Brett T.

Brett T.

Diet and blergh

I am not enjoying running and I have no idea why. It seems like every run is rough sledding, I feel like I am fighting myself, which is not a great feeling. My knee actually feels fine, but now I have a bunch of other niggly maladies, possibly from trying to run such that I avoided hurting the knee. But I really don't know what is going on, I expected to get back on track after a few bad runs, but each run just sucks. I spoke with a good friend who is a pretty serious runner and he thought that I may just be a bit mentally blown out with all the car stuff, which makes me feel like a complete doofus to be honest.

I didn't do the long run for the second straight week, which I don't love, but I feel like I have the endurance for a sub 1 hour 10k, and that was my goal. On the plus side, I have been pretty darned good on diet. It being summer I have definitely let a few beers sneak in here and there, but overarchingly I have been pretty on point. Over the last 5 days I have seen a significant ramp up in my personal effectiveness, I have been demolishing my daily to do lists, so that is very cool.

I hope everyone is doing great. Best of luck everyone!

Diet has been good, exercises have been done, but the runs have still been laborious. I am struggling to find rhythm, but that may be because of where my head is at - Our car is still in Maryland and the part has still not arrived apparently. We were supposed to go up to Montreal next week for a 3 day vacation, but that is looking unlikely now, which has me bummed out (I love Montreal and was looking forward to showing my younger two what a cool city it is). I should be handling the day to day uncertainty better than I am, but I work best when I have a bit more structure.

On the plus side, I have largely avoided stress eating and have been on the diet, and that is good. Hope everyone is doing great!

Return after holiday

Good gracious.

So my last post detailed the car trouble we had heading off to vacation....we'll get back to that.

The vacation was great, a ton of fun, some serious issues addressed and managed, and I got in most all of my workouts. I can't lie though, every run sucked. Not sure why, but I just didn't have it for any of the runs. My left knee started to hurt on the Tuesday and I ended up really struggling on the runs after that point even more. I ended up skipping the long run this weekend as a) I was driving all over the Outer Cape that day getting various odds and ends sorted out for the departure the following day (both of our parents have places within 3 miles of each other and our August trip always involves a bunch of handyman tasks....this year's list was a total PiTA, exacerbated by the fact that the renter my folks had didn't want us in the house for long, and wanted us to fix a faucet handle that her kid broke.) and b) My knee was hurting.

Overarchingly, my diet was OK on vacation. I ate predominately kenz-ish - shellfish, eggs and vegetables are about 80% of my diet on Cape Cod - but portion sizes were probably too big , dinners were too big, and I drank a bunch of wine.

I didn't blog while on vacation because I was actively trying to stay away from my phone. I tried to limit my phone usage and exposure to under an hour each day, and not even have it on me for the other 23. I didn't do as good a job as I would have liked frankly; the resignation of the Mooch and all of the other Trump stuff had me riveted. However, I hit the goal 5 of the 8 days and only spent 2 hours on (Mooch day) for the longest day.

Coming back home has had some challenges though. All of my kids have activities all over the county each day, so just driving them to and from takes about 2 hours a day....which sucks. But worse than that, the car is still not fixed. I can't lie, I am really ticked off about this. Every day it is supposed to be done the following day, so I plan my day to accommodate (the car is about 2 hours away) and then I get the call that some random part was the wrong part, etc. and the day gets scrambled. I don't handle this volatility well. Doing KB2 I got much better at building out a plan B for my exercise time, but it is still tough for me mentally, I like to have a routine. But this stuff has led to plan Cs and plan Ds and consequently I have not run the last few days, which sucks. Diet has been good though.

The car should be fixed tomorrow, and if it isn't I may end up flushing my head down the toilet. The guy down in Maryland has this real slow southern drawl and sounds like a character from the Dukes of Hazzard. This was awesome for the first week, but now every time I hear his voice I want to just tell him that grits suck. Clearly, I am not as rational as I would like to be........

I'm going to do yesterday's workout and the cross training today, and focus will remain strong on the diet. The knee is feeling better and I am confident for the run this weekend.

Car trouble

Friday started great. I went for my tech run and really nailed it, posted on Kenzai, got all my kompliant food for the car ride packed and set off.

Then, after we picked up my daughter from horse camp in Maryland we started to head off for the Cape (why yes I am a White Anglo Saxon Protestant from the east did you guess?). Only problem....the car decided to do not so well right by the MD-Delaware border. "Not so well" as in "hey, I need a new transmission."

Long story short, we got the car to a shop late on Friday, stayed in a motel that night, sorted out a plan for the car early Saturday and NYC Saturday afternoon we were back on our way in a rental car. Much stress eating, no exercise.

Wins include excessive consumption of veggies in that mix, only one glass of wine and one beer for the entire time, and a positive attitude throughout (in the grand scheme it was actually a bit of an adventure). I'm going to hit the long run this morning now that we are on the Cape and I got a great night of sleep. Hope everyone is doing great! When does the sprint start?


I went pretty simple with this, basically stealing from Patrick in the original post.

I've posted it on Kenzai a bunch of times, but I got involved with Kenzai 6-7 years ago after I walked up three flights of stairs to a meeting in a NYC skyscraper and had to pause to catch my breath, and started to sweat out. I had become so focused on work for 10-12 years that I had let my health go to shit.

I don't actually hate meetings, I think meetings can be immensely valuable if you run them well and have good meeting practices, but they can also be soul crushing. So with that, my mantra is:

"Relax, it's not a meeting"

Went down to the Shore with my kids and planned to run the fartlek on the boardwalk, but it was packed. Then I forgot to put on my chafing stuff and my thighs started to rub about 10 minutes in. Long story short, crappy fartlek where I walked 3-4 times.

Rebounded well with a great workout yesterday, and a superb run this morning - 4.73km in the 25 minutes, and after the first 7 minutes it really flowed well.

Unfortunately I have not done a great job on diet as we have been doing the pre-vacation eating down of leftovers over the last few days.

Today we are looking at 14 hours in a car in aggregate (NJ to Maryland, Maryland to Cape Cod). I have a bunch of fruit and veggies packed. We'll see how it all goes. Im going to try and attack the diet a bit while on vacation, joining in the Sprint.

Hope everyone is doing great.

My personal sprint

So I got 7 points yesterday; ended up having a non-compliant dinner as we had some friends over. I would love to say "but it really wasn't that bad," but in truth, we ended up putting a lot of very good food on the table off the grill and while I didn't have any alcohol, I ate my fair share and then some.

I was feeling a bit sore yesterday, which surprised me a bit, so I ended up doing a 45 minute walk as my alternate cardio, which felt pretty good. After the walk I felt much better.

Ready to nail it today!

Day 1 of the Sprint

So the Sprint really is a great mechanism and came at the perfect time. I didn't realize how tempted to drift I was! I had to stop myself from snacking 3-4 times today, which is ludicrous.

By my math I ended with 9 points on the day. I got in the workout, crushed the diet end to end, commented on blogs and slept perfectly. However, while I did the warm ups, I didn't do the post workout stretches as I had to get somewhere and I ran off to the shower, doing some stretching in the shower.

I hope everyone is doing great. Let's get at this!

Dave Kuehls

There is a running writer called Dave Kuehls who is one of my inspirations. Back in 1999 after I drunkenly accepted the challenge to run a marathon, I went out and bought his book "4 months to a 4 hour marathon," which took me from never having run more than 6 miles in one go, to a sub 4 hour 4 months.

I can't recommend the guy enough. He "gets" the average runner and is beloved amongst the Clydesdale running community. One of the things that Dave says in a few of his pieces is that the hardest thing to do in training is to take the first step (which is pretty obvious) every day. So he advocates rewarding yourself after tough runs, and is pretty open that he has a couple of beers in the shower after really long runs.

This is a long way of saying that it wasn't my fault for drinking a bottle of wine and having a few beers with my fancy French dinner last night. It was Dave Kuehls' fault.

38:45 for the 6.5, got a lot stronger after the first 15 minutes. Hope everyone is doing great!

Nice run today

It was 94 degrees here today so I went back to the treadmill, but this time I had it at 1% incline. 4.31 km in the 25 minutes and it felt pretty good. Hope everyone is doing great!

Locking in on diet

I have been doing pretty well on most everything, but for the last few days I have been particularly focused on diet, and that has been driving a lot of positive changes. The weekend is coming up and my wife is coming off of a really hard week and a half where she was at the hospital 12 hours a day, so I would expect that one night we will probably have an indulgence meal, but will keep things reasonable.

As I said on Greg's blog, I think I am going to cycle in the KB2 strength workouts for the Run Strength workouts as I am struggling to get to a deep burn (great cardio though). Would that be a bad thing?

My body is feeling great, really responding to the program. Just excellent stuff.

Good luck everyone!

I feel pretty dumb. For a long while I have struggled with time management and sleep. About 3-4 years ago I started to really take sleep seriously, which has been great for me, but one of my maxims was always "sleep if you are tired." This fed into my loathing of getting out of bed in the morning. Consequently, I was always a pretty terrible morning workout/run dude, despite people telling me that it is the perfect time to run.

On Monday we ended up having yet another debacle in the evening, so I ended up not being able to run. I ended up waking up early yesterday and had an hour to kill.....perfect for the 30 minute run. It felt great, and it was superb to have that knocked off so early in the day. My cross training was a bit lame, I took the dog for an extra long walk at a fast pace, which seemed to annoy him more than anything tbh. Still though, got it done. I wasn't able to run this morning, but my plan is to move my primary running time into the morning for the rest of the program.

Diet was mediocre the last few days for a cornucopia of reasons, but today is looking good. Hope everyone is doing great.

Like many Kenzai warriors, my alternate cardio for Sundays is often just getting the crap done that I haven't been able to do all week because I am on Kenzai. Run has a different flow, which has made it kind of interesting to me so far. I ended up actually doing the Sunday workout and was fired up for it, which was cool.

Today - day 8 - has been truly weird. During the summer, as I work from home, Mondays are always tough. With three kids there is always one kid who is going to a new camp or a new sport each week, and we need to make an adjustment. This week my eldest son started his first real job (working at a brand new French restaurant in town. Huge result frankly) and my wife is rounding at the hospital, so today ended up completely blowing up. I was out the door at 6:30 and never got the chance to make myself breakfast until 10:00. That was sub par, but then we had a bunch of minor emergencies around various items of paperwork (my daughter's camp lost her tetanus record, my bookkeeper was confused about a few items, my son's dentist apparently needed 8 pages of paperwork (seriously) filled out before she could fill a cavity tomorrow.....) and suddenly I was stuck deciding whether I should eat out at 2:00, or eat a fully compliant meal at 4:00. I ate out, which felt silly seeing as how I was set up really well for a perfect diet day, but in the end I ate fine, just not perfect.

We are having another day of thunderstorms here, so I will be running on the treadmill again.


The 5k went surprisingly smoothly. This is my third straight treadmill run - the last two were due to weather, today was pure "I'm not feeling like counting off the laps on the track" (seriously, I am insanely lazy).

The first kilometer was a little creaky, but I got into a nice flow and ended up with a 28:50 time, which was a nice pace in the 4-6 (more 6 than 4) range for 3.75 k and then a slowly ascending kick for the last 1.25k. I normally don't kick that far, but I was so angered by Ed's insult towards Wookies I just had to burn off the aggression. If wookies are dumb, how come they can fix hyperdrives and pilot Millenium Falcons Ed??? Ever think of that?? Exactly.

Day 5 - Tech runs suck

Running is something that, after lots and lots of work to get my stride to be "low profile/low impact" (over 18 years ago......oof that hurts to say) comes somewhat naturally to me.

Today I had to think. And I suck at thinking. My lower back started to hurt. And I really wanted to improve on my 2.69 distance, so I didn't want to slow down. And I had gas in the tank so I started my kick with 5 minutes left......and then I felt shitty.

2.75 miles - 4.2 kilometers - in 25 minutes, but my calves feel cruddy. I'm drinking wine this evening as the next few weeks will be disciplined.

End of Week 3





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