Bev P.

Bev P.

Kenzai Body | Day 45
Kenzai Body
Day 45
Program progress:

Goodness gracious, I'm not going to put in all this time and effort (and that's just meal prepping) to give up now! The upcoming workouts and threats of yet more egg whites are certainly daunting, but I guess we will just take it one jump rope at a time and see what happens.

Knowing how much better I feel in my body already, I'm excited to see what day 90 brings. I'm also hopeful of maintaining whatever gains I have at the end.

I'm finding it hard to identify something that I'm fed up with. I suppose I do find it a bit annoying to figure out the timing of my morning workout. Kathleen and I trade off taking the dog for a walk, so the one not walking starts their workout first and the other continues behind them. Sometimes this means we are trading off exercises in our cozy home office. As we had a doctor's visit early this morning for our kids, we are both doing our workouts at work during the afternoon...which feels like cheating somehow.

I love the feeling of getting my workout done in the morning and "earning" my huge breakfast and delicious coffee. I get cranky when I feel rushed with it, especially when we get up early in the morning to do it anyway. Pretty minor annoyance though, I don't think it rises to the level of "fed up" though.


So I thought going into this week that the new portion of veggies as a snack at night was just plain weird. I mean, who does that?! Here's a picture of my first evening veggie snack. We had just weeded our overgrown beet row and a few small ones came out in the frenzy. I packed these in foil with a little spray oil and popped them into the toaster oven for 20 minutes. Yum!

One of the things that's most surprised me about this process is that I don't find such an obstacle anymore to take time to prepare things from scratch. Don't get me wrong, I was pretty good about this before as the primary cook in the household and committed to having a home cooked meal for my family every dinnertime. The thing that surprises me is how I'll think nothing of just slicing up some potatoes and sweet potatoes to do clean french fries in oven, or wrap up some beets to eat as a snack. It goes fairly quickly and can be slotted in amongst the family card games, or getting pajamas on in the evening.

I'll also celebrate doing 1000 jump ropes today. Wow, I can't even remember what number we started with initially. I will confess that I am still sometimes crap at this. I'll trip after 13, 7, 53...but the difference for me is just quickly regrouping and adjusting to keep going. The frustration isn't there like it was in the beginning. That's a win.

Hope my team mates are finding their own wins and pleasing surprises as well.


It's certainly not based around having a beer or wine, that's for sure! We went camping this weekend and it did feel really strange not to have a beer around the campfire. We ended up turning in early as we were tired from early starts (Kathleen and I both did our workouts during the 2-day trip). On the last day of the week, we subbed in a run down to the coastline from the camping spot to watch the sunrise with our boys (on my birthday as well). It was two one-mile runs and I was so pleasantly surprised by how well my breathing and endurance held up. Guess those jump ropes are paying off.

It is odd to have social interactions that either aren't based around food or drink, or if they are, we aren't partaking in it. I don't have cravings for the stuff we are missing, but I do feel a bit out of place sometimes.

I've saved my indulgence for today as we were away all weekend and I wanted to have a nice IPA beer in my new beer glass which has a rainbow trout hand painted on it. Also, I'll be making homemade popcorn which I really miss. I am looking forward to those treats!

The leg exercises have been tough, especially the leg circles. I feel those all the way up my leg, I know this is a good thing, but it sure is hard to do. I'm hoping I can work the time in each morning to do my exercises, especially as the workouts get longer. I really enjoy getting them done first thing.

Hope all is well with the rest of the team.

Travel tests

So we just came back from a getaway to Burlington, VT with the family. What a fantastic city! Kathleen and I did really well getting our workouts done each morning, whoo-hoo! I think we did well with the nutrition as well. We weighed and bagged our food for lunch each day, and also had our fruit on hand. We did breakfast and dinner out each night. Apart from some riders in our food (oil and salt), we both found good choices to be had dining out.

I was surprised that in perusing the menus, I wasn't bummed out by the things I couldn't have, I was really focused on finding the best choices for me. I also didn't feel tempted to go completely off the wagon either. Another win!

I did notice that on our family bike rides, I wasn't winded at all and barely broke a sweat. I'm chalking this up to the excellent, unbroken streak of working out each day. I'm really proud of that metric, especially having just driven 3 hours home, unpacked the car, shopped for groceries, cooked a Kenzai-appropriate dinner, then did my workout so I didn't miss a day.

I was surprised that I hadn't blogged in about a week, but I have been thinking about how my body feels so much better these days, and how I'm still struggling to make meat that activates my taste buds.

Hope all is well with the rest of the crew. I can't believe we are almost at the end of a month!


Interesting question this week. I suppose the easiest has been motivating to do the workout each day. I really enjoy doing it first thing in the morning before it gets hot and before everyone else is awake. I thought it would be hard especially on the weekend, but I've looked forward to it (and finishing it). This is surprising to me. I also enjoy just doing the exercises and not thinking about the mix of what I'm doing, or the reps.

Hardest has been meal planning a delicious and interesting menu that accommodates Kathleen and I, and our sons and my mother (who lives with us). The first week it was mostly grilled chicken and grilled veggies with rice, then on tortillas as tacos. This week I tried to think creatively and I'm sharing my menu board below.

I've been in the habit of meal planning each weekend and shopping for the week as I really value cooking for my family each dinner. I hadn't foreseen having to account for so many vegetables needed for our breakfasts and lunches, not to mention the protein. I do hope I find more ways to season chicken though. I'm feeling like a two-trick pony when it comes to that.

Tonight I'm doing meatballs and pasta for the boys and Grannie, and Kathleen and I will have a shrimp fra divavolo without cooking wine or anchovies. We are also looking forward to the weekend and traveling so have to meal plan about that.

Day 12 and the real world

So I went on a work outing today, canoeing down a local river and stopping for a riverside lunch. I had packed my morning/afternoon fruit, but found it hard to eat it at my normal times. I did get the morning fruit down, but the afternoon fruit had to wait until much later.

Surprisingly, when looking at the lunch buffet, I was more focused on finding my healthy choices than what I might crave. I opted for a hamburger, but it tasted super salty even when plain. And I wasn't even tempted by the free beer and spirits. What. Is. Happening. To. Me?

Feeling proud of today's performance overall.

Day 11 thoughts

So jumping rope continues to be a challenge, perhaps even more so than initially. I had a moment during my workout today when I was tripping after every 5th jump when I did consider an alternate cardio method, but I want to get better at this as it's a really quick way to ramp up my cardio. I don't know if I lack a sense of rhythm, or I'm getting lazy with my jumps or what, but I am so envious of those who can just get into a groove and go.

It also struck me that it's so much harder to stop and restart than to keep jumping continuously. I don't know if it was frustration or embarrassment, but I felt my heart rate rise with each restart. I'm certainly exercising my humility muscle, that's for sure.

I'm also a bit nervous about an outing we are having tonight. We are meeting some fly fishing friends at a local brewery, my favorite local beer, actually. I'd like to have a small beer because I don't want to miss out on the chance to try something different, but I don't want to feel like I'm cheating already. I also want to cut myself a bit of slack once in awhile. But I don't want to disrupt all the good work I've already done. Argh, so conflicted. My wife who is gluten free will also be there and cannot have any of the beer, so she will be good. I guess we'll see what happens. Will I? Won't I? Stay tuned.

Kenzai wish list

While there are so many things about this program that I'm loving, ie: the lessons well-timed for where we are on the journey, the workouts with handy call-outs on how to execute them, the blogs with community support and knowledge sharing - I'm finding a bit of a gap in other areas. The continuous improvement freak in me wants to start a list (or offer to pitch in and help accomplish) some of the things that are lacking which I feel could greatly help other team members.

1. Make recipes searchable. "How the heck am I going to make this chicken interesting?!" Being able to search for all the "chicken" recipes would be amazing.

2. Spice, girls. Well, for boys too, but an easily found post in the Recipes section on spice blends and application.

3. Sauces/dressings. Knowing that using vinegar is fine, but very slight amounts of the right kinds of oil would be a good thing to call out. I used a vindaloo spice mix which I turned into a paste with water and vinegar to marinate chicken. Boom! Game changer!

These big changes with our food can be intimidating, but with enough resources, tips, and tricks, it can be a bit more approachable. Heck, it will even strengthen your cooking chops! I think about the irreverent cookbook, "Thug Kitchen" and all the things I learned about vegan cooking by reading it.

Kenzai Brain, I'd be happy to lend more than ideas if you're game. I'll be over here, trying to choke down my carb servings for breakfast. :-)


1. Where are you from and what do you do?
The first question always elicits an odd, "well, that's hard. I'm from nowhere actually." Intriguing right? I am a Navy brat who grew up moving all around the world while growing up. We lived in California, Spain, London, the Phillipines, and finally, Maine. I live in Maine now and am the wife of Kathleen (who is our teammate) and "Momma B" to our two lovely sons. As a family, we focus on enjoying the outdoors, being active, appreciating the little wonders of life everyday, and spending time with friends. During the 8:30-5 timeslot, I work in communications and employee engagement for a fantastic company based in Maine and do my best to incorporate fly fishing metaphors into anything I can...just because, why not?

2, What's your best quality?
My homemade salsa.
Hmm, seriously though, interesting question. I would say my ability to put things in perspective. For instance, upon starting this program, I weighed myself and saw the biggest number on the scale I recall ever seeing. After letting that sad fact wash over me for a minute, I immediately pivoted to "well, good thing I decided to challenge myself with this Kenzai thing." Then I remembered that I feel pretty darn happy and grateful for the way my life is right now and the good things in it. And those things are not diminished by that gnarly number on the scale.

3. How did you hear about Kenzai and get to be here? If you were referred by an alumni, tell us who!
We have a friend who is in the program, and another who is the head trainer. We've noticed how the one friend just glows when they are in the midst of the program, and that's pretty rad. For me though, my wife decided to do this and asked me if I was interested to join her. I knew I needed a routine and set program to get results, rather than just doing whatever cardio and random exercises myself. I was ready for a big change, so here I am.

I am looking forward to learning more about the others here.

Day 5 - feeling progress

Wait, FIVE sets of jump rope this morning?! Oh man, Kenzai, you're not messing around!

I'm noticing an improvement in how I feel doing the jump rope, even after five sets. Certainly not winded immediately. I'm a bit nervous for the diet part of the program to start next week, but I also know that's where so much of the progress will be seen.

I've not been great in leaving a quarter of my food/drink the past two days. But I am being more conscious of the food I am taking in, so I'm okay with that. I think the biggest adjustment for me is not being able to have a beer or glass of wine as that's a big comfort for me at the end of the day. I see a lot of seltzers in my future!

The lessons and articles from Kenzai have been fantastic so far. They really help get your mind right and answer questions as they come up, before you think to verbalize them. So glad to be doing this program. Hope others are getting into the groove as well.

I'm really looking forward to having the habit and responsibility of doing a workout each day. It's been too long that working out has been sacrificed for other priorities in my life. I realized that I'm (I think) the most out of shape in my life which was for a moment pretty humbling, but in the next moment the turning point for me. I'm glad I'm on this program and looking forward to the changes coming.

Also love hearing the correlation between blogging and physical changes as writing is my job. (yay, this should go well!)

Jumping rope is getting a bit easier. Not completely out of breath between sets. Whoo-hoo.

Day 1 - Oh boy.

After anticipating starting this challenge, the start date kind of snuck up on my. I was mourning having to give up my normal coffee this morning, but I guess I just have to leave a quarter of it in my cup. Phew. I am looking forward to changing my relationship with food and seeing it more as fuel than comfort.