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Brett T.


Return after holiday

  • Aug 10th, 2017 at 12:44AM

Good gracious.

So my last post detailed the car trouble we had heading off to vacation....we'll get back to that.

The vacation was great, a ton of fun, some serious issues addressed and managed, and I got in most all of my workouts. I can't lie though, every run sucked. Not sure why, but I just didn't have it for any of the runs. My left knee started to hurt on the Tuesday and I ended up really struggling on the runs after that point even more. I ended up skipping the long run this weekend as a) I was driving all over the Outer Cape that day getting various odds and ends sorted out for the departure the following day (both of our parents have places within 3 miles of each other and our August trip always involves a bunch of handyman tasks....this year's list was a total PiTA, exacerbated by the fact that the renter my folks had didn't want us in the house for long, and wanted us to fix a faucet handle that her kid broke.) and b) My knee was hurting.

Overarchingly, my diet was OK on vacation. I ate predominately kenz-ish - shellfish, eggs and vegetables are about 80% of my diet on Cape Cod - but portion sizes were probably too big , dinners were too big, and I drank a bunch of wine.

I didn't blog while on vacation because I was actively trying to stay away from my phone. I tried to limit my phone usage and exposure to under an hour each day, and not even have it on me for the other 23. I didn't do as good a job as I would have liked frankly; the resignation of the Mooch and all of the other Trump stuff had me riveted. However, I hit the goal 5 of the 8 days and only spent 2 hours on (Mooch day) for the longest day.

Coming back home has had some challenges though. All of my kids have activities all over the county each day, so just driving them to and from takes about 2 hours a day....which sucks. But worse than that, the car is still not fixed. I can't lie, I am really ticked off about this. Every day it is supposed to be done the following day, so I plan my day to accommodate (the car is about 2 hours away) and then I get the call that some random part was the wrong part, etc. and the day gets scrambled. I don't handle this volatility well. Doing KB2 I got much better at building out a plan B for my exercise time, but it is still tough for me mentally, I like to have a routine. But this stuff has led to plan Cs and plan Ds and consequently I have not run the last few days, which sucks. Diet has been good though.

The car should be fixed tomorrow, and if it isn't I may end up flushing my head down the toilet. The guy down in Maryland has this real slow southern drawl and sounds like a character from the Dukes of Hazzard. This was awesome for the first week, but now every time I hear his voice I want to just tell him that grits suck. Clearly, I am not as rational as I would like to be........

I'm going to do yesterday's workout and the cross training today, and focus will remain strong on the diet. The knee is feeling better and I am confident for the run this weekend.

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Ed CenterEd CenterKenzai Member
Assistant Traineralmost 3 years ago

Good to hear from you, brother. In 1989, I flew from Hawaii to Duke University to go to a soccer camp. In the cafeteria, I pointed to a mass of stuff that looked like gruel in movies about medieval poverty. What's that? I asked. The curvaceous, black lunch lady looked at me like I was from Mars. Honey, that's grits, she replied. I blank stared. She insisted I have some and actually walked me to the counter to show me how to dress it correctly. She stood over me as I sampled it and I gave her a big WOW like it's the best breakfast I've ever had, when in truth, it tasted like gruel. Not a fan, but I now have a fondness for curvaceous black lunch ladies.

Welcome back. When I didn't hear from you, I assumed you were having a mental implosion. It sounds like you balanced and are balancing holiday and other life factors along with the program. Well done. Really focus on getting the runs in. That's the only way that you will snap out of the physical lull you've been feeling.

I LOVE the idea of divorcing from the phone for awhile. I'm going to try that. I think we should make that a Kenzai challenge of sorts.

    Brett T.Brett T.Alumni
    almost 3 years ago

    A lot to cover here. First off, I just got off the phone with Lee, who I am now picturing as looking like Cleetus from the Simpsons. Sure enough, the part has still not been delivered. The earliest the car will be ready is now Friday, and if he doesn't get this work done efficiently I could get the double joy of my car being in the shop (and me paying $60 per day for a rental, which isn't a huge deal, but in total we are looking at about $600 for the total rental....blergh) for an extra 5 days and getting it back just in time to get into Friday afternoon traffic on 95. Yay!

    To your points:

    a) Grits truly suck. I have eaten grits at the shittiest of hole in the wall places in various locales to the finest restaurants Memphis and Jackson, MI have to offer. It doesn't matter. It is like shitty Cream of Wheat that someone added butter and salt into.

    b) If loving curvaceous African American lunch ladies is wrong, I sure as hell don't want to be right.

    c) No mental implosion, but you are right, I need to get back on the runs. That really needs a re-phrase........

    d) Divorcing from the phone is amazing, it really is. I have been working on this for 5 years now and it is still an issue, but now that I keep the phone out of my bedroom at night (it took me months to adjust....I would legit stress out), don't have it anywhere near the table at meals (I bought a Bose speaker and put on appropriate music (Miles Davis, Art Pepper, anything else to make people think I am smart) coming from the phone once dinner prep starts) and actively work to stay off it I am so much better off for it. Although being able to actively listen to your spouse and kids can be a mixed blessing tbh.

      Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
      Head Traineralmost 3 years ago

      @Brett - I just spent 36 hours without the internet/phone/ was fantastic. Though I missed my Kenzai brethren. So happy to return and find that you too have come in from the cold. Ed has you covered. When all is said and done, it is go time. Because like any great story featuring a compelling hero (you), we will remember how the tale ends. Smash it, mate!

      @Ed - Ed says, "Not a fan, but I now have a fondness for curvaceous black lunch ladies." HAHAHAHA. I just peed in my pants a little bit.

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