Callum P.

Callum P.


Day 1 -  107.8 kgs
Day 90 - 91.8 kgs

Managed to drop 16kg's, and although I'm sure the weight will continue 
to fluctuate, I have a much better understanding of diet and what is required to stay on track.

Really enjoyed PCP, the goal was to drop at least 15kg's, done, but more importantly feel 
equipped to stay more balanced going forward. 

Thanks To Patrick and the team at PCP

Planning on a big finish

slipped up with a few reds on the w/e, and sleep
has been a joke since we brought Thomas home last week.

Still sub 94, which I am happy with....should be able to drop
another kg by Friday which will get me under 93kgs (so on track
for 15+kgs, which was the target.

A big fan of PCP...

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Born Sat morning 31/3, so been looking after 4 year old daughter and 
2 year old, still managed to do a few exercises, but hard to stay on
top of it.

Weight fluctuates from a tad under 94 to 95, but still ~13 + kegs down from the start.

With lack of time, haven't been getting out on the bike, still staying on track (pretty much)
with the diet.

Pushups getting good, quite like the elevated version.  Works well at home.

Quiet 7's

although had too many reds at a mates leaving 
dinner last week.... and apart from the odd bit of chocolate
staying on track.

Weight pretty consistent 95ish, decent ride Sunday morning,
faster on the hills.

Jump rope is in the bin, my knee says "Yours"

Baby coming Saturday, if not earlier.....

Still ticking along,

2004 was the last time I was 95 kg's, enjoying the more intense workouts.

Already looking beyond PCP, don't want things to go pear shaped
once the 90 days are up.  

Baby due sat week, plenty going on.


Last week in Taipei, I had a few beers, few wines and ate some decent food.
I noticed some people thought they had lost the taste for beer, and thought
their taste buds had changed. I can confirm all the non compliant pcp nosebag and
drinks tasted very good.

Still kept up the exercises and although I "indulged" I never went to any extremes, 
I guess trying not to undo much of the progress to date.   

Still on track, lost over 11 kgs to date.


and still coming off.... 6 eggs a day, nice .... thats going to make some
people around me unhappy...   

Staying strong with exercise... and no alcohol.... knee doesn't like the jump rope much, been doing some
decent rides on the bike.  Getting up the hills easier, but then its a lighter load...

Heading to Taipei Tues morning for a few days, see you there Wellsy... Make sure you pack the resistance bands, etc...

Indulgence might have come at a very good time... 


heading in the right direction, just over a keg down for the week.

Went to neighbors surprise birthday party last night, and the staff were 
very effective in keeping peoples glasses topped up.. Had a couple of 
glasses of champagne (just for the toasts)...  Pulled the pin early, went home 
and nailed some egg whites and a glass of milk... big night. 

Plan on a few early morning rides this week... 

Under 100

Its been awhile since I was sub 100, nice to be be heading in the right direction.
Dropped over 8kgs to date, was sick this week, so had to do some catchup, but 
still managed to stay on track with the diet and caught up with all exercises.

Dropped the car off for a service today and rode back from Causeway Bay to Stanley, 
feeling stronger in the legs, but been doing more riding to compensate for lack of skipping
(doctors orders)

Still enjoying it,  not sure about this weeks diet though, happy with breakfast and lunch, but 
my Banana smoothie is going to miss the banana...  on the positive side, it only takes 2 minutes 
to prepare throwing it all in the blender.

Looking forward to getting stronger and pushing towards target weight, and although i've mentioned
it before clothes fitting better, much better.

Anyways off now to have an apple egg white (banana less) smoothie.


Week 5

Indulgence was over rated, had a piece of cake, glass of wine... 
I don't recommend Pizza Express for a PCP friendly meal, especially
now its a smoothie for dinner.

When I originally heard about indulgence I was thinking a bottle of 
wine, maybe even a decent feed... Guess than can wait a bit longer.

Weight still heading in the right direction, only down a half a keg last week,
but feeling stronger.  Physio has given my knee the ok for some skipping, so less time on
the bike and some jump rope action... nice 

Just done

the planks, that got the body shaking Running late this morning, so did exercises after work. Much prefer the mornings....

Week 4 here we go

Just been out for dinner, ended up eating of the kids menu.
Dry fish, broccoli, carrots and peas, washed down with some water.
That would have normally been a full meal, desert and a few glasses of red.

Feeling better, and cravings for non pcp legal food starting to decline.

Weight still heading in the right direction, but aways to go.

Trying to get more sleep, but 3 year old daughter crawling into my bed 
(and fire trucking it) at 3am, didn't help that much.

Missing the helper

We decided to upgrade helper with #3 coming along shortly, 
might have kept the old one for a bit longer had i known how much
time was spent in the kitchen for pcp.

Feeling stronger, never eaten so much back to back healthy food.

Day 16 (just)

 Week 3 here we come, going to get on the bike in 5 hours... only minus 1kg this week, 
but still heading in the right direction. Considering a week in London.. not to bad ...

Didn't really miss the carbs at dinner, still heaps of veg ....

Back in HK

Flew in this morning, did pretty well on the food front, but 
hard to hit the portion size when winging it, now back in HK
no excuses.

Had a couple of glasses of red Thurs night in London, got up before the flight 
did double workout, need to stay on track. Just bought a bunch of fresh veg, 
looking forward to stepping things up.

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