Bindhya P.

Bindhya P.

Finish line 

Can't believe 90 days has flashed by..despite my initial misgivings I will certainly take the clean eating and drinking habit forward. It is quite amazing how our taste buds change within a few months, and our body doesn't seem to like going back to earlier eating habits - I am munching on carrots and cucumber still!
Congratulations to all of you, fellow Kenzai body trainees, on reaching the end line. It has been great following your achievements and trials over the blog. I will miss that for sure.
Let's continue on the journey to getting and staying fit.

Week 12

Had to travel to Bhutan - family emergency. I had wanted to finish strong during the last week but diet and exercise unfortunately took a back seat. I haven't reached the weight loss goal I wanted but all in all Kenzai has been a positive experience that will continue to affect my future lifestyle!

Towards the end of this past week I was super low on energy - no clue why - and I had no motivation to do the exercises so missed 2 days. I am back on my energy levels hopefully this week I don't miss out!
As for diet, it was more or less on track although I gave in to a gin tonic at a friend's birthday bash!
Post Kenzai, food wise I presume I will have to work on continuing to eat healthy. I like the feeling I get after exercises, so finding alternatives to running that fits my daily schedule to stay fit is part of my long term goal!


The easiest was definitely getting into the mode of exercising. Despite the fact that I can't attempt some of the exercises because of my knee, I like the feeling after completing a workout. I managed this week to put in a 100 lap swim which would be about 2.5K and a 2 hour jungle hike early morning.
Finding time for it daily hasn't been easy either and sometimes if it was possible to kick myself on my behind to get going I did it! I wish I could run again..that's my long term goal but have to wait for after an operation!
The hardest was the eating and drinking part and I am still out of sorts with it despite feeling poorly after a richer meal. I don't mind the meal plan on my own but I like meeting friends or cooking for them and then I feel like a douche always thinking what I can and cannot do! But I think I am getting there..eating right and the affects of it should force me to stay on track - most of the time.


I had to travel this week and as usual sticking to both exercise and diet while on the road was not straightforward. However, despite plenty of heavy, saucy meal choices I was selective with what and how much I ate.
My indulgence was at a restaurant: fish fillet with mushroom cream sauce, salad, mashed potatoes and a glass of wine. I have been missing sauces!
It tasted divine and I enjoyed my meal immensely, however, towards the end, the sauce kind of seemed too greasy and salty. And to top it all I had diarrhoea towards evening. I guess my stomach couldn't digest richer food!

End of week 9

Interesting! This question was popping into our conversation this week at dinner table, as it was hard for me to keep to the diet plan. With 3 (2 official) dinners at home and 2 receptions outside this week, temptations were thrust under ones' nose all the time.
At the reception, I managed to stick - ate before hand at home, and just ignored the alcohol and food spread.
But with the dinners at home, since I am cooking, tasting was a lot harder, and on some days next to impossible. I drank alcohol - even if it was only a glass - and ate despite my best intentions to stay on course especially with a smaller group where we had an old friend from Uni visiting from NY!
These temptations are going to be constantly there as well after the 90 days are over - even if we manage to stick to the diet until then. It will be so much more difficult as getting together for food and drink is part of our social fabric. I can imagine I will stay on course with the exercises after the programme - maybe not everyday as now, but I definitely like the feeling of being healthy and strong in my body.
But the food and drink still feels like a major sacrifice - I don't think I have ever eaten so much in a day and constantly thinking about what I put on my plate! And, I still miss the wine.
We ate by and large healthy as I cooked from scratch using fresh produce, but infrequently..sometimes only lunch or sometimes just dinner. Beside salads and green veggies which was eaten roasted or raw, naturally rice and pasta used to be a large part of our meal, which is right now completely out of the picture. I have shifted to quinoa, sweet potatoes for carbs now. Breakfast used to be a slice of bread with cheese, or a bowl of yoghurt with muesli, and fruits! Now the difference is that meals are in smaller portions but throughout the day, and proteins / eggs every day!

How do we motivate oneself to stay on course with this diet after the programme or most likely I go back to eating when I feel like as before, and does it mean I loose all the hard earned physical condition?!

End of week 8

I can't say if my energy level has changed as I am active and moving around same as before. My daily activity level hasn't changed but I do feel strong in my body similar to when I was running. It is also good to fit back into my t-shirts without too much of the bulging sides that irritated me! My skin has cleared up a lot as the rashes have not appeared as frequently as it did before.
Despite several receptions and dinners this past week I managed as well to stick to my diet - doesn't make me best of company I guess.
So all in all lot of positives.

End of the week 7

Food: Not optimal!
Exercise: also not optimal.
I completed the exercises minus the cardio. Due to dangerous haze level currently in Kuala Lumpur, we were advised not to exercise outside so this meant no swimming or walking for me this week - my alternative to skip rope. Desperate, I tried to skip rope mid week but I had to fold quickly with the first twinges of pain. In the end, I scrapped that section altogether, and just did the other exercises.
This would have been my view if I had been swimming outside, which looks grey now and one can smell the smoke in the air!😡

I went off the rails this week! As I had 2 farewell dinners and a birthday lunch of a very good friend this week, I thought - great I am allowed to indulge at least once!
I can't even begin to say at first how good the first dinner tasted.. yummy. The portions were tiny but as the meal progressed I found vegetables and meat covered in sauce didn't taste so great. So I began to leave bigger and bigger portion uneaten.
I indulged in a glass of red wine - couldn't resist red wine made out of old grapes from Alto Adige in South Tyrol, Italy. 😏
However, afterwards I felt guilty, general body discomfort, and had difficulty sleeping.
Worse, I had noticed over the last weeks that my rashes on my body had become less..all those raw vegetables or placebo effect of clean eating?!
I thought my rashes were allergy related, which I have had in tons, and the heat and humidity made it worse. The morning after, some of the rashes were back..fatty fried food, alcohol..or plain psychology of having gone off the rails. However, this meant, I was extra motivated at the two latter events to barely touch my meal or be entremly picky!😔

Until this week's question popped up, I wasn't thinking of the word quitting despite not being completely on track with eating or exercises since I began the programme!
By and large I feel good and strong again in a way that I missed this past 2 years. Usually I only felt good if I had hit my weekly quota of runs or completed a long course. I can't do all the Kenzai exercises but what I can has firmed up my body. Similarly to running some days I would have just liked to have skipped it but I knew once I was up and out I felt good on completing the run and it kept me going the whole day. So each day I put in the time in the morning although the Kenzai exercises are taking longer time to complete.🙃
Plus I paid for this programme and there is no way I would let it go to waste. I may not meet the target but I am along for the ride to get towards it in the long run.

Week 6 progress

Struggled to stay on the weeks' diet program while travelling. I packed carrots and cucumber to munch on for a few days but that petered out after couple of days as there was no time to go into a supermarket to shop. So I ate what I got although I tried to be selective in sticking to protein, veggies and very little carbs with fruits in between.
I managed by and large to do some exercises each day including either walking or swimming, and even worked out twice in the hotel gym. Today, I walked briskly for 5KM and later completed a swim of 1 KM.

What do I hate the most...not being able to participate wholeheartedly at the evening get togethers, not being able to do a lot of the listed exercises due to my knee and injury incl skip rope, not being able to run...list goes on. I am afraid that at the end of 90 days I have nothing to show despite my effort, which wasn't enough to effect positive body changes!!!

It has been a tough week..I am wondering if it's ever going to get better.

The first 3 days despite feeling better than last week was a killer in terms of energy levels - I either failed to do the exercises or my attempt was so pathetic that I didn't want to put a tick for the said daily activity. Mid week I felt better, managed the exercises and could also include swimming for cardio.

To top it this week I had literally every evening an official reception or dinner to attend incl hosting an event at my house! At receptions, I could keep to my diet by eating before at home and not partaking at the event and avoiding drinks. However, it was a different matter with sit down dinners at other residences - I realised that I didn't want to tell people and become the topic at table so instead I tried to be discreet with eating and drinking - and botched my diet!
Let this coming week be different 🙏....but in 5 days I have to travel for a week so I am worried that it is going to get worse.😳😏

Week 4

Got sick..started with allergic reaction in respiratory system due to haze from burning in neighbourhood countries, which developed into a summer cold with all its effects i.e. hacking cough, runny nose..
It was difficult sticking to the daily exercise routine, which I completed as best as I could, and on some days with only a few reps. No energy. Due to cold, swimming, my cardio alternative, was also off the list.
I wasn't consistent with food intake either as I had no appetite.
Plus side, due to illness, didn't attend several scheduled functions, which meant no temptations!

End of week 3

I finally managed to get through a week amidst my daily routine and being in my own space!
It was even harder than being on vacation as fitting in daily exercise, changing diet - which affects the rest of the family too, has been a major drag.
With the exercises I have been just keeping my head down and pushing through - if I managed 80% of the exercises I ticked it off as done. Having to think of alternatives is not straight forward either - replacing skip rope with swim for instance, not being able to do some of the exercises due to injury is also limiting. Some exercises are impossible - negative pull-up is laughable as I don't even get off the floor!
As for food..I am almost revolted at the amount I have to consume. It is way more than what I used to eat plus trying to keep to regular eating time table has been difficult at best.
I think I hate I fell off the wagon day before yesterday where I just couldn't face meat so left it off my plate. I ate required veggies and fruit though.
I also drank a small amount of whiskey at a night out with friends during the week...stayed off cocktail and wine, which would have been my usual. I seriously miss wine though! Instead I nursed one portion of whiskey through out the evening!
Other than that I managed to stay on track. I keep telling myself it is a process that my mind and body has to adjust to...
I don't notice a major difference other than my hips and thighs seem tighter than before. Shoulders and arms are aching a lot. What hasn't changed is the belly area - but I can't do the stomach exercises anyway.
My sleep pattern hasn't changed I usually don't sleep very well.

Maintaining activity during second week turned out to be a lot more difficult than envisioned.
Moving between different places, eating at other people's homes or restaurants, travelling in planes over two days, followed by the proverbial jet lag, disconnected internet and phone line at home led to a total breakdown in my well laid activity plans.
I only managed to get in half an hour swim, a walk of about 5KM and 7KM during the week, but no other exercises. As for food, the best I could manage was being selective of what I put on my plate.
Today, for rest day of week 2, I did a 2 KM run of the intended 5KM! However, had to stop and limp the next KM but finished the loop walking.
I also weighed my food according to food plan for the first time, and I finally get what the others are saying...way too much food, esp the protein. I will have trouble limiting carbs. I am ok with the veggies and fruits portion but protein at lunch and dinner..will take getting used to. Already not a fan of it!




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