Biby C.

Biby C.

Done ... but a bit late!  

Household was hit with a horrible flu bug which knocked us out in turns for a month so sadly the last week of Kenzai did not happen for me and I had to make up for it a week later.

However, I am very happy as I achieved what I wanted from this program which was to get back on track with exercise and diet and I am motivated to continue with it.

Thanks Cecelia and Kenzai!

Flu bug

Last week to go and we've been hit by the flu bug which my son has kindly shared with me. It has wiped two days off for me but hopefully tomorrow I'll find the energy to do something active. Very annoying!!

Happy weekend everyone!

Good week, good hike this morning, feeling good generally... Have had a few nice comments from people which tells me this is working 😁 Have a good weekend all!

Almost 2 weeks in...

And reading today's lesson helped to give me the push I needed as I have been feeling less motivated, mainly from lack of sleep and cold bugs in the house. Need to keep moving forward...

Week 1 challenge

Went for a hike with a friend this morning and totally forgot to take a photo of our beautiful surroundings so had to make do with one from my balcony (where I completed the rest of the workout). It was an amazing day, not a cloud in the sky (sadly not the best photo but hey!).


Good to feel aching muscles again. Can't believe 4 days in and I am already feeling so much better in myself. Fingers crossed the positive vibes stay :)

Day one done!

Feeling very motivated now after failing miserably the first time round before the summer.
Let's do this!


Sadly I must admit this reboot just didn't happen for me. Unfortunately it turned out to be bad timing for personal reasons.
I keep reading my graduation blog from 1.5yrs ago and remember how amazing I felt after.

I look forward to doing this again properly and be able to write a super positive post when I am done.

Thank you all for your support.

Bad timing

Lots going on plus another sick kid. Trying to stick to the diet but exercise has gone out the window this week :(


Slow start, after days 2 & 3 baby and I have been down with a bug which also means have had little sleep. Hoping to get back on track soon

across the finish line! 

Can't believe it, made it to the end with a few minor hiccups along the way... but just love how Kenzai has changed how I see myself, my lifestyle and my diet. I love how I feel depressed when I have missed a day of exercise because that makes me work harder the next day. Exercise has never played such a big role in my life. Definitely a life changing experience and one that I will continue. Thank you Kenzai and thank you Rika and team Taurus for your motivation and support!! xx

back issues AGAIN

Constant sciatica, back to the physio, twice a week till it gets better I hope. In the mean time have had to lay off the skipping so have been going on brisk walks instead.. very boring. Sad that I can't give it 100% now but I know I will continue with Kenzai long after the finish line. Positive thinking.

so glad that I am moving on from an apple for dinner, also AMAYW carbs for brekkie sounds like a treat! Exercises have been tough, you wouldn't think and extra min of skipping is very long but wow it just seems like the longest min in the world! Just focusing on the finish line!

Struggling a bit

Whole family is down w a sick bug and all on antibiotics. Zero energy so hoping this passes quick and I can get back to program

Bali and back

In Bali on a family holiday and have been doing the workouts with my sister and brother-in-law which has been great for motivation...So much more fun when there is a group of you exercising together! Unfortunately my back has started acting up again and I haven't been able to do much for two days :( just lots of stretching. V annoying

End of Week 2





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