Caroline W.

Caroline W.


I really enjoyed this sculpt program. I am feeling amazing, and I think it has been the best program I have done so far. The journey hasn't finished though.... This is just the beginning of a more constant level of fitness for life.
Thanks everyone for joining with me, It was a really fun group.

Feeling super fit!

I’m so happy, git changed into my swimmers today and they were too big for me! Happy days.
Feeling super healthy and fit, ready to rock the days we have left!

it’s been a while

Feeling amazing, time has passed so fast, it’s been a while since my last blog.
Hope everyone is still on track!
See you at the finish line

half way!

This week hasn’t been the best, not touched a drop of alcohol, but had a few parties so e def up guessing (and probably begging generous) with servings.
I’m pretty proud that I’ve still been pretty disciplined despite many temptations.
I’ll make this week better, but I’m never going to be perfect.
Hope everyone is having a good week!

Super busy!

Hey everyone, I hope training is going well!
I have been super busy at work, but nailing the workouts and most meals have been on point. Im really enjoying not drinking... who would have thought!?
Im conscious the next week will be a touch slog as we get to the middle part, but will face it head on and do my best.
Looking forward to hearing how everyone else is going.

week 1

Week one done, nailed the workouts and cleaned up the diet.
I’ve not been eating many carbs, but added them into breakfast and lunch this week which has caused me to feel a bit bloated..

I see the end!

Almost there.. feeling pretty good, but looking forward to finishing!

sticking to the grind...

Counting the reps, counting the grams, showing up each day and being accountable.
Happy days!


Have been on holiday the last week skiing in Japan!
Mostly compliant, but a few mishaps.. back home now, so back into it.

back to it!

I’m getting into the swing of chisel again, have already noticed changes in my body definition. Looking forward to seeing more!

Loved it! 

Mind was a fantastic program that taught me a lot.
Meditation is something I knew was good for me, but I struggled to get started. I loved the daily readings, genuinely looked forward to opening my Kenzai each morning to see what was coming my way.

Just the beginning

What a journey. I have learnt so much in the last 6 weeks, and I feel like this is just the tip
of the iceberg.
This course has given me some great skills to build on, and I’m looking forward to learning more.


I feel in some ways this is getting easier, but in other ways harder!
Today I found it so hard to focus, the 17 minutes went so slowly, and my mind jumped about from one thing to the next.
I was able to suck it out, and feel better for it.

setting aside time

This is one of the hardest programs I have done in Kenzai so far. It’s really hard to set aside time to dedicate to meditation.
I’m getting there though, and I don’t really think I will ever be able to say I have a daily meditation practice, but at least I am further than I was yesterday, last week or even last year.


A random train station in Hokkaido

Oct 22nd, 2014





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