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Brent D.

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final days

Don't shoot me, but I was hoping it was going to run for a couple more weeks ! will keep the momentum forward for a few more weeks so I can have a strong xmas ! hope everyone is heading in the right direction


some travel this week ment a few missed workouts. but diet was on point !

Terrible day

Yesterday was terrible at work. I almost got dizzy when things started going wrong. Nothing to do with Kenzai, diet or training. Completing the workout was a really good stress reliever at the end of the day (end of the evening actually) Reset the mind, feeling relaxed. Its a new day today and i'm ready and feeling good. Just a reminder on how training can help you reset the mind.

kb2 hi

hello all. a slow start missing 4 sessions last week but diet was pretty good. looking forward to throwing around some bells !

Another one  

Another completed program. Well done

xmas is coming

inspired to get a good run into xmas with some solid training and diet. reboot got my mind in track and the body moving again


so rounding out the 4th week , been diet compliant but missed some training over last weekend. I'm breaking down fat but no where near enough, which has inspired me to get into the next program. it's a great program to get back on the horse. although as the years roll on it feels harder and harder to break that stubborn fat down !

core strength

as mentioned, I took a good 4-5 months off training and quite enjoyed the break. however among many noticeable changes the one I've not expected was my core strength. stuff like just getting up off the couch, out of bed or off the towel at the beach is so much harder these days. it really highlighted to me the importance of core strength, and I'm happy to be back on a program and rebuilding this strength. already I can feel it and we are only 2 weeks into training. hope everyone is training or more importantly eating well !

So had a break for 5 months with pretty much no exercise, which was nice. I enjoyed not having pressure to train. however it's time to get back into it. hail apples for dinner

feeling good

keep mixing it up enjoying the variety of this kettlebells program

off the wagon

a 6 day trip meant I fell off the exercise wagon. diet was 90% on but only a couple of exercises. also my original jump rope which I purchased from my first ever kenzi broke! I've using it as my travel rope but age has got the better of it ! best to all

week 2 done

excellent to be back in workout mode , never trained with a bell before .

Getting back into it

First week was good to get the activity going again. had a good 2 months off training, apart from some moderate exercise here and there. it is the first time i've really done that, and it felt good. but ready to train again..... diet started well and then a couple of hicups! game face now.

wow a late graduation! 

Hi all,

Writing my graduation post from December 10th! I finished the program, and took a photo, but got busy in the pre xmas rush and didn't post it or blog it! What can i say, i think Iron is the best program i've completed! It was made a little easier that i have a gym in my condo complex so getting some iron in front of me couldn't have been easier. I really like the format, and change in focus. I did bulk up a big, so will do a 6 week program to slim down and do Iron again in 2019. Hope all had a great break over the holiday season. Cheers

It happened again

I got in trouble from the Kenzai Gods for not posting! Hope everyone is going well. I can't say it enough, really loving the Iron program.

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