having pizza for dinner, I cooked up my eggwhites with apples for dinner. So it wasn't a total abandonment of the program. We also packed and ate our fruit snacks during all days as well.

I realize that the best course for me is to try and avoid events like this during the training program as much as possible. I don't want to derail the progress I've made and continue to make. I like sticking to the plan and working the program.

Funny note: our jump rope has begun to wear down from being smacked on the driveway twice a day and completely severed this weekend. So, when that happened, I decided to just pretend I had a jump rope in my hands and bounce up and down accordingly. I realized that without tripping up every so often, I ended up with a more consistent cardio effort. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but that's fine. New jump ropes are coming tomorrow.


Kathleen and I had an indulgence last night, homemade popcorn. That was actually our last indulgence too. It was hard to eat all the popcorn, and the Old Bay spices we put on it tasted really salty. Before Kenzai, we seasoned our popcorn with Old Bay, dill, nutritional yeast and salt. I can't imagine putting salt on it now. I actually woke up feeling "hungover" from the salt content. Wow!

Mornings here in Maine are starting off dark for us as we get up to finish our workouts before the kids get up and the mornings start roaring along. You feel pretty tough starting to jump rope when it's dark and the sky is treating you to a display like the one pictured here. And then to have it all done and feel your sore muscles the rest of the day is just bliss. I'm so grateful for this journey and change in our health.

We do have another challenge over the weekend with a getaway with my sister and her family. These are usually late nights fueled by beer, laughter and good food. They'll have to be fueled by egg whites and early nights now. We will eat our lunch out during our sightseeing, which doesn't phase me. That should be okay. I'm wondering how it'll be to not make a nice dinner together and share a beer or two. That will be odd, but it's not forever. Wish us luck!

Goodness gracious, I'm not going to put in all this time and effort (and that's just meal prepping) to give up now! The upcoming workouts and threats of yet more egg whites are certainly daunting, but I guess we will just take it one jump rope at a time and see what happens.

Knowing how much better I feel in my body already, I'm excited to see what day 90 brings. I'm also hopeful of maintaining whatever gains I have at the end.

I'm fed up? Am I?

I'm finding it hard to identify something that I'm fed up with. I suppose I do find it a bit annoying to figure out the timing of my morning workout. Kathleen and I trade off taking the dog for a walk, so the one not walking starts their workout first and the other continues behind them. Sometimes this means we are trading off exercises in our cozy home office. As we had a doctor's visit early this morning for our kids, we are both doing our workouts at work during the afternoon...which feels like cheating somehow.

I love the feeling of getting my workout done in the morning and "earning" my huge breakfast and delicious coffee. I get cranky when I feel rushed with it, especially when we get up early in the morning to do it anyway. Pretty minor annoyance though, I don't think it rises to the level of "fed up" though.


So I thought going into this week that the new portion of veggies as a snack at night was just plain weird. I mean, who does that?! Here's a picture of my first evening veggie snack. We had just weeded our overgrown beet row and a few small ones came out in the frenzy. I packed these in foil with a little spray oil and popped them into the toaster oven for 20 minutes. Yum!

One of the things that's most surprised me about this process is that I don't find such an obstacle anymore to take time to prepare things from scratch. Don't get me wrong, I was pretty good about this before as the primary cook in the household and committed to having a home cooked meal for my family every dinnertime. The thing that surprises me is how I'll think nothing of just slicing up some potatoes and sweet potatoes to do clean french fries in oven, or wrap up some beets to eat as a snack. It goes fairly quickly and can be slotted in amongst the family card games, or getting pajamas on in the evening.

I'll also celebrate doing 1000 jump ropes today. Wow, I can't even remember what number we started with initially. I will confess that I am still sometimes crap at this. I'll trip after 13, 7, 53...but the difference for me is just quickly regrouping and adjusting to keep going. The frustration isn't there like it was in the beginning. That's a win.

Hope my team mates are finding their own wins and pleasing surprises as well.


It's certainly not based around having a beer or wine, that's for sure! We went camping this weekend and it did feel really strange not to have a beer around the campfire. We ended up turning in early as we were tired from early starts (Kathleen and I both did our workouts during the 2-day trip). On the last day of the week, we subbed in a run down to the coastline from the camping spot to watch the sunrise with our boys (on my birthday as well). It was two one-mile runs and I was so pleasantly surprised by how well my breathing and endurance held up. Guess those jump ropes are paying off.

It is odd to have social interactions that either aren't based around food or drink, or if they are, we aren't partaking in it. I don't have cravings for the stuff we are missing, but I do feel a bit out of place sometimes.

I've saved my indulgence for today as we were away all weekend and I wanted to have a nice IPA beer in my new beer glass which has a rainbow trout hand painted on it. Also, I'll be making homemade popcorn which I really miss. I am looking forward to those treats!

The leg exercises have been tough, especially the leg circles. I feel those all the way up my leg, I know this is a good thing, but it sure is hard to do. I'm hoping I can work the time in each morning to do my exercises, especially as the workouts get longer. I really enjoy getting them done first thing.

Hope all is well with the rest of the team.




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