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Caroline C.

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Eating Out

I tried...I got a salad, steamed veggies, and pulled pork sans sauce. I could taste the salt everywhere...

On that note, does anyone have a phrase or some other motivational tool to support walking away from the office candy bowl or my kids girl scout cookies? I'm mostly good, but sometimes I am plagued by the "it's only one cookie" thought.


One week of non-stop illness at my house. Totally couldn't work out and couldn't really eat at all. Do I go back to the beginning of the week or try to continue the workouts? The worst! New England needs spring asap.


Should I limit potato as veg?

the dreaded scale

I am definitely feeling better even just eating better this week-but I weighed myself today and no difference. Normal? I’m not in the market for a quick fix, because that’s not sustainable, but I was feeling like I’d see some results. I have quite a bit to lose, so imagined I would see some loss this week....


Anyone else so full after breakfast? I have a really hard time eating it

skipped the office lunch

It wasn’t even hard! Prepping is key-but I was tempted. It was healthy, but I didn’t have a scale or a real sense of what was in all the foods so I stuck with what I brought. Jump rope is still killing me!