Brett T.

Brett T.


Great sleep last night. I have started reading a leisure book before bed and in a small sample, it has done really well for me.

The V-sits tonight were crushers, and I just wrapped up KB2. Oof.

Feeling good though. My body is definitely feeling like it is hungry for the training.

A lot going on today. First off, I got a pair of Bluetooth headphones for running and I have to admit, I wish I had done it 7-8 years ago. Amazing.

Secondly, we have been right on the edge of a thunderstorm system all day, and it has been hot and humid (not relative to folks in HK I'm sure, but still), so I ended up running on my treadmill, which was nice.

Finally, the run went smoothly. I started at a 6 mph pace and increased it slowly to try and find my current cruise pace; I think it's around 6.5-6.8 mph. Anyhow, I covered 2.69 miles, 4.33km, for an average pace of 6.56 mph or 10.39 kph for today.


Oh Han Solo, your wisdom spans the ages. Also, be really cautious about your kid. But I digress.

So I read all those posts about how easy the workout was for today and I decided to cut the rest between exercises to 30 seconds to get some better burn.......holy crap. That definitely took everything to eleven. My legs are tired, but already I am feeling the vacation weight slide off and the general blergh starting to leave my body.

A picture of today's lunch. A PB&J on multigrain, a grilled chicken thigh and some broccoli. Dinner looked very much the same. We are in prime vegetable and fruit season here in the great state of New Jersey, so eating good will be a pleasure.

Day 1

Like many, I used to run a fair amount. The proudest moment of my life was crossing the finish line of a marathon in 3:53 having never run more than 6 miles at once prior to beginning my training (sidebar, I am really susceptible to peer pressure after a few beers). But running has taken a distant backseat to other life activities and I am amped up to have it coming back.

Today's run was nice. I'm not sure that I was at 4-6 the whole time, I may have popped up to 7 as I had a goal distance in mind and because the pre-run hot stretches made me feel good early. Can't believe I have never really done them. About 4.1 km, but running on a flat road and then a track, so not grueling terrain at all.


- Lose 14 lbs
- Miss no more than 3 workouts over the course of the program
- blog 5 times a week
- Nail the diet in all weeks other than my vacation week (first week of August).

My legs are definitely feeling today's run. Oof.

Good luck everyone!

The end. Sort of 

Like a few others in the cohort, I'm pretty pleased with the results, although I also feel like I left a lot on the table.

In taking the final photo I missed an opportunity as I have spent the last two days on vacation Cape Cod eating rich foods and drinking nice wines. However, my body is feeling good and I am continuing to ride on this new burst of enthusiasm. I'm doing the missed workouts now and have been really digging into them. I would say that right now, today, I am at about day 75 fitness, which is not too shabby.

In the end I lost about 12 lbs, which was about 9 lbs short of my goal, but that is the price I pay for drifting off at day 60 for a chunk of time. You need to keep the hammer down when your body is really starting to burn deep.

I'm moving on to Kenzai run in 8 days and then will see where my head is at for September and beyond. Maybe KB3, maybe a different program, maybe even a redo of KB1.

Still, it was great to be a part of this team. A huge shout out to the trainers who did a great job encouraging throughout. Some of you folks were incredibly inspirational, I hope to see you in future programs.

Take care all.


Winding both down and up

Going back and doing the workouts that I had missed to get back into shape was a really cool experience. I remember struggling with similar workouts during weeks 5 through 9, and being able to manage them quite easily, even at the outset when I was starting to get back into shape, was a superb feeling. Those floor crab walks are a PiTA though........

I'm back on the current workouts are they tough. Laying down the hammer though for a strong ending. Hope everyone is doing great and finishing strong!

Surfing a fresh wave

I appear to be a 60 day guy. My Foundation program had a lull right around day 55 that ran through day 70 (this is based on weights that I kept and documented with some very light notes. All records on Kenzai of the Foundation have been eliminated.......much to the great sadness of the alumni.) KB1? Same deal. And on this program I started to slide, cut corners and let myself off the hook on exactly day 60.

But there is some good news, I have a really short refractory period. While we are technically on day 82, I am feeling mentally like we are on day 20. I reset yesterday and did two days of workouts that I had missed - day 39 and day 40 - and I found myself back pumping my fist after a tough set, nodding my head in affirmation, and generally feeling very fresh. I also slept like a baby last night. I would have been perfect on diet too, but my wife wanted to have dinner together so I ate a steak, vegetables and a potato with her. No alcohol. Not bad, but not compliant.

I'm going to do 2-3 more days of reset then I will end the program in sync with everyone. Let's go guys, the end is in sight!

Finding the return hard

So before I went off for a week I had two straight weeks where I was insanely busy, and as a result I missed a lot of exercise days. Coming back into the fold has been tough, I am really struggling to power through the exercises to completion, and that is crappy. I'm going to do a slight reset and go back to do some workouts that I had skipped early on in the program for the next 4-5 days to get back and then attack the final days of the program. Good luck everyone!!


The photo in this post is of my best friend on the planet- Jon - and one of his two daughters in their fantastic hometown of Haslemere. His daughters are 8 and 10, and every morning they walk in double time 1.4 miles to their school. Jon's other daughter is my god daughter, and Jon's life is an unintentional testament to the Kenzai lifestyle and mindfulness.

I spent the last week having an amazing time with old friends; every day and night was packed with activities, including many dinners, an election, hikes, an opera, the death of an old friend's mother (not unexpected), a passport seized by British Border Force (unexpected), a hilarious trip to the US Embassy and a few beers. But even though my diet veered all over the place, and even though I only squeezed in two workouts during the week, I ended up not getting too far off track.....because of Jon.

I was staying with Jon and his family in a small cottage that is over 350 years old, has an old style push button phone, no smartphones, a television the size of a small microwave and one laptop shared by all members of the family. Every morning we would get up, have breakfast, then walk the 1.4 miles - did I mention this was done in double time as Jon has to do the walk twice a day both ways, and that the girls have been doing this for the last 3 years? - and back, then spend the rest of the day walking all over. I averaged about 7-10 miles per day, and ate most of my meals around the table in Jon's kitchen.

I was able to,, for the most part, tap the brakes on a lot of opportunities for bad eating, and I really didn't drink a veritable ocean of beer, but this was not clean Kenzai living. Regardless, on the scale I only gained 2 lbs and in the mirror I look a bit softer, but not a lot.

Back to work!!

Last week was very hectic from a work and life perspective. Almost every day had some kind of blow up that caused the day to vary significantly from the plan set at 8:00 a.m. I did not skip 4 days last week, but did the floor exercises most days. I don't like doing that, but there we are. Plus, I have been taking the dog for longer walks to try and compensate a bit.

Diet was fine last week, but definitely a lot of errors at the margins. With all of the stress going on last week I was starving in the evenings for the first time since we moved onto the very small evening meals, and I ended up having planned, somewhat compliant snacks (usually a grilled chicken thigh and a piece of multigrain toast) a few times.

On the plus side, the weekend was a lot better than prior weekends. I went out for dinner on Friday and Saturday both, and while these meals weren't compliant to current diet, they were largely compliant to Kenzai in a broader perspective. Very small amounts of alcohol consumed.

Going to the UK this week for pleasure and a small bit of business, leaving late Wednesday night. That will be a great challenge to remain even close to compliant, but given that I had one of these trips during the Foundation and KB1, I know that if I keep things reasonable then the results of the program won't get too wonked out.

Looking forward to exercising a lot this week. Hope everyone is doing great.

Back on track

The last two days I have done a good job with the workouts and the diet, which has been real nice after the weird weekend. That fifth set of chest dips was an absolute crusher for me, I ended up having to put a toe on the floor after the third and even then I only nailed the minimum. Two tough workouts on consecutive days, I'm feeling them.

Hope everyone is doing great, let's attack these last 4 weeks!

Last week was pretty good after I had posted. Tues-Thurs were clean and I exercised well. The long weekend however, was a debacle. Things started well when I drove my son and a few other wrestlers down to Virginia Beach for the national duals wrestling tournament on Friday. I exercised before I hit the road, but I didn't have time to get to the skipping. Between the long drive, logistics with kids, etc. I ended up eating poorly in the evening and having a few beers. Saturday and Sunday were more of the same; mediocre eating (no terrible days, but each day had at least one non-Kompliant meal) and rapid workouts where I wasn't able to get to skipping. Yesterday (Monday) ended up being my alternative cardio day as I spent 4 hours outside putting up three raised flour beds and hauling three yards of wet soil into the beds using a wheelbarrow. According to my fitbit I had my heart rate equivalent to skipping for about 45 minutes in aggregate. It was a ton of work, but I feel really good today - Kenzai strong!

I'm back on the attack again today. Putting in a strong week. Hope everyone has been doing great!

Feeling in shape

So yesterday had a bit of intrigue to it. I was perfect on diet all the way through the end of the day when I had low blood sugar, so I had to have a small bowl of cereal, which bummed me out but there it is. Beats night time hypoglycemia.

As I think I may have mentioned, I have a 110 lb dog who I walk most every morning. It's a great walk and really gets the head and body in the right place. He is a superb dog, way better than my kids are. However, while my kids do lots of annoying things throughout the day (they are 10, 12 and 15. If you are reading this and you have little kids and are thinking "How can this be possible that kids are annoying???" Just wait.), they do not roll in dead animals. Yesterday morning Bear rolled into a dead animal. Big time.

Usually I can just walk him on the leash to the back yard and give him cleaned up using the hose and some dog shampoo. It is a pain in the neck, but it gets it done in 10-15 minutes. However, if there are lots of distractions around the house he pulls and jumps and does whatever he can to slip his leash. These days are the worst as I need to pretty much pick him up and walk him the 30-40 yards to the hose area.

About 3 months ago I had this same situation arise and struggled to get him the 20 yards to the back gate, much less all 40 yards. Yesterday I totally Ferrigno'ed it and got him all the way there with some gas still left in the tank, it didn't totally destroy me at all. Then, looking at the 5 wall chairs I was thinking "this could be a problem....." but in the end I nailed them (full disclosure.....the 5th was tough but I got all 60 seconds in).

This was pretty nice. Hope everyone is doing great! Almost 2/3rds of the way through!

Blah blah weekends

Yet again, more weekend misses. I nailed a perfect on Friday and was feeling immensely cocky going into Saturday, but the day rapidly got away from me and I never had a chance to get the workout in. In the afternoon and evening we had a big family event and my poor sister has had a really shitty work situation arise, so we ended up drinking a bunch of wine and eating sushi to manage through all of that. Blergh. Sunday was comparably hectic and while I was nowhere near as bad, I still was not as close to the diet as I would have liked. We had 12 people for breakfast and things just drifted.

On the plus side, I got a ton of walking in over the course of the day and am feeling pretty focused for the week. Next weekend will be simpler as I am going to a wrestling tournament (Hooray most boring sport ever!) and will be able to focus in on diet as the options are generally either bring your own or fast food.

Hope everyone is doing great!

The ultimate indulgence

So in all my years of Kenzai-ing, I have never taken an indulgence.

I guess I should clarify; when I have done Kenzai I have had bounces and bumps and all kinds of misses - usually due to travel, or clients, or big events - that happen near indulgences. Consequently, I end up saying "Instead of an indulgence, I will back credit the 5 beers and two cheeseburgers I had last Saturday to the indulgence." This behavior has gone on through 4 months of the Foundation, 3 months of KB1, two reboots, and multiple 30 - 60 day stretches where I redo KB1 to get back into shape.

Yesterday I felt pretty good about my progress. I hit a weight milestone, I am on track, and while the workouts have gone up a notch and then some, I am feeling ready for the next half of the program. So I decided to actually treat myself to the ultimate indulgence - shower beer. People have strong opinions on beer, which I find a bit odd....I love all beers. If it says "beer" on the side of it, odds are I will like it, at least a bit. From the snazziest of Vermont IPAs to the most generic of mass marketed lagers, I like beer. However, there is no beer greater than a beer one drinks in the shower.

And yesterday was perfect for shower beer; it was insanely hot and humid, and after I had done my skipping I was deluged in sweat. I drank most of the first beer sitting on the floor of my kitchen by the fridge, breathing heavily and trying to get the energy up to walk upstairs, and then enjoyed a delicious second beer while stretching in the shower. It was tremendous. Hope everyone else enjoys their indulgence! Have a great weekend everyone!

End of Week 3





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