Brett T.

Brett T.

Brutal workout

I had to have two meals - breakfast and lunch - in restaurants yesterday, but I still was on plan +/- small amounts. Ordered smart and asked for things on the side to keep things very close to compliant.

However, holy hell was yesterday's workout tough. Going from the chest dips - which I am finally starting to feel good about - to the push ups was devastating. I finished them, but I was crushed. The clockface plank was also a killer. Seemed easy for the first set, but by the end of the fourth I was barely able to get out 4. I'm now at 2.400 skips, which is also a long, tough workout. All in all, I felt the workout in a big way.

Hit another weight milestone this morning, which was nice to see. I'm definitely feeling engaged, hope everyone else is doing well.

Nailed a perfect on diet on Monday and had a very minor transgression yesterday (had a small piece - like a small forkful - of chicken that I had grilled for the kids to test a new rub that I had made) and did the full workout as well. Meditated and generally felt pretty good, although I have struggled a bit to be a productive. The hormonal pieces have definitely been a bit new for me this time around. I mean, I had them a bit on KB1, but they are throwing me around a bit more. I am feeling a little Pon Farr-ish.

At the halfway point I feel good overall. I have not nailed every day from a diet perspective, and I wish that I had been able to exercise a bit more. However, I think I made wise decisions to stay healthy when my calf started to act up and we will see how the hormone thing goes. I am definitely mobilizing fat (and there is a lot to mobilize.....), at time of writing I am as light as I have been in nearly a year and from a program perspective, I have lost exactly half as much weight as I want to lose on this run of KB2. Given that I am looking good injury wise, I am liking where I am.

Today is going well from a Kenzai perspective, although work stuff is a bit meh (one of the guys that had been highly recommended to us to help with some of the tech stuff ended up not having the right skills and also was a bit of a tricky guy to deal with. This stuff is a big deal in the here and now (I need to start the process of finding a good app developer again) but hopefully not in the big picture. Hope all is well with everyone!

More weekend wobbles

So I got two back to back perfects in on Thursday and Friday, which really had me feeling great. I was skipping well and easing back into floor exercises. I was a bit annoyed with myself for giving up/dialing back floor exercises last week and chatted about it with my sister, who is one of my best friends and a superb sounding board. She pretty much told me to meditate more and shut up, which is my plan this week. I was insanely calm over the weekend though...........

But with that said, yet again I struggled to stay on the diet plan over the weekend. Like the last 2-3 weekends I didn't do anything in particular that was crazy, I just ate more Kenzai-compliant stuff than I should have. Oh, and an amazing egg, sausage and cheese sandwich at a restaurant in town that was closing due to the owner having health issues. I didn't really feel bad about that one. It was delicious, it was cool to see the whole town coming out to support this guy in his final few weeks in business and everything was just good. But I didn't really need to have a beer while watching the hockey playoffs go to overtime on Saturday and Mother's Day supper with my two aunts and my grandmother (my mother is still alive, she lives on Cape Cod.......long story), while compliant, was a bit indulgent. Pros - I ate and drank way less over the weekend than I would have had I been off program. Cons - I was not off program.

The week is set up quite nicely for good compliance. Liking the diet setup for the week and have time carved out for the next few days for workouts. Good luck everyone!


So my goal of 3 straight perfect days has been interesting. I messed up on Wednesday, I thought I had low blood sugar but I didn't actually check it DESPITE THE METER BEING RIGHT NEXT TO ME and ate a handful of dried dates. It turns out I didn't have low blood sugar at all, stupid mistake. Thursday I nailed. To the gram. It felt great, the preparation of healthy proteins and veggies was key and at the end of the day I was a little hungry, but mainly feeling great. Today I am coming up on lunch but the day is setting up well for two straight days of perfects. Tomorrow's risks should be very manageable, but let's see. The weekends have been a bit crazy the last month.

I have done the skips the last few days, but I have actively not done floor exercises. There is no way to say this in a way that makes me look good, but I was noticing the effect of the increased HGH. I was getting pissy with people very quickly, I was a little anxious, and yeah.....that other stuff too. Things are moving a bit fast in a nice way for one of my initiatives so I decided to cut out the floor work and replace that with a longer meditation session, which seems to have worked. But I feel weird and want to get back to the floor work. I really like the way I feel after the floor work.

Anyhow, hope all is well with everyone. Good luck!


Yet again I was a snack short of a perfect yesterday and I ran out of time for skipping. So while I can come up with excuses all day long, it all comes down to a lack of focus (also....hunger. Man am I hungry in the evenings. I was nowhere near as bad last week on the apples and egg whites!). I am challenging myself to nail 3 straight perfect, to the gram on diet, nailing the exercises, days.

Checking the boxes

Yesterday I narrowly missed a perfect day on diet when I ate - of all stupid things - half a granola bar that was sitting on the counter when I was making the kids' lunches. Granola bars are truly designed to destroy healthy diets. They are delicious, portable and look, at first glance, like a healthy food alternative. Granola bars are jerks.

Overall a good day, but I didn't get much skipping in due to an unexpected time constraint in the evening, only about 5 minutes. Got the floor work in though. I'm taking a 2.5 mile walk every morning now before I have breakfast which does give decent cardio, but I don't want to ramp down skipping, it is real important. Hope everyone is doing great!

So I had submitted in a post on Friday but it disappeared. Basically we had some good news on one of the companies I am launching on Thursday and it threw me into kind of a euphoric/manic state......that was massively unproductive. There is a ton of uncertainty involved in start ups in general, and working with that uncertainty can be really difficult. But there are certain small milestones that can be really nice and this was one of them. While we are still just arriving at base camp for a very arduous climb, the few pieces of news I got on Thursday were like arriving at base camp and seeing that the guy organizing the climb actually got real sherpas instead of a bunch of guys off of the Khatmandu Craigslist. Of course, following the great news the massive amount of work in front of us started to sink in.........Still though.

When I am on Kenzai the weekends are usually not a big issue for me. Because the time restraints are reduced I can usually get everything in and keep things pretty close to plan for the diet portion reasonably well. But for some odd reason, my Weekends on KB2 this time around have been a bit more indulgent. This weekend I went into NYC to see an old friend and had a plan of drinking a few beers. Unfortunately (ish), we ended up getting into some champagne and let's be honest, that is never something where your head thinks "Hey, you know, drinking a ton of good champagne while eating some excellent sushi and other delicacies is probably not a great idea." So, you know, that happened. We move on.

Sunday's alternative cardio was "tearing apart the bathroom." I think I have mentioned this before, but we bought a house in an area we loved about a year and a half ago. It's not really a fixer-upper, but we got it at a great price because it had fallen into a bit of disrepair over the years. In the first year you fix (or pay a much more capable human to fix) all of the things that could set your house on fire, all of the things that you literally can't bear to look at for another minute, and all of the things that randomly break while you are living there. The second year is the start of the upgrades and making the place a bit more livable. At some point we will have to pay someone to take out some walls, but that isn't on the agenda for 2017. So on Sunday I tore out all of the crappy wallpaper in the main bathroom, sanded down the walls, spackled.......and cleaned. Cleaning took forever because - and who could see this coming? - when you sand walls using a rotary sander a) it is really, really hard work, and b) It creates a buttload of dust. Which gets all over you, your house, your kids, whatever. So that was my alternative cardio. And it sucked. But hey, at least I get to paint this week........

Good luck everyone!

I had a really good workout yesterday, but man was it tough. The skipping is going amazingly well this week; I am now up to 1,950 skips (in sets of 150 with 7 breath intervals) and will be fully up to speed with the target 2,160 tomorrow. I'm settling into a rhythm with the skipping and am finally getting over the annoying quirks of the speed rope (this is its own blog post for a later date.). The calf has felt really strong through the skipping.

But yesterday I had 47 minutes to get my workout in, from skipping to floor exercises, and that took everything up to 11. Very little time between exercises, longer sets and some tough movements led to me ending up a puddle at the end. Through two sets of push ups I felt like Lou Ferrigno, but as my muscles begged for oxygen at the end of the third set and halfway through the fourth, I felt much more like Bill Bixby. And butt-ups are just silly. Today we are up for more assisted pull-ups. Hooray!

Still, diet is going well, my body feels like it is in transition and I am enjoying where we are in the program. I hope everyone else is doing well. Take care folks!

Crush, Crush, OW!

I woke up this morning and I felt like I had been run over by a truck. After two consecutive days of great workouts, and feeling really good, my body felt very ouch this morning when I woke up. Ending the antibiotics had exactly the reaction I thought; the bloated feeling ended yesterday very sharply. I feel leaner and the scale is showing much nicer numbers. Still though, not sure why my muscles are as sore as they are.

When everything clicks

I'm a huge fan of "egg whites and apples" phase. It provides a sharp focus on the program and really makes you think through the timing and amount of every bite you take during the day as you know....dinner isn't going to be all that much. I've learned to savor the egg white and apple too, heating up the apple in the oven (Thanks Helen L!) and putting various flavor enhancers on the egg white, from hot sauce to fresh chopped herbs and pepper.

Yesterday I felt - somewhat oddly - a bit bloated. I have been on antibiotics for about a week and a half now following the tooth removal and over the last few days I think it has given me an upset stomach, which has, in turn, spun me around physically a bit. So I was really dreading my workout but then I ended up having a really great workout. Like in last week's lessons, all of the biorhythms must have peaked at the same time because everything just went pretty smoothly. The assisted pull ups seemed like I was using too much leg, but my lats were dying afterwards so I couldn't have messed up too bad.

Today, after a few months off for various reasons, my youngest son and I kicked off the day by walking to his school - 1.3 miles each way - with the dog. It felt really nice and it was/is a beautiful day. Feeling a bit less bloated today, but still not as good as I felt last week, when I was starting to feel "nicely fit and starting to slim down a bit" for much of the week. The antibiotics end today so I would think everything would regroup and get back to normal over the coming days.

It's kind of nice when a really good day just drops into your lap. The Kenzai Gods were most benevolent.

Good luck everyone!

I should be blogging more. I enjoy blogging and I enjoy interacting with folks as I do the program. It is a weird thing about KB2, the blogging seems to drift a bit, which is a shame.

The weekend was good, but I ended up taking the indulgence as a long weekend. I think I have mentioned before that there are currently 4 people in my house on weight control programs and I think that everyone was feeling a bit squirrely. We ended up having two dinners over the weekend with numerous friends that were very nutritional and not all that anti-Kenzai, but I definitely ate over portion for vegetables and protein and possibly over carbs as well on both nights. In addition, I had two beers on both nights. However, both dinners were fantastic and much fun was had.

Exercises and diet were nicely on point last week. I didn't have any perfect days but I also only had very small misses on each day. The workouts are generally feeling good, I am not skipping the full load but my calf is feeling stronger with every day. I was up to about 80% of the load at 1500 skips (I think I have mentioned elsewhere that I do skips in short sessions to a count, by taking the number of minutes and multiplying by 120, in order to keep my calves healthy) at the end of last week and will keep increasing until I catch up to the full brace.

I'm still struggling to work out early in the morning. I can't seem to make that work, and right now I am having to piece together my workouts in my day. This has largely been driven by how hectic my life around the program is; I am launching a few companies in the next few months and working with a bunch of different folks on that. This week I need to be refocusing back on blogging before 11:00 a.m. and working out before 1:00. Once I get that discipline set I will be in a working rhythm to get me through month 2. Best of luck everyone!


I know that it is super not Kenzai cool to weigh one's self.......but I do it every day. Yes, I do take pleasure from the new lines, the more comfortable clothes fit, the fact that I feel hungry at every meal, the fact that I am measurably stronger and in better shape....but I also have a number of "marker" weights where I know exactly where I am on the journey and can map back to other times of my life, other levels of fitness, and it feels very good.

I'm right on the verge of a pretty exciting marker weight. Not the most exciting, but one that is pretty meaningful. I thought I had it this morning, but I was 0.2 lbs above. Needless to say, I am pretty amped up. Exercises this week have felt pretty good and my body feels ready for "Arm day." Put on something trashy toaster, things are getting weird later this morning.......

Kenzai zag!

I think I have said this before, but I have spent a good chunk of time doing Kenzai programs. I did the old "Foundation" program (for the heftier Kenzai folks) 5 years ago, and have done a program or two pretty much every year since that point. Even when I haven't been doing it officially, I will do a month or two of KB1 just to get back in shape.

In all of those times the diets have been pretty predictable. I can usually guess pretty closely what my next week's diet will be......until this week! This week I had a few things in my diet that I have never seen before, and a few that were put in far earlier than normal. It's funny how these things work, but it got me pretty jazzed up to have that change. Yesterday I was very close to perfect and today things are running very smoothly. I'm feeling good.

So....uhhhh....thanks Kenzai nutrition bot that sits behind the curtain. You are a kind of bountiful provider of sustenance. Or something.

So over the last few days I have gotten back to skipping and been pretty pleased with how it has gone. The calf feels better. I'm at about 60% of target for skipping but I'm easing back in and adding 150 skips on each day to close the gap. I should be up with the program by the end of week 5 at the latest.

But let's talk about chest dips. My feelings can be summarized as "what the shit?" To make a long story out of a short one, 5-6 years ago, when I did the Foundation I was embarrassed to not be able to do more than a handful of clean push-ups. I had gotten that horribly out of shape. Since that time I have made push ups my go to exercise, doing clusters of push ups regularly when I am off program in varying ways.

But chest dips are a different - and far more malevolent - animal. If you do them with two chairs you a) hurt your hand and b) spend the whole time convinced one of the chairs is going to go flying out, all the while desperately trying to complete this immensely painful exercise. If you do them in the corner of your kitchen counter you destroy yourself all while looking like you are trying to sex down your toaster. No one wins there.

So yesterday I did the double up on the floor exercises to make up for the relative lack of cardio, which felt pretty good to be honest. I struggled a little bit to get all of my food in - and failed. I was still slightly off kilter from the tooth extraction and having taking painkillers for 24 hours (I drink wine and beer 3-4 times a week when I am not on Kenzai, but I can't stand the feeling of having painkillers in my system. Never have, I get this mild nausea and weird feeling throughout my body). Feeling 100% today and the day is off to a good start.

Still though, even with the body changes starting and me knowing - consciously - that we are right now building the "calorie furnace" that will eventually fire up huge during the "egg whites and apples" phase, this phase is kind of boring. I need to focus on each meal independently and "win" each meal. I need to stay focused on getting the routine down and managing my time efficiently.

I would love to spend next week with my eyes solidly on the prize, but I'm struggling to really feel amped up.

End of Week 3





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