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Cat B.

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Woke up feeling sore. But good sore. Like my muscles are actually there sore. Doing what they were designed to be doing sore. All over sore: calf muscles, abs, thighs, bum...

Unfortunately (?) I had booked a spinning class, so decided to go for it anyway as I usually go with a friend.
Maybe that was a bit too much, too soon.
'Cause I still had to do D2 workout afterwards.

Let's see how sore I am tomorrow ;)

3 months?!?

Has it been 3 months since I came here?

Well... it's time for a new challenge.

I am starting reboot in 4 days time and am looking forward to it!

Who else is rebooting?

Happy D90 to all KBers

It's D90 of the KB programmes that started in Jan and I remember the feeling on that day so I wanted to send a shout out to all of you who are on your last day of the programme and say WELL DONE.

And especially to my K sister Lex - I am sooooo proud of you having hopped on KB2 just after KB1, sticking to it like the pro you are and getting amazing results. You totally rocked this!

Congrats to everyone and enjoy the last day. Tomorrow is the first day of a new part of your life, you've totally got this!

KL - week 1

After finishing KB1 and having over a 2 week Christmas / New Year break, I started KL on Jan 4th.

Planned to do 5 workouts, but ended up doing 3 + 2 days skipping + 2 days nothing.

I could feel bad and guilty that I'm not starting as I mean to go on, but I am listening to my energy levels and my body and when I felt shattered I just decided to allow myself a rest day.

Food-wise, back in my own kitchen makes a huge difference. I haven't been too rigid and just seeing how eating foods that KB banned is making me feel.

Let's see how week 2 goes.

Is anyone else from IRON around?

Squat jumprope - well...

OMG first time I had these in my workouts. Let's just say I barely managed 5 in a row, let alone 20-30 x 5 sets.

Talk about challenging!

Luckily only my pups witnessed what must have been an amusing scene.

I am staying at my sister's for Christmas, and so after my 3 day post KB1 rest I have started skipping again.

This morning, whilst I was skipping outside in the driveway, one of the people who passed by way an elderly lady who stopped and asked me: can you add on 10 extra for me? I said 'of course' and did just that. So sweet.

Today's lesson (D88)

I think today's lesson was one of the most inspiring. Absolutely loved it. And now is the perfect time to understand what it means / feels like. If I had read this early on, I wouldn't have grasped it in the same way.

Thank you Team Kenzai.

Super sets!

I found the super sets a much better fit for me - more dynamic & less boring.

I didn't really give my all on the abs as both pups got on top of me so getting to failure without slacking on the rhythm just didn't work.

I also am finding the 2 x 9 min much easier than last week's 3 x 7 min.

I cannot believe we are almost there.

Let's do this Team Draco and all other fellow KB1ers.


My husband came back from a business trip and brought a box of macaroons from La Durée in Paris.
It's sort of a ritual of ours to enjoy them together.
But this time I resisted and haven't touched them.

If you have ever tasted them you will know what I mean...

Week 12 = week 11

I have just looked at next week's diet and it is exactly the same as this week's.

I don't know why I am slightly bothered about that, I just always looked forward to the slight changes.

Same same.

Indulgence 3

I wasn't very excited about it, but had it when we went out last night with our friends.

Last time I had pizza and had terrible stomach cramps afterwards, so strangely this time just before we left home I started to have light cramps - not sure how that happened.

Anyhow, we went to a fab restaurant (there are so many here in São Paulo - which I blame for the part they played in helping me get out of shape) and I had:
- some yummy brioche bread straight from the oven
- sensible-ish enough starter: salad with walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese (it wasn't mixed in, which made it easier for me to just nibble on a few bits)
- as a vegetarian, the only options for main course were 2 pasta dishes: chose the ravioli filled with Brie cheese and figs, with spinach, pumpkin seeds and a sage / butter sauce - the filling was too rich so I took most of the cheese out.
- I didn't feel I could manage a whole pudding, so had 2 spoons of N's and it was delicious: strawberry mille feuille (absolutely worth it, yum yum yum) - that's the picture only taken once we had already started demolishing it.
- 2 sips of red wine

Aftermath: felt fine, not queesy, not full, no cramps and so far so good the next day.


OMG - I don't know how I managed to do yesterday's (D72) workout reps...

I could not do the push ups from the chair, and crawled onto the floor. Should have taken a picture, but it must have looked something like this.


Quite chuffed I resisted 4 days of this...

Skipping with a view

This was my view today

Just saying...


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