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Kenzai Iron | Day 39 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 39
Program progress:

I *finally* managed to flip my workout schedule to the mornings, and...'s frick'n COLD outside, kids! And so good that I'm exposing myself on a regular basis, as we're proooobably just 4 weeks out from the white stuff hitting the ground on the regular. (Mental note: need to buy some boots).

Diet: dialed in. Cravings defeated.

Back at to fight the cold. For now, these guys will fight the Foo:


While I can't show off as impressive a pile of moving boxes as fellow Denimite Willett, I did stay up late into the wee hours unloading, stacking, shuffling, mixing, sliding, washing, repositioning, rotating, drying... everything I own.

And I still have 1 more room and a lot of stuff to unload. But the place is looking like an actual frigg'n home.

And I counted that ish as part of my cardio.

Alas, rest suffered. I think the moniker for this coffee brand says it all; it should be subtitled 'Take a hatchet to your sleep!' I keep talking about sleeping more; it's time to sleepwalk the talk.

To get into a more relaxed state, here's Enya. And yes: my playlist includes Enya, sometimes side-by-side with Megadeth:


Cardio Sunday was a brisk walk to the downtown area to meet up with a new friend for a (clean-ish) dinner. (Thai food. Salty, but the veggies fresh, & the protein lean).

Today was a US holiday, so got in the workout late morning. Again, cardio was a brisk walk, with more added on the back end to take in the changing of the fall colors. Gotta enjoy before everything turns to snow!

Workout-wise, I took it easier than I may have otherwise on our last full-on leg blitz, the right knee was still a little sore from last week's Evil Kneevil-ry on the bicycle. Also, the gym was more full than I have previously seen, with 2 sets of gym goers taking up the squat racks. Front squats getting better, I'm getting more adept at making the 'shelf' and keeping the bar even. Looking forward to what awaits next week, beyond the 'foundation'... until then, the grind goes on!

Looking forward to connecting with some of my fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs, in government acronym-ese) here in Portland later this week and expanding my network. I will do my best to stay Kompliant! Stay tuned...

..and speaking of tunes: here's the incomparable Ian Moore, one of my favorite artists to come out of Austin:


Long day at work put me past the gym closing time; one of the advantages of the 'Big Box' outfits is that their clientele tend to work all hours, and they're typically open to match those hours. Not so the campus gym.

All for the best; turns out the right hand was still a little sore, and those scrapes still a little open, probably too much for heavy bar work. So the bands it was! And another late workout...

And damn, I gotta get my food prep game back! Blocking off tomorrow for a) rest and b) finally finishing unpacking & organizing, and getting my s%*&! in place so I can more effectively get my Iron on.

After all that, this song couldn't be more appropriate:

Creative Commons image by vodkaandcoke. No, seriously, these guys:


Diet: overall OK. Working lunch was lobster tacos and water (Austin + Maine).

Worked late, then burned up the shoulders at home.

Today was another evening workout at the gym, followed by an eventful (not in a fun way) bike ride home as I swerved to miss a pothole, then wiped out. Hands broke the fall, wrists all good, just a couple scrapes.

Back at it tomorrow! Hope the crew is doing well!

Still juiced. Like Steve Vai:


...pun intended. Workout done by 8:15.

Food: all good, but have a business lunch tomorrow. Obviously won’t drink, buuuut... we’ll see how it goes. Will try not to throw the diet off a cliff!

Speaking of cliffs, this popped up during the workout, great tune be the legendary guitar instrumentalist Eric Johnson:


Another evening workout comes down to the wire! But it got done, though I had to shorten rest periods to wrap up by the 10:00 p.m. close down. Campus security *did* give me 'that look'...

Still going lighter on the bench, letting the stabilizers continue to get stronger.

Going to try to stay within the confines of gym rules and get my workout in earlier. I'll leave the law break'n to Judas Priest:

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash:


In the process of cleaning and organizing--and probably due to some sleep deprivation & ridonkulous indulgence--I may have caught a mild cold.

So, no gym time--I don't want to spread the love to my fellow gym go-ers, many of whom are also stressed-out grad students just looking to pass their mid-terms & quals.

But then I realized: I have STUFF. Including...

2 Kettlebells.

And a weight vest.

Leg day: DONE!

And diet dialed in. Hope all are geared for a terrific Tuesday! Here's some inspiration from Queensryche to power through:


After last nights diet debauchery, I still woke up super early but was really tired having stayed up late to stuff my face. Oh, and see a movie ("Joker" - it was disturbing, but astonishingly good, on many levels).

After getting my coffee fix, I wrapped up a project I'd been doing remotely with a friend but hadn't had time to finish. And then my body pretty much hit a wall of fatigue. I made the executive decision to chunk out unpacking throughout the next week and opted for a long afternoon nap, instead.

Post nap was cardio, on my newly liberated bike. Also cardio: hitting the grocery store on the way back with a full backpack and a second bag. I think the latter was the better workout. Did a bit of food prep for the week ahead, fridge is stocked & ready.

Now that I'm basically in the house, it's time to get organized and start building productive habits and routines. First, and most important: 10:00 p.m. bedtime.

Good night denim, hope everybody's psyched for this next week! Mic drop to ZZ top, BRING ON THE LEGZ!


All right, I definitely went off the rails a bit this round; this was definitely more of a third indulgence than a more modest first one.

I decided to celebrate not only (almost) 4 weeks of Iron and no missed workouts, but the conclusion of the most stressful parts of the cross-country move. (And my brain also conjured up some crazy rationalizations, ‘something something ectomorph,’ ‘something something replace glycogen stores.’ ‘something something Portland’s cold in winter, need more insulation’...)

Whatever. I indulged like a king, now it’s back to eating, training, and SLEEPING like a warrior.

Crazy Train, back on the rails tomorrow:


Spotted this sign on the street while grinding away at an East End cafe. Mainers have a good sense of humor, hopefully they maintain it with several feet of snow...

Workouts just OK, been doing them late, after the work day. Sleep is still no bueno; still mainlining caffeine to help power through. Thankfully, last night was the LAST night 'indoor camping' with an air mattress + sleeping bag combo.

Diet has been spotty, I've been eating out a lot, saving my next meal prep for after I can access the REAL kitchen setup & do a proper 'big steam.' Knock on wood, will be back on track after this weekend. But I WILL still indulge. Oh yes, I will. The local 'Pop Up' restaurant (street food! Ice cream!) opens up later this afternoon, hoping to have the movers unload, knock out the workout, then stuff my gaping maw with some sweet deliciousness.

So, Pod & move in happening TODAY! Then it will be time to lock down the trifecta: workout, nutrition, and SLEEP.

Stay strong gang! Leg month is for real, but so are we!

Twisted Sister bringing the attitude:

Diet: Good!

Workout: Short. Good.

Sleep: Bad.

Crush Iron!

Edgar Winter: Good!


Seems my normal up/down cycle throughout the day, coupled with sleeping (somewhat poorly) on a large air mattress, coupled with crashing after the effects of a caffeine spike wore off made for a grumpy evening workout.

But it still got done.


AIC captures the mood:

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash:


...after they see your individual lunch, whether you're attending a large Potluck dinner?

Day 23 in the bag, another late workout in the gym, lighter weights again as this was the first official barbell chest day. Definitely noticed some strength imbalances L to R, and it was less than smooth motion up and down on the first set. I know it'll just take a bit more time to ramp this up, looking forward to jacking up the weight in the days and weeks ahead!

Continue to rock, gang! Like Eddie:


52 degrees F today: coldest temps I've felt since February (I know, I know... "just you wait!"). At least my gym appears to offer yet another form of 'alt cardio'--see the photo below, hanging inside the gear cage.

Slept longer than expected after staying up late. The body either senses the cold or is possibly fighting off an early-stage virus. (Update: feeling better this evening). Or I'm still catching up from a move-related sleep deficit.

Workout was OK, still going lighter on the plates to give the legs a chance to catch up. Diet again on-point.

Great to see some teammates still hanging in there! Let's keep hammering out a great foundation, gang. Embrace the DOMS!

Here's some surf rock to warm things up, courtesy of Dick Dale:

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