Busola O.

Busola O.

Yay! We did It! 

I love graduation day - always feels like Christmas has come early! I'm really pleased that I have done this Kbell program as it has allowed me to refocus on good eating and regular workout habits . So good to also see the variety of exercises you can do with the Bells.

I wasn't super strict with the diet as I wanted to be able to sustain my new eating habits post graduation day. I am pleased with the results as my jeans now feel a lot looser. I would def recommend Kbells as an alternative to just using body weight and resistance bands. Thanks to Nate who has supported us over the 6 wks - it's been another great Kenzai experience.

Below is a pic of my supporters club - chief supporter was busy taking the final week photo!

Speed Rope?

Let's face it, by set 4, it's looking a lot more like slow motion rope๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Yup, the workouts continue to kick ass so rest day will be well deserved. Hope the rest of the Kbell gang are keeping strong for the final week. See you at the finish line.


Wow - wk 5 workouts are def kicking my butt! I was vey glad to see that we no longer have to do multiple sets of 5 min jumprope but I guess they had something better in store for us - Speedrope intervals! I am literally dying by the end of set 4 and can almost feel the fat melting off me. Totally agree with Nate that if we do it right, then this could be a real game changer week. The workouts are brutal and brilliant at the same time - Bring it on team!

Skipping to the tunes

First few weeks I was finding the skipping a bit of a drag. Then I remembered how I used to skip to all the best tunes during KB1. So this week, I've loaded up my soundtrack and before you know it, 4 mins is done and dusted. It's also a nice little bit of "me time" as I don't get much chance to just chill out and listen to music.Workouts going well this week - starting to sweat it up with those bells.

So another weekend is approaching and as you all know by now, It's not my best time for sticking to the diet plan. Nate challenged me to keep the last 3 wknds clean so I will try my best. I must confess beforehand though that we are holding my son's 6th bday party on Saturday so I'll try to stay away from the cake.

On a more serious note though, the way I am approaching this kenzai program is more to develop a realistic approach that I can stick to after graduation - relax things up a little over the wknd but don't go overboard and stay away from the bad habits of sugar and fizzy drinks that tend to creep in when I am feeling slack. Pre KB1, I was completely addicted to coke (Coca-Cola that is!) and it was so good to finally give it up. I was never a big juice drinker so was getting all my hydration from good old water. A few yrs on, I allowed myself the odd can once or twice a week. So this program has been very good for me to shake that habit off again and feeling like I am back on the good road now.

Hope everyone else is sailing through. I can't believe we only have just over two weeks left. It's flying by! I'll def be up for another 6 weeker in the NY.

Hi Team

Last week went well until Friday. I swallowed my dinner medicine and topped up my kenzai workouts with some gym classes - body pump, Zumba etc..

On Saturday morning my legs were aching so much from a new "all over body workout" that I did at the gym on Friday. I couldn't face Saturday's Kenzai workout and despite all good intentions, I also missed Sunday's workout! Yikes! Guilt, guilt, guilt.

We also had guests round on Saturday so diet was a bit rubbish with a few glasses of prosecco going down. Monday morning, I am looking in the mirror and not feeling quite as lean and mean as Friday morning - aaarggghhh.

So now, I am repenting for my sins and desperately trying to hang on to that wagon - diet was good today and I also managed a body pump class.

10:45pm - about to hit the new 4 cycle workout. No way am I missing another Kenzai workout... too much guilt.

If only I could just nail the wknd diet - I just don't know if I have the motivation......

Where's my dinner?

Dinners are currently a little bit depressing.... I mean what am I supposed to do with 50g of protein?!!! Not exactly much to write home about - I'd rather just eat apple and egg white dinners at this rate (watch me bitch and moan when they switch me over to eggwhite dinners๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ)

Sorry guys, I am so not bringing the positivity to this blog today. But what's a girl to do after a long day at work and in need of some yummy comfort food to unwind? I can either stuff my face in defiance or just swallow the medicine and bitch about it on the blog. I choose to go for option No 2 in the hope of not having to bow my head in shame on graduation day.

On a serious note though, if anyone has any zero carb yummy vegetarian recipes then pls do share. I need something delicious to look forward to as I sit on my train on my way back from work.

Weekend Challenges

Wknds are always a tough time to be Kenzai Compliant. I wasn't able to stick to the diet 100% but I did make a conscious effort to eat better than I would on a regular weekend. On Friday, I resisted the urge to add a cheeky sausage to my breakfast omelette and ignored the delicious looking choc cake that would have gone marvellously well with my afternoon coffee. Usually those things would have been allowable consumption on a Friday! Saturday wasn't as disciplined with a cheeky (mandatory?) glass of wine but I did stay away from other sugary drinks etc so not a complete write-off.
Sunday is here and my Kenzai brain is switched back on. I'll work harder towards a clean wknd next week. Afterall, we only have 4 wks left to nail it!

Wk 2 pic is up - no obvious improvement on the pic but some of my clothes do fit a little less snug and I got a compliment at work from a colleague on Friday. So the way I see it, little drops of water.........

Time to focus

I've brought my A game into Wk2! In Wk1, I nailed the workouts but the diet was a bit half hearted. This week, I am nailing the diet as well and the whole family is eating Kenzai style. Yes, I would love slightly bigger portions for dinner but willing to sacrifice for the sake of rocking abs in 5 wks! I am def enjoying the workouts - no complaints there. The cycle format is less boring than the KB1 format.

In response to Gisele's post a few days ago, I'll introduce myself to the rest of the gang. Currently living in London, two kids (5 yrs and 15 mths) plus a husband that loves to be fed. Between keeping this family happy and working fulltime in the city, my workouts are currently going down at around 11pm at night! Better late than never - it's either that or 5:3am as per KB1 approach. But 3 yrs down the line and another kid later, this girl needs her beauty sleep so an early morning workout is just not going to happen!

I am committed to the Kettlebell program and I'm doing this!!! So let's do it together fellow Kenzai Warriors ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Cardio fun

Finished off wk1 nicely with a Zumba class. I can't think of a more enjoyable way of burning calories than shaking my booty round the gym studio! Certainly nice to get a break from skipping.

So I finally got round to taking my challenge pic - here's me and my beloved kettlebells! Best friends for the next 5 wks and beyond

Diet Struggle

So far, exercises are going down well. But as we have no official diet yet, some little cheats are creeping in! It's half term week which means lots of playdates for the kids and generally eating whatever I can find. Looking forward to getting a strict diet plan next week.

I am already feeling the impact of these exercises! My muscles are aching which must mean something is working! Bring on the Kenzai kettlebell bod! Wohioo

Here we go again.....

Good to be back on a Kenzai program! Looking forward to toning up this body and refocusing on clean eating habits. My body needs this program badly! Since Kenzai body, a baby has been born and lots of bad food habits have crept back in - fizzy drinks, salt, sugar... Yuck!

Really looking forward to cleaning it up so let's do this!

Satisfying cravings

I woke up this morning with a massive craving for juice. Water wasn't going to do the job and I was tempted to pour a glass of pineapple juice from the carton. When I opened the fridge, I saw some oranges and decided to squeeze one of them into a cup instead. Even though it only made a very small glass of juice, it tasted like heaven! Boom - Job done! Cravings satisfied the Kenzai way!

Food Food Food

I forgot how much food you have you eat on the Kenzai diet! It's amazing how easily you can fall out of the habit of 3 fruit snacks a day and all that milk and egg whites! Quite exhausting actually - I have to force the evening snacks down my throat daily!

I am also allowed more food in this challenge vs K-body. So with all this protein and egg white overload, I better end up with a bad-ass warrior like body after 6 weeks! Lol.

I was pleased to see that the low carb portions don't bother me like they did initially during Kenzai and the strict diet actually just feels fairly normal. The one good habit that I kept up was to consume lower carb portions. Thumbs up!!

Exercise-wise, the K-life workouts are pretty gruesome! However I do like the variety and all the new exercises that have been introduced so it's all good!

Hope everyone is killing the challenge. Catch you later.

Workout - tick

Feeling good - woke up early this morning to smash the workout. I haven't done a Kenzai workout in months now since I signed up for the gym. But the skipping came back to me naturally and I broke out into a nice sweat doing the muscle work - the mini squats were evil! I forgot how time consuming it all is with the millions of sets and had to rush through the triceps and abs - will have to wake up about 15 mins earlier tmrw to do all in good form.

Felt really good to get in my Kenzai breakfast of an egg & mustard sandwich with roast peppers and mushrooms - super yummy!!! I mostly kept up breakfast the Kenzai way over the last year but I found that I was buying my breakfast at work most days which meant that the veggies were a lot greasier vs home-made and I was sometimes tempted to sneak in a good old butter croissant as my carb option. Getting up early and doing the workout meant that I could also have breakie at home - healthier and money saving! Win win!

I requested a new diet and luckily it doesn't look to gruesome so I feel confident that I can stick to the plan. No eggwhite and apple dinners - Yay!!!! ( sorry Lola - feeling your pain! haha!)

Enroute to work - catch y'all later. Enjoy your day :-)

Ready for the Challenge!

Hi All, I am totally ready for the end of year challenge and looking forward to 6 weeks of eating well and training hard. I'll be starting the challenge a day late as I have only just flown back into London this evening from an indulgent long wknd in Dubai. Perfect timing for a Kenzai Challenge!

This time last yr I was doing Kenzai life and day 90 felt like Xmas come early so it feels really good to be doing it again and catching up with old friends! My friend Lola is also doing the challenge after doing Kenzai earlier this year so should be fun to do this together and motivate each other.

I've just uploaded my most recent pic taken this morning after a night of eating and boozing in Dubai!!! Comparing to my final Kenzai body pic, I'll like to think that it's not too shabby but i'll def like to tone up a few muscles and refocus on some good eating habits.

Let's do this!

Oct 21st, 2014





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