Bipin B.

Bipin B.

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Picking myself up

Two weeks of intense travel threw me completely off. Got two workouts done on Thursday and Friday and it almost felt like I was starting all over again. Sigh! The diet was seriously challenged but kept to about 80%. Back in Singapore and should be here for another two weeks so time to get my mojo back. Hope everyone else doing well.

The dreaded travel is back. Have packed my gear and have a plan on how to conquer this. This week is going to be challenging. Need more than a plan - wish me luck peeps!!

50/50 week

Fell sick at the beginning of the week with a flu that we shared across the family. Missed 3 workouts but stuck to the diet. Got to tighten up this week. Worked out this morning and feeling chuffed - was totally winded at the end of the floor jumps though!!!


Feeling the legs burn!! Burn so goooood!

Frozen fruit

Is it ok to pop in a few berries or the like into the freezer and eat them as part of the fruit portion? Adds a bit of variety but don’t wanna do it if it changes the composition or something like that which messes up the diet. Thoughts?

Day 18

Finally a semblance of a routine developing. 100% on the diet and workouts the last 4 days although I’ve just finished my workout and it’s close to midnight!!!

Feels great - It’s got to continue.....

Routine struggle

The bad habits were so ingrained that shaking them off is a real challenge! Would be best to complete the workouts in the morning but can’t seem to be able to wake up on time so it gets pushed out to the evening. And then life takes over. Missed a couple and not best on diet either. But the Chinese New Year break hopefully should help. Day 16 dimes and dusted this morning!! Diet portions also worked out!

About me

As Iwrote this intro I felt like I’d done it before. Yes, I’ve done it a couple of three times now. But the need now for a fitness regime is as urgent as ever.

I live in Singapore with my wife and 7 year old daughter. I've been in Singapore for long : through threeKenzai programs only to have bounced right back.

it all started here, with Sharmali as the trainer, three years back. I went through KB1, was at my fittest and lightest ever.

And then, I started taking it for granted. A kg or two were ignored, the food intake started becoming "ab"normal again and the exercise was not as regular. I found my excuses - work, tired, I can always bounce back etc.

2018 has been the worst by far. I put on about 10 kgs and ended up looking like I did in my day one pic. I know my cholesterol levels are back to being high and am terribly unfit. And that's why I decided I wanted to have a lifestyle change - to re-rewire the brain.

I'm a lawyer, work with an automotive company, am a part time musician, love playing tennis and watching sport of all kind.

Love to make friends (an added advantage of being on this program), am positive person and at times can be lazy!!

Looking forward to doing this!!

First burn....

Day 6 workout and I experienced my first burn with the lunges. Hurt so good.....

Day 3

The familiar aches and pains aside, workout was enjoyable. Day 3 done!

Day 1 and 2

Kenzai Body all over again. This is the program that worked best for me. I slipped - big time - but I’m back in the hope that it will inspire me to get back into shape. Day 1 and 2 done!!

Less than 50%

The lesson on pain still rings true. The workouts dropped with insane and incessant travel and work commitments and the diet took a severe beating too. Nowhere close to where aid have liked to be but I’ve re-re-re-set the clock. Hoping it starts ticking now.....

Struggling along

It’s been a disastrous last week. Finished up a concert in Singapore the lead up to which was Super busy and then dived headlong into work travel thereafter. Both of which meant that I was seriously off track on every parameter: Diet, Workout and Sleep! This weekend was spent recuperating (slept for over 20 hours!). Worked out last night and the diet has been back on track for the last two days. Hopefully this is going to be a trend!!


Sorry been AWOL. It’s not been a great 2 weeks. Back to back to back travel , craziness at work and a concert coming up meant that finally the momentum got broken. Went totally off diet a couple of times and workouts have been sporadic. But back now and feeling good.

Hoping to keep this up! Lot of catching up to do

I know that’s what’s been said by many a Kenzai trainer from Patrick to everyone else. But I can’t but smile when I see that I have lost 7 kgs in the last 41 days. My workouts have been less than ideal (perhaps at about 70%) but my diet has been very close to a 100%. I’m chuffed and the upcoming trip to Korea is not worrying me as much!!

End of Week 2





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