Brendan M.

Brendan M.


This entire experience was greatly challenging and enlightening and tremendously rewarding. I have reset the way I think of and relate to food both in a psychological approach in terms of indulging in treats and overall balance of nutrition and in a physical sense in reevaluating how my body and mind are affected by diet. I struggled with the staying on plan, particularly with the workouts towards the end with disruptions from my wedding, honeymoon and family visiting, but I still have achieved an impressive transformation in both mind and body. My wife an I decided to embark on Kenzia Body because we were both feeling sluggish and out of balance. We wanted to reset our bodies and our diet. I have certainly achieved this and am proud and satisfied with my accomplishments and thankful to my Kenzia team for the journey.

Back Home

I arrived back home this week from our honeymoon and got back on schedule. Both rain and high temperatures have made the workouts difficult (particularly the cardio), but I’ve been plugging away. Ready to focus on the next two weeks.


We’ve been off the grid on our honeymoon in Tasmania. I’ve been sticking to the diet well, with only a few oysters and a glass of wine here or there. Lots of long hikes and fresh air. Will upload new photos when we kit WiFi again.

Still here!

I apologize for going quiet for the last two weeks. I'm still here and still on plan. My wife and I are hosting a celebration of our wedding this Friday in Sydney. This week and last have been consumed by last minute planning for the event and hosting my family who have traveled from the US. We've been working to adhere to our diets in the midst of all the craziness, and overall have been quite successful. I've missed a few meals/snacks and exercises due to travel and entertaining/hosting. And perhaps a fruit serving or two ended up being wine :/
But overall haven't strayed to far. Today we drove my family out to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and hiked a four hour guided eco-tour. Sam and I brought our own pre measured and prepared snacks and lunch which we ate on the trail.

The rest of the week will continue to be challenging, but we're still focused.

My wife returned at the end last week from her business trip in Malaysia and unfortunately brought illness with her. She's been pretty knocked out for the past few days and I've been fighting it off. I've kept up with the workouts, but have definitely been feeling extra fatigued. I'm taking care of myself and feeling I may be getting past the bit of a bug I've caught without it blowing into a full on cold.

I've had some soreness in my legs and my right ankle in particular. I took one day off skipping to give it some rest. I'm keeping an eye on it to insure I don't injure myself. I don't have any pain while I'm skipping or doing leg exercises, and it hasn't got worse, so I think I'm OK for now.

My wife and I are doing Kenzai together, which has been great. We certainly are each others' best booster and biggest cheerleader.

She has been traveling for work now for over a week. It has been far more of a challenge for her with her aggressive schedule and limited food options, but I've struggled with my schedule and routine back home. I work from home and have found myself working late into the evening, throwing off my regular schedule for meals, exercise and sleep. I haven't missed a workout and haven't eaten off plan, but the inconsistent schedule I've fallen into has found me eating at irregular times and missing some snacks or grams.

I've been working to right side myself and thankfully, Sam returns tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back on a more consistent (and sustainable) schedule.

More Intense Exercises

I've definitely been feeling the burn from the exercises over the last week. I think it's due to a combination of the stepped up routine and having figured out how to use the bands (and which one) to get the most out of an exercise. It feels good.

I've also been really appreciating the lessons. From breathing and stretching to diet information and tips, I find they are always welcome bits of knowledge to keep me going in the right direction.


1. Mastering the jump rope. I've been making steady improvement, but it's been trying. I feel like i'm getting closer to reaching that zenned out space that i've experienced running where everything clicks and you clear your head and just churn away, but for the time being i'm still tripping my way through. I've been able to keep from being discouraged though. My wife is a jump rope champ and gives me hope.
2. Not seasoning food. I cook and have had to fight the urge to salt and olive oil things while cooking or once they're on the plate. I have been using citrus, vinegar and spices though and am finding a good balance.
3. Blogging. I think the community aspect of the program is great and have benefited from the feedback I've received and from others' posts. But, I have not been as disciplined in the past week with blogging as I have been with the diet and exercises. I'll work on that this week.


1. The diet. Although there has been a bit of adjustment in schedule to fit in the food prep and more frequent trips to the market I have fallen into a manageable routine pretty easily. It is more food than I expected (and am used to), but the meals have been good and I feel well.
2. Daily exercise. This hasn't been exactly easy per se, but, perhaps, easier than I expected. It's been easier for me to fall into a routine. Overall the workout has been challenging (especially push-ups and otter kicks) but manageable and rewarding. Haven't missed a workout or meal yet.

First Day on Plan Diet

Surprised at how much food this is. It's definitely more than I'm accustomed to eating early in the day. I occasionally skip breakfast entirely, which I know is terrible. Looking forward to getting on a more even and balanced diet. It's going to take me some work early on to stick to a strict schedule. I prepared myself the mid-morning fruit, but realized at lunchtime I hadn't eaten it.

Lunch: Grilled chicken, quinoa, roasted sweet potato, beets & squash, raw baby spinach and kale.

Ready for Week 2 Diet

Stocked up on fruits and vegetables this weekend in preparation for the diet to begin. Feeling well prepared but am acknowledging the additional prep time I'll have to build into my schedule. I roasted a big batch of sweet potatoes, squash and beets to use in the veggie portions. Excited to dive in!

Day 3

50 Skips without tripping! Making progress.




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