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So, just done Boost so feeling pretty good. Moved to the maintenance programme. 3rd workout this week - century squats - and now I’m so stiff I can barely move!

The maintenance programme workouts seem way harder than those on KB1 and Boost... whats the theory behind that?!

Fitter, stronger, but bigger!! 

Annoying to be bigger than I was a month ago - I’m not convinced about the diet, it’s had me on so much carb throughout that there’s been no opportunity to strip the fat off. Quite frustrating to finish Boost a full kg heavier (and bigger) than when I started.
Feeling fitter and stronger though and so the workouts have been good for me.
That said, the maintenance programme workout today was pretty hard!


Or that’s my excuse anyway! I’ve progressed from zero during KB1 to 5 now. The rest are pathetic little bent knees jerks.

However, I’m at zero on the x - sits in Monday’s workout.

In better news, I actually choose the handstands now. They at least add novelty value, for me / Xander / my dog.

Was like a caged bear. And 4 square of dark choc sorted me out.


Hilariously awful, right? Those specs!! And the haircut...!


Ok... so my post workout shake (egg white, milk or yogurt) just isn’t working out for me now that I’ve had to give up cows milk. Egg white / almond milk is just beyond disgusting. Hard boiled egg white plus yoghurt leaves me reaching for a spoon full of honey for the yoghurt - tastes good but not so Kenzai - and ditching the hard boiled egg white bit.
So - can I just have some protein powder instead?


To miss my workout today. Got caught out by time tabling and digestion. So annoying as I was even in my workout kit for most of the day, waiting for a slot.
Luckily it’s Sunday tomorrow so I’ll do the Saturday workout and therefore just miss the lighter day 14 workout.
And failed on the diet front too. Chocolate marshmallows from M&S.


So who tried the handstands in today’s workout?!

I did, for the novelty value. I can get into a handstand ok but I certainly can’t do anything while I’m up there. Maybe the tiniest of twitches. I consoled myself with the knowledge that standing on my hands was better than nothing. Perhaps I’d better stick to the rubber bands next time (not hard as fun though)


Played my first ever game of Rugby! Touch, actually. Went to support Xander playing in his office team...they were short, I was there, and hey presto! Found myself on the pitch. Ref was a bit surprised to have to explain the rules to me as we went along (offside? WTF? You want me to run BACK 5m??!) but it was quite fun! So today I joined a team training session. A bit ‘shouty’ by some (not me). There’s quite a lot of running backwards in Touch, I discover. A new skill and my hip flexors are complaining! Oh and I’m massively sunburnt in stripes across my shoulders. That’ll teach me to wear my regular workout kit rather than a shoulder-covering rugby top. Had a bit of a cuddle with a rather large chap on the field, resulting in a nasty graze on my knee which looks totally disgusting. Doesn’t look great to rock up to the office in pink and white strikes and a weeping knee, but that’s for tomorrow.

However, it most certainly fulfilled my ‘other cardio’ workout (and some) and has hardened my resolve to get super fit. Have to outrun those big chaps who reckon they’re the bees knees!!

Haven’t done quite so well with the diet this weekend. My daughter’s birthday meant cake, and it felt rude not to. Then we went out to dinner, and as a veggie there’s rarely much choice. Burrata = not exactly Kenzai. Today we had lunch out and I tried to order the healthier option - white fish and veggies - but it was clearly been sautéed in a gallon of butter. Yuk, but when you’ve played 1.5 hrs of Touch in 37 degrees of Singapore midday heat....

I may possibly have shared a bottle of rose with my husband this evening but quite frankly, if you’d supervised the homework (x3), music practice (x2) and school project (terms work done last minute / Sunday night) you would have done the same.

Confessions over. No lectures please. Back on it tomorrow. Loving my workouts!

Ps this is the cake I made. Not bad for an after work job!!

...but in the 2 months since KB1 I’ve had a week in India (curry), a week in Switzerland (cheese and chocolate) and 4 weeks ill (zero exercise).

My diet hasn’t been too bad outside my travels- but my muscles took a hit when I got sick. So: re-boot! Enjoying the feeling of muscles hardening up already.

A new normal 

I’ve been looking forward to finishing Body for so long. Day 90 seemed impossibly far away, almost unattainable. But here we are.

I did Body somewhat reluctantly. I did it because my husband Xander needed to do it after many years hard grind in the office and too little time to spend looking after himself.

I’m naturally slim and can hide a few pounds; I’m also naturally athletic. So to be honest I didn’t really feel that I ‘needed’ to do Kenzai. I did it to support Xander, thinking it would help him if I totally understood the programme.

I was wrong about one thing. I did need to do Kenzai. I had bad food habits - constant grazing, and filling up on unhealthy food because I was too tired to feed myself properly. Certainly too exhausted to exercise, after taking a new job. While I still looked fine, my muscles were soft.

I wanted Buns of Steel by Christmas. I’ve got them. And a decent stack of abs too. What I’ve also got is a very clear idea of what I should and should not be eating. That has been transformational. I now love my fruit snacks and ‘breakfast of champions’ (poached egg / spinach / tomatoes / avocado/ wholegrain toast).

We wondered yesterday whether we’d ever be able to truly enjoy an indulgent meal again without assessing the sugar / fat / unhealthy elements of it. I don’t know. Time will tell.

The other - rather less welcome - development has occurred over the last few weeks. Having had no problem with milk in the past, I now appear to be distinctly intolerant to it. This isn’t good as I’ve been enjoying the ease of necking back a blended egg white / 200ml milk / cinnamon smoothie - very efficient, quick and healthy. I’m a bit lost without that!

I’m also keen to get back to exercise. In these mandatory 3 days off, we had an active hike up the hill yesterday and today we’re rushing around getting ready for Christmas. But packing our ropes and bands when we go to Kerala on Boxing Day.

I do feel some anxiety about keeping the muscles that I’ve worked so hard to develop. This period of time feels a little uncertain as we feel our way to our new normal. Plus I’m trying to deal with my milk issues - tricky as English Christmas food is so dairy heavy. We’ll get there. I’m pretty incentivised to keep in good shape as I do not want to do another 90 day programme. EVER!

Going to take all day to piece myself back together again!

Slightly dreading what tomorrow has on offer... we’ve been (optimistically) speculating that it might be meditation (!) or doing the first workout again to show how far we’ve come (naive!) but I have a nasty feeling we’re going to be in for a humdinger of a workout. All in aid of the day 90 photo. Hmmm.

My comeuppance

Got it.
Must have tripped 50 times today!

Am thoroughly fed up of this now. Desperate for it to end.


Several weeks ago I whinged a lot about skipping, or my inability to skip. I actually felt quite down about it, as I’m not used to not being able to achieve things with a bit of effort.

Today, I’m going to boast.

I did 18 minutes WITHOUT A SINGLE TRIP!!

Maybe it was the change of scene. Maybe it was the banter between us and our son as he skate boarded in circles around us. Or the sweet 75 year old German guy in the middle of his 3 month trip through Asia who stopped to chat and tell us (in broken English which took some deciphering) all about his marathon exploits. Maybe it’s the delight of knowing that the End is in Sight. Whatever: I’m a hero. So is Xan. In the old says we would have celebrated with a pie 😁

Silly photos

So, my workout kit has now definitely seen better days. Though Xander rather bluntly pointed out that my pink top is now a bit baggy not because it’s been though the washing machine a gazillion times in 83 days but because there’s not so much there to fill it any more!! The cheek ☺️

Fooling around after our workout today - we had some time as the kids are safely plugged into some tv rubbish - we decided to try out the photo tips from a few lessons ago. It’s all a bit of a cheat, isn’t it? My abs don’t actually look like this. Nor my arms. Makes me feel much better about the silly photos plastered over the fitness magazines, not that I have any time to ready them ;-)

Feel like I’m a racehorse with the finish line in sight. Ears pricked, tail up for the finish. Race y’all!




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