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KB3 Done (again!) 

Knowing what was coming in that final workout didn't make it any easier. I didn't crush this KB3 as thoroughly as I did the one last summer so I knew I would have very few if any clean centuries today. I managed to do the upward rows in one go, and at the halfway mark I thought I'd also get the squats but after 80 it was either fall over or take a break. Everything else was in at least 3 sets.

I'd probably give my diet an A- for the 90 days, but the workouts were like a B or B-. The week in HK when I missed a few, and the entire week after when I was sick set me back further than I could fully recover from but so be it. Final photo is still light years ahead of the starting one, so we'll call it a win.

Operation Crush 2017: Phase II complete.
Next up (on Monday!) is Phase III: Da Bellz

Thanks chinchillas and errrbody else for the support along the way.

Catching up

Oops sorry, blogging is always the worst part of my Kenzai game. Thanks for the email reminder.

Program is solid so far; I'm adding some extra stretches in because my legs have been crazy tight. I need a hot bath and/or a massage I think.

I'm out for sushi tonight with a buddy who's visiting from Singapore so will be slightly off menu, with apologies.

Loved the Day 5 social club lesson; part of the reason I'm late in getting this blog up is because the photo I wanted to post was from a bunch of us up on the Annupuri Peak in Niseko on a perfect day in late January, but I couldn't find the pic. So posting one of my faves instead, from last season barreling through some pow:

Sup skibooters!

Day 1 in the books, diet was pretty clean though I didn't measure anything. Workout was quick but solid.

I'm coming in basically at the end of my ski season. I did KB2 at the end of last year to get ready for snow season, which here in Japan runs like late Dec to late Feb. You can still get up on the mountain until early May actually, but for the epic pow, it's almost over...and I don't have any more trips planned anyway. Nonetheless, happy to be here to beta the boot with y'all. After finishing KB2 I basically OM NOM NOM'ed my way through the next 2 months, so I'm not quite starting from scratch here but pretty close.

I attached a pic from a Niseko trip last month.

Clearing the Required Reboot blog 


Thanks, as always, Kenzai 

A solid 90 days again; 'twas exactly what I needed to get me firmly back on track headed into snow season. Big thanks to Brett K for steering us through, to Akane W for cooking for me all the time, and to all the rest of the Cascade Crew. It was, as always, a pleasure crushing and occasionally commiserating with you all.

This is my 3rd full 90 day KB program (2 PCPs, 1 KB) and I've done several of the other peripheral programs and challenges so some stuff was definitely kind of been there, done that. Which is probably why I received weekly reminders that "it's been one week since your last blog!" I skipped some of the lessons when they looked motivational rather than educational. I'll go back and read through a few of the anatomy/physiology ones from time to time though; I got/get a lot out of those, or at least I just find them more interesting. I never had a single perfect week where I nailed all the diet and workouts on the days we were supposed to do them. That said I had a lot of almost perfect weeks, and I'm pretty satisfied with my efforts and the results overall. I'm giving myself an A- on the diet, and a B on the workouts. Call it a B+ for me overall, but I'll take it.

Interestingly I don't think I weighed myself, nor really cared, even a single time the whole program.

Thanks again to the whole Kenzai & Cascade crews. Good times. I feel great and can't wait to get up on the mountain this winter.

All the best, see y'all on these pages or IRL sometime soon!

Diet when it's over

Just giving some thought to my post-KB2 diet. It's been a long, gassy 3 months but now that the end is almost here, time to pick my head up and start looking forward. I'm planning to keep up a pretty active routine and a solid diet, but there is exactly zero chance that I'll be going through 6 eggs a day, for example. In place of some of my eggs, I'd like to add back some almonds etc. What's the skinny on nuts; I know too calorically dense for our program but, any trainer thoughts on what's best? yoroshiku.

Back to the routine

I had an awesome, whirlwind Thanksgiving for about 2.5 days back in Boston. I got great workouts in on Thursday and Friday on my mom's back deck, but missed workouts on both of my travel days (Wednesday and Saturday); sad face. Also, while I didn't overeat on Thanksgiving, I didn't hold back either. It was an indulgent day, but it was really great. We had 20 people at my mom's place, including the newest family member, my two-day old niece Maggie. It was a wonderful time to be home, and without a doubt worth the speed bump in the road.

Getting back into the routine now, I uploaded my end of Week 11 picture this morning. From the picture you can easily discern several things: I need a haircut, I need a shave, I need to add more muscle, I need to wash my mirror.

Looking forward to finishing strong. Less than two weeks left!!

Thanksgiving indulgence

Like Ian I didn't realize it had been a week since my last post, sorry! Things are mostly on track but I did something to my back, no idea what. It feels like a pulled muscle in the upper right/middle of my back, but I don't know what I would have done that pulled it. Just woke up like that on Monday morning. So I didn't get my alternate cardio yesterday, unfortunately. Probably could have but opted for early bed instead. It's still killing me today.

I'll have a challenging week ahead -- flying tomorrow afternoon Tokyo-Boston for 3 days. It wasn't originally part of the plan a few weeks ago but lots of things came together to make an impromptu trip seem like the right call -- my sister is having a baby on Tuesday, Thanksgiving on Thursday, and some other stuff happening, it all just made sense. I'm packing light but will have my rope and my bands with me.

End of Week 9, you say?

New pic up, lets take a second to look at the latest picture side by side with the starting photo. There's still a lot of work to be done in both dropping fat and especially in adding muscle, but it's nice to be able to bid farewell to the horribly plobby dadbod of Day 1.

Under 4 weeks left, lets finish strong!

All good

Here I am, sorry. All good. Head down, mostly all on track. I missed yesterday's workout but made it up today, so will push everything back again and do the Sunday workout on the off day, to continue my perfect streak of similarly imperfect weeks. Wife & daughter are both sick, and when I got home last night I wasn't feeling too hot either, so popped a couple nyquil and zonked out. Feeling better today and was happy to get the workout in at lunch.

I guess I haven't been blogging much mainly because I don't have a ton to say. We've all been here before. Chopping wood, carrying water. Wax on wax off. Rinse lather repeat, etc. But a couple thoughts while I'm here:

- When my diet has gone off track, it's mainly been from not getting all my grams in. "AMAYW" veggies for an evening snack has frequently meant zero veggies. There just isn't time in the day.
- I said, "Oh my god strawberries!" out loud the other night when, while prepping for the next day, I discovered that Akane had bought some . It seems like forever since I've had them. Admittedly I need to get out more. Mmm strawberries.

Apologies for not being much of a teammate, everything is good on my end. I have just had my head down trudging forward, program wise. New End of Week 7 pic up; my figure is best described as...nondescript? But still markedly better than the starting photo.

I will try to be more involved and less selfish for the next 6 weeks! I hope everyone is still crushing it.

Getting back on track

Kind of had a lost week after the wrist injury. I went on a couple runs, walked "briskly" back from work in about 40 minutes a few nights, and did most of the leg & ab work. But it just wasn't quite the same. Add to that the fact I spent most of Saturday at a fantastic BBQ on Kenzai senpai Jason F's roof, and ate some things I should not have (coughahemcoughcheesecakecough)...and it really felt like a lost week. I certainly lost most of whatever meager upper body muscle gains I'd made, I think. I give myself a B or B- on the food for the week, and probably a C on the workouts.


Moving on. The wrist is mostly better, still a bit tender but seeing as it survived pumpkin carving on Sunday with no lingering soreness, I think I'm ready to get back into the whole routine, 100%. Hitting the gym in 10 minutes, and pretty stoked about it.

I slammed my clenched fist into my desk in work-related frustration on Friday afternoon, which led to my right hand hurting a bit, but it didn't seem like I did any real damage. It was fine. Then I went to a baseball game and it was fine, then I got home and watched some tv and it was fine, and then wasn't fine. My wrist got all swollen and incredibly painful. By the morning it was a disaster. I got it x-rayed and thankfully nothing is broken, but the doc put it in a splint and told me not to use it at all for a while. I am super duper frustrated and down in the dumps.

So I haven't exercised at all Sat/Sun/Mon, and had some pizza for my daughter's birthday on Saturday.

I'll get a new picture up tonight but my Week 6 diet should probably reflect the fact that I can't jump rope and can't do most of the upper body exercises for...the next week, or so? I should be able to do most any leg exercise, and I am going to try to run in lieu of jumping, though I hate running.

Any thoughts, Brett/others? Thanks.

...and it's all from those leg circles yesterday. I've been doing my stretching, AND occasionally mixing in some KFB style leg swings, both front and side, but for whatever reason those leg circles really got me. My...hip flexor (?) area on both sides is really sore. Good to know I'm working something new, I guess?

...crushed it. Not being a morning person + busy day at work + playoff baseball = workout didn't start til 11:30pm. Nailed it in just under 40 minutes, totally spent now but very glad i got it in.

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