Brian A.

Brian A.

holiday start

we will see how I can maintain diet and exercise whilst travelling overseas

last week of work next week everyone out for catches and drinks. hard to stick to routine as getting ready for going away.

lost weight

yes when I look at myself I feel I have slimmed and the scales say so too


not great time to celebrate when on diet. passed up cake and treats but did have a few drinks!

diet effects social life. invited out for a farewell buffet lunch today and cost 80usd free flow but on diet really not value. tried to stick to diet 1/2 glass champagne scoop icecream for dessert otherwise on task. doesnt seem worth it but didn't want to refuse invitation. I'll be more choosy about accepting social engagements but then you miss out. its hard!

Still Here

I did find I had no energy in first 2 weeks and got behind on fitness. I have been pretty close to diet although I find the protein grams for say lunch, very high compared to vegetables which I prefer eat more of.

I don't know how to eat egg white for lunch. I have no way of cooking during work time. Keeping to the diet is more of a chore than I expected having to cook twice a day morning and evenings. Ideas welcome.

Ive got the diet but want to know foods are in each category? to be honest i was hoping you would specify the diet a bit more i dont really want to research it myself not sure where to find it on your web site

my first post

hi when I look at my profile i am reminded of alfred Hitchcock TV series where he was in profile. yes i am old enough to remember him!

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Kenzai Silver
Kenzai Silver