Bryan H.

Bryan H.

Ready to Roll

I've been increasing activity the past couple of weeks and I'm seeing positive change, looking forward to intensifying it this week with Kenzai!

Hello all, it has been a while. I have been traveling for work and then on some personal travel. In between, I had a nasty cold. Long story short - been a while since I have worked out. I have been eating pretty close to plan, and my progress has been maintained. So, still consider myself on the Kenzai plan, but know that I won't be actively pursuing it again for a few weeks. Busy time at work before leaving for a month in Europe at the end of next week. I know this group will be done soon, but I do plan to focus time on my extended trip to our Kenzai workouts and eating plan. Then, June - August are pretty calm for some really progress. That's the truth, with no excuses.

After 7 days in California, 5 straight of conference meetings, I'm home, with a cold. Eating has been ok, seem to be maintaing on that front but workouts have been difficult. Hopefully energy will be back tomorrow....

It seems that for me, Kenzai will be a longer process than this first 90 days, but I am very glad I'm doing this. Life has gotten in the way of quick progress, but the slow and steady is ok with me for now. I leave today for California and another whirlwind week...but soon my life will settle into summer mode and time to really focus on Kenzai. However, I was thinking, save for 1 diet Coke, I've been diet Coke (and everything else except water, tea and/or coffee) free for 2 months now! Also, I am very committed to "nothing from a box or factory" - some days that is impossible, but at least 80% of what I have eaten for over 2 months now does fit that motto. Finally, workout is a daily goal, even if not always achieved...given time, and proper focus, this will all pay off - May-August look promising for making some real progress...until then, I'll keep at it as best as is possible! Thanks Kenzai!

OIt has been a challenge to keep both sides of this plan going at once. Most of it comes from work seems every day causes barriers...tomorrow to Saturday I'm home...gonna work the plan.


The past few days included two days of driving, a day of family gatherings, to day will be working remotely, and tomorrow flights home. Finding it hard to keep on plan amidst days that are far from routine. Doing my best, but it's a challenge. Home Tuesday, but off again Saturday for s busy week of work travel in CA...

I'm realizing about half way through the program that having bad knees is really an issue. At least 1/2 of the daily exercises are impossible for me and the jump rope regimen is not possible. I have some pretty bad arthritis and it has made my workouts, when leg stuff is heavy become nearly unbearable. I've been substituting a lot...but fear that I'm not very close to the planned workout anymore as I keep having to change things. Also, not being able to jump rope means a daily trip to the gym for cardio, which is cool when there is time in the schedule. Not giving up, not making excusing, just wondering if others have issues that they have had to overcome that are pain related?

THE last two weeks have been a challenge. this past work work was five days of 6a-9p days out of the house - before thinking about working out. The eating part was OK, I just made meals in advance, but finding energy to workout between 9p- and 6a was not so solid - I got in 2 decent workouts over the 5 days. Yesterday and today have been better...onto a new week. Still will be busy, will do my best.


I am back on the eating plan for two days now, exercise was missed yesterday...long, long day. It's hard to get everything all working at the same time - with life's realities as stumbling blocks. I am always amazed at how hard it is to lose weight and gain healthiness - and how simple it is to go the other way. Sort of stalled on progress, but fighting back this week.

Back from a Cruise

Hello All,

I was offline for a week and now I'm back from a cruise. Overall, eating went pretty well and I got in most of my workouts...will see how things look this week. I already made my breakfasts and lunches for the new week. I'm sure I strayed from the plan, but I haven't lost sight of it and am excited to completely reengage tomorrow.

Going off the Grid

Hello All, I'm heading out on a cruise - with no wifi for a week - see you all on 3/18. I'll workout and eat right, promise.

Travel Test

I start 12 days of travel tonight...Got a plan, but will be a struggle to keep it going. Liking the results, so I think I'll make it.

Liking the Rhythm

It's been a busy couple of weeks. But, despite a lot of travel, still finding time to eat right and workout. Liking how things are going, even if I haven't posted in a while...stopping soda has been huge. I have way more energy.

I missed a day of exercise on Saturday, but right back at it...I missed it. feeling good.

A long day of work responsibilities had me out of the house for 13.5 hours today. Also early day tomorrow and travel to VA tomorrow evening...still found time for the Kenzai workout and ate according to plan. Ready for tomorrow too. FYI, wouldn't have gone this way two weeks ago.