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Kenzai Chisel | Day 34 (Member)
Kenzai Chisel
Day 34
Program progress:

So hitting the wall . . . hurt. Yesterday was tough. I have been struggling with energy all week, been super hungry, and been feeling like my body is burning fuel faster than I can put it in. I had this once before on Kenzai half and ended up having to go rogue with the diet. I am really trying not to do that but with a headache and feeling really depleted last night I made the conscious decision to miss yesterday's workout, have scrambled eggs and toast for dinner, and go to bed early. There may have been some time spent watching the NBA final (Yay Raptors).

Feeling better today (not awesome but better) and did the workout and my running club's final run of the school year. I read Cora's post and added bread to my lunch today in the hope I would feel fuller. So far so good.

Hope you have all had a good week.

Hungry and mean

As far as the workouts go, I have done really well. I still struggle with some of the exercises (I don't think I will ever get hang times) but I am persevering and doing my best. I really like the workouts and feel stronger and fitter. Even managed a really fast 4.5k with my running team - I can't normally keep up with my top students (who definitely slowed down so I could keep up) but I wasn't too far behind them. I can really see changes in my arms and have lost 2 lbs this week so definitely going in the right direction.

In terms of the diet I have worked really hard to follow the diet to the letter. But I am hungry. Hungry and frankly quite grumpy about it. Any deviance from the schedule (longer than expected meeting, no fruit available at the school sports banquet, longer car journey than planned for) has caused me to go past the point of no return and make less than great choices. Overall I have done pretty well but was halfway through a piece of the shortbread that one of my students had given me as a gift before I remembered that I wasn't supposed to be eating it.
With losing 40grams of carbs at lunch time this week it is going to be even leaner so I am planning of how to get through the challenging times. May have to have an incase of emergency banana or pack of carrots in my purse this week.


This morning I completed my 3rd 10k race in 5 weeks. It was a brilliant route, mostly on trails and through forest, and on a super sunny day. The focus of the last 5 months has been on my strength and fitness and, with the exception of Ranger, the running has taken a back seat. Today was more about running with 2000 women of all ages and abilities rather than a time but still happy with the performance (less about the vomiting on the finish line).

In terms of chisel I have been trying to stick with the plan. The workouts, while very tough and not pretty to watch, have been manageable. I have even been to a couple of extra classes at the gym just to be a bit social - but I have been starving this week. I did have an off plan dinner last night to prepare for the race but it was still very Kenzai friendly. I've had a few editor moments but putting on my racing shirt, which I hadn't worn in three weeks, really showed the differences that are happening to my body which is pretty cool.

Half way there - really excited, although a little nervous, about what the next 3 weeks will bring.

That was a lot of star like motions today - I think if I do enough the star like feeling will take hold!

It has been a pretty good week. It was my daughter's dance week which meant a lot of time sitting in a theatre, counting costume pieces, and holding bags but did really well with the workouts and the food. Not perfect food but really good.
Still not getting the hold of some of the exercises -am really bad at hang times and v-sits - but coping better with the jumping then I thought I might.
Editor is working a little harder than it should but everything is moving in the right direction and I am keeping it in check.

I do think that you should give me my breakfast egg white back- today was a hungry day - but clearly we know which type of diet I am on :)

Here's to another great week!


Greetings from sunny Vancouver Island on this lovely Victoria Day long weekend! We are spending a few days at the beach - lots of sea air, beach walks, and some relaxing.

It has been a really good start to chisel. I love the cycle workouts - totally my type of fun - x-sits, wall sits, running in a circle - these are great bring them on.

On the other hand I have had to go right back to basics with some of the exercises I haven't done in a while. My chair dips are terrible and more of a shrugging motion than an actual dip but I am working on them. My back and hips have been quite tight and this is affecting a few exercises like hang times and v sits but I keep stretching and rolling and will be seeing physio again this week to keep improving my flexibility.

As for the diet I have been pretty successful at cleaning things up - last nights trip to the pub to celebrate my husband's KB 2 indulgence being the exception. Feeling a little ropey this morning but motivated to be back on track.


Admittedly I didn't Yahoo when I saw the jumps at the end of the cycle but I enjoyed the workout and am really happy to be back on program.
I have been working really hard this year to improve my fitness: KB 2, two 10k runs so far, The ranger challenge as well as regular gym workouts. Definitely the strongest I have ever been and super excited to be starting Chisel and seeing how strong I can get.

Looking forward to training with all of you!

Not quite a ranger

Well I am not quite ready to pack my bags for ranger camp but I have definitely made some improvements.

Pull ups: last time 2 / this time almost 2 - just didn't quite have it today

Push ups: last time 33 / today 49!!!!!!! - okay admittedly Captain Jim may have felt some of them weren't quite low enough but there were 49 times in two minutes that I pushed up so in my mind it counts -

crunches: last time 75 / this time 130!

5 mile run: last time my Runkeeper died / this time 49:30

So although I have not qualified I am definitely stronger and happy to be back running again. Really enjoyed the challenge and thought it was a great way to celebrate my third Kenzai-versary!

Thanks for the challenge and all the support!

rangering on

Overall I am hanging in there. I have been working out almost everyday but admittedly, without the skipping and running I don't feel it has always been ranger focused. The achilles is doing much better and I have now been back to running and skipping for the last week. Even managed a 10k yesterday - no speed records but a good race. The time at the 8k mark was 49 minutes which is about the same as my first ranger day so I have a week to make it better!

Park Ranger

Continuing on my ranger journey. Making some progress but a week of no running and skipping hurt my soul a little bit.
Moved out of park and getting into action with my first skipping session tonight - a little tight but not too much pain so we will see how the 'gentle' run goes tomorrow.

Ranger Day 1

So finished the day 1 base test.

Pull ups - 2
Push ups - 33
Crunches (I know I know) - 75

5.3 mile run in 48-ish minutes in torrential spring rain - Run Keeper stopped working after the 2nd mile.

Today also included a trip to physio to look at my achilles. Apparently am only allowed to do low impact exercises for a week so I am going to sub the skipping and running with walking and hiking and add in my new exercises.

Still determined to be a ranger!


Fairly pleased with the efforts over the last 90 days. My goals for the program were a little different this time around: to see if I could run KB more like a life skill / daily life event rather than a super strict training program. While I understand that this is again the principle of program I felt like I was able to make it work quite well. A solid effort on the diet, combined fitness between the Kenzai workouts and my monkey bar classes, a dedicated but not obsessive approach to the program. I am pleased with the overall results: I am quite strong, my fitness is good, I don't feel burnt out now that the program is over, and while there is definitely some work to do on fat loss there have been some great changes. I feel like I know a lot more about how my body works and what it needs.

KB2 is still my favourite program and I loved yesterday's final workout. It look place in a hotel gym with my 13 year old daughter. We both finished our workouts and then we just played in the gym. No judgement on the final posey photo! 😀

Thanks Kenzai!

Hit with the stomach flu yesterday. 2 days without a workout. The mere thought of egg whites and fruit. . .
Trying to stay on track and be kind to myself but I am really disappointed and my editor and my competitive nature are doing a bit of a number on me.
Think I will be back on workouts tomorrow for a strong final 3 days.

Pretty excited that we are down to our final days.
Great workouts this week - I have been combining the conditioning and power classes from my gym with the Kenzai workouts and can definitely see the strength and power from doing this for the past three months. I even had compliments on my skipping yesterday. Almost 3 years of skipping and I am pretty efficient!

Still unsure of what my plan is after the program. My husband is joining KB2 in April and there have been requests for me to join for moral support. Otherwise may go back and work through Run10K / half program on my own.

home sweet home

Our trip was great and even managed to make it fairly Kenzai. All of the exercises plus lots of hiking. Great choices with meals and only some well timed cheats, had my indulgence on my birthday, and only a few glasses of wine during the entire 10 day trip.

And then I got home. I am not sure why the wheels came off but they did. Back to work tomorrow and that will provide some structure and routine to help get back on track for the last 2 weeks.


We are having a lovely start to spring break! Got to spend three days in Vegas and today visited the Grand Canyon. Did really well with the workouts. Have made some pretty good choices with the meals - although clearly the Las Vegas strip didn't get the health food guide on the importance of vegetables.

Did a great hike on the Hermit Trail this morning. Our guide joked that today was push up day- I think he was a little shocked when we dropped to the trail and busted out a few sets.
Unforeseen travel situations have meant today’s diet has gone out the window - we are curently stranded in a gas station parking lot outside the national park waiting for the power in northern Arizona to come back on so we can get some gas and head to our next destination. Definitely back on track tomorrow.

End of Week 5



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