Carter B.

Carter B.


Still here.

Out of gas

Fellow kettle bellers, woke up at 430 to try and finish early. Didn’t eat anything and completely fell apart energy wise. Cut 2 of the rope sessions short. May co spider a banana, berry and spinach smoothie before further 430 am workouts. Anyone else experience the same?

Sorry to hav been silent but it looks like I am stuck in my former class’s chat. Is anyone receiving this?

Tapping out

Team, knee injury aggravated by squats.

I need some time to rest/heal. I’m out.

Wishing all the best success here. I’ll be back this fall.

Be great!

New rope

Used a new rope tonight, one with a thin steel “rope” that was substantially longer than my old rope. Knocked out 100, 75, 85 and 100 reps without stopping. Realized my current rope is way too short. Needs to reach your armpits.

Battling some back neck and shoulder pain for last few weeks. Will head to Chiro this weekend.

Final Post 

Hi All, its hard to believe the 90 days are already over.  It actually went by fast, considering what a struggle the first few weeks were.  I've lost 15lbs and am about what I weighed in high school.

Its been a great experience and I've accomplished my primary goal of learning about good nutrition and getting into some good habits.  I'm actually eating the same diet that I did the last 2 weeks, and even did some exercise this weekend.  I'd like much of what I learned to become a lifestyle.  I strangely have no interest to go out and binge.  The farthest off track I've been is a yakitori.  Still nothing to drink.

I also learned some things about myself and friends.  I've learned why alcohol is classified as a depressant.  I've never felt more balanced, energized and clear than now after 3 months of good, clean living.  I've gotten used to waking up early on the weekend and feeling great, and plan on that being the norm and not the exception.  But probably the most important thing I will take form the program is the sense of empowerment to know I can make such dramatic changes in my life in a fairly short period by having a plan and sticking to it.  

Thanks to everyone in the program, Patrick, the PCP team and friends for your support and encouragement.  Special thanks to Jason Block for introducing me to the program.  All the best to each of you, Carter

Outdoor Rope

Jumped outside on my deck tonight, weather was warm and it was a full moon.  Good view of Tokyo as well.  I used a heavier outdoor rope with bearings in the handle and I was really surprised by how much better my timing and speed was.  Will keep this up.

Have had a bad cold and took the last 2 nights off, just trying to sleep and get better.  Bummed about going off the program toward the end but have managed to stay healthy all winter till now.  Staying on the diet and will get in an extra workout Saturday.  Good luck everyone....

Day 78

Not much to report.  Eating more carbs has been a bit of an adjustment in terms of feeling very full.  I am getting pretty tired of the lack of any social life to be honest. Those last 2 weeks are proving to be the hardest part for me.  I think I have accomplished most of my physical/nutrition goals and its very tempting to go out for a big night with friends I haven't seen the last 2 months.  

But I won't.  A commitment is a commitment and I'll see it through to the end.  Getting my work physical the 16th and will be curious what all this clean living will mean for my bp and cholesterol.

I did just get Netflix which makes staying in a bit more tolerable hahahahaha....

Day 72

Interestingly I haven't lost any weight for a couple weeks.  Working out and following a strict diet but I seem to have hit a lower limit for now.  Anyway, not a whole lot to report.  Love the weekends when I can split the workouts and rope/8 minutes.  Looking forward to having a drink when this is done....

Day 64

Good group workout this AM that really pushed me.  I've been doing lunges in too slow a manner.  Stuck to very strict time intervals and had a killer leg workout.  Just had some whole grain pasta and a nice sauce with beef and the food coma is setting in.....


Started off the jump rope tonight and just couldn't get it going.... You know what I mean?  My rhythm was off, my quads hurt from the leg work.  No matter how hard I tried all I could think was how much the rope was going to suck.  So I threw on my shoes and a jacket and went for a 25 minute run which was surprisingly easy.  Guess the rope has been doing more for me than I thought.  As I was running, I realized it was the first time in over a year I wasn't running on a treadmill.  It was good to be out in the crisp air.

Day 57

Hello, been a while.  Another busy work week which is frustrating.  Two dinners.  One I ate nothing and left early, the other I counted as my indulgence but just ate veggies and fish.

I bagged my first workout Friday night.  I was just too damn tired from work and dinners on the back of a week in London.  Felt run down.  Fell asleep at 7, woke up at 10.  Went back to sleep till 7am Saturday.  This weekend's workouts were ok.  I could definitely feel the longer leg workouts in my jumprope which was painful.  I split the workouts and jump ropes for the first time this weekend.  AM 8 minute abs (surprisingly easy) and rope.  PM workout.  I enjoy jumping to the time of a song and not counting skips.

Still struggle with planks (30 sec max) and the pull-ups (2 in good form max).  Anyway, tomorrow is another day and a chance to improve.

Honey, I'm Home!
Dragonfly20130312 2 d8dmqb

Say hello to my new roommate, the TOWER OF POWER.  I guess when you are single, living in a 3BR apartment with about 5 pieces of furniture you can buy these sorts of things.  Am fired up to use this over the next few weeks. 

Hammered out a nice workout today that I missed flying from Edinburgh to Tokyo Weds/Thurs.  Felt great.  Glad to be done with biz travel till the program ends.  

Working on my workout soundtracks.  Digitalism is great to skip rope to.  I used to dread the rope, now I am starting to enjoy it, although I haven't been able to do much other than the basic hop.

Day 48

Sorry Team, been traveling like a mofo.  Sunday to London for 2 days then Scotland for one, and then back to Tokyo.  Did ok on the diet and exercise until I hit Edinburgh at 7.30 on a cold Tuesday night.  best I could do was a grilled salmon and steamed broccoli at the hotel restaurant.  I could taste the butter and oil, but what can you do?  Also, good luck getting a boiled egg.  Vegetarian meals on the plane, but still crap food.  So a little discouraged by ring off the plan but done with biz travel till mid April after the program.

Workouts end well all things considered.  Ran one day instead of the rope.  Missed one day of workouts because of travel time and being just plain worn out.  It was a chest workout and will do it tomorrow instead of a day off.  Sorry Patrick - I know this is the ATM thinking you are trying to discourage, but its a major muscle group and I enjoy it.  I also used some dumb bells and the soreness and workout was completely different.  I actually enjoy being sore after a good workout.

Just finishing up a large steamed bowl of veggies, about to have some yogurt and finish season 2 of the The Wire....  Seasons 3-5 are waiting for me and should keep me off the streets for the foreseeable future.

Is anyone else out there really craving wine?  Haven't had a drink for over 40 days.


Sorry gang in Scotland and blogging on blackberry. Back on Thursday will post a decent blog then.

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