Candy C.

Candy C.

Day 90 - Done 

I couldn't believe that I was able to complete this program! I am super happy!
I really enjoyed the 90 days, despite the late evening am hours work out, sleeping less than 5 hours a day as i was too tied up but still need to complete my exercises!
I never miss any exercises! I think PCP is a very sustainable program and I will try my best to keep it.

I'll be going crazy for the next 3 days, relax and enjoy food but resume my maintenance program after.

Total - lost 11lbs - all my clothes fit now (even the skinny clothes are lose)

Thanks PCP and great team effort!

Cheated last night

It was my friend's birthday so we celebrated at a Korean Restaurant followed by Chocolate cake, I didn't go crazy but i had a few bites of everything.

I managed to stick to my exercise at night until 1-2am in the morning.

Will work hard for the rest of the program - i SWEAR!

Canned Coffee

They were passing out FREE canned coffee today at lunch, I cannot resist and took one and drink the whole thing - I felt guilty and plus it wasn't that great. 

I think i need to readjust my perspective as everytime I indulge something like (cake, cookies, anything that is bad), I felt guilty eating afterwards.  This will become more often after PCP, so any thoughts on changing your mind set would be greatly appreciated.

I love cardio work out and I can do that every day.  My question is, if you do the same cardio everyday, would your body adjust to the daily routine and doesn't burn as much? 

Please let me know... whether I should alternative cardio exercise or just keep skipping for the rest of my life?

In The Zone...

Not sure if you guys experience this but if you skip long enough, you will be in this robot phase where you don't think and you just skip rope without feeling anything thing.  My left foot still hurts but once I hit that zone, all my pain is gone and i just skip until it hits 7 mins!

I regret I had the Korean BBQ today but my stomach was feeling funny the whole night! :(

Indulgence - Korean BBQ

Apologies as I forgot to take pics but I went to the BEST Korean restaurant in HK and the food was soooooo good! except that everything was way way too salty now I need to drink at least 2 glasses of water to recover.

I enjoyed it and will resume my diet tomorrow.

Breakfast: AMAYW veggies (which was yams - i can eat that everyday), 1 slice of toast, eggs with green onion and 200ml yogurt

Lunch - apple as I didn't have time to eat and veggies

Dinner - korea bbq, korean side dishes, noodles and korean tofu soup

late night snake - 1/2 apple + 120ml yogurt

will resume my regular diet + routine tomorrow :)

Exercise week 11

It will now take me at least 1 to 1.5 hours to complete all my exercise.  I need to allocate time for this and reject a couple of dinners already so that I can do my daily workout.  Eating is not a problem anymore as I found this place that has unlimited toppings of salad and protein for just HK$59! I can just grab that for lunch and skip any dressings!

I felt lighter at my current weight of 112.4-113.8lbs compare to right at the beginning of this program of 122lbs!

10lbs off is motivational and I will continue to put in my hard work!

Stay strong peeps!

I cannot stop laughing watching today's training regarding that cheesy informatial - Jump Snap, particularly holding those weird jump rope handles with a group of people - THAT IS FUNNY!

I rather skip than holding those silly handles...

Day 65 ALREADY?!?

Day 65 already - time has really gone fast!  I've had comments that I've lost a lot weight, my clothes that used to not fit me so well now fits perfectly.  I'm so used to my diet now that I can eat salad without any dressing (which I never do that in the past). 
The down side is that i feel tired EVERYDAY, but I won't give up.  I'm starting to experience pain on my feet by skipping.  Not sure if you all have similar experience?

Working out in HK during the most dreadful season.  Imagine skipping rope in the heat of at least 30-31 degrees each day? I skipped near midnight last night and I still sweat like a pig.

I felt like I don't have time to focus on the core exercises as I'm always tired.  Hence the plan this weekend is to spend more time and really focus on these exercises and complete a great work out!

Indulgence Day

I had afteenoon tea buffet at Ritz Carlton for my birthday celebration yesterday. I'm not sure whether the quality of the buffet wasn't so good or the effect of this diet but overall this meal wasn't that satisfying. I should've gone to four seasons instead - what a waste!

Indulgence day May 26th

My b-day will be on May 27th (Monday) but to celebrate this special day, I've decided to use my indulgence for an afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton this sunday May 26th - I'll upload more pics later.

As for PCP updates - continuing exercising and restricting my diet as much as possible - I've never missed a day of exercise, except one time I forgot to print my exercise of the day (there wasn't any internet access at that moment) so I decided to do my exercise which I took a pic from another day of the same week.  I hope this doesn't screw anything!

Im back from Singapore

I manage to do all my exercise but wasnt 100 percent pcp compliant, i didnt measure my meals but try to restrict to veggies, carbs and fish!

Ill be good this week - I swear!

Off to Singapore

I'm off to Singapore tomorrow (the land of yummy street vendor food).  I'll try to be PCP compliant and complete all my exercise.  No guarantees but I'll try my best!

I truly enjoy the timed skip ropes now.

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