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Catherine H.

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I am really excited to be here at the finish line. As I mentioned in my previous post, getting here was not as I had hoped. After tackling a 3-month program who would of thought that a 6-week program would be so mentally challenging.

That being said, I am probably the fittest I have ever been. Oh how I wish I knew about Kenzai 20 years ago.

Thank you to all my team mates for being so supportive! Hope to train with you again. I plan to take a break and go into maintenance mode for a month and then see where I am at mentally. Enjoy your summer!

Last Day

I wish I can say that I crossed the finishing line with flying colors but these last two weeks have been somewhat difficult for me. It was hard for me to keep my motivation going. I would be strong for 2-3 days and then felt my motivation decrease, strong for 2-3 days and then another dip. I know during KB1, I was determined to lose the weight and get stronger. I was really happy with my results and went into Chisel thinking that anything I gained from this course was just icing on the cake. Maybe this is where the problem lies, I was not "hungry" enough for change. Planning to go into maintenance mode for a month and then try another program with determination. It has been wonderful training with all of you. Hope to train with you again.


In January when I first started Kenzai, I never would of thought I would enjoy this part of the program. Now I see how it keeps me in the game and pushes me to try harder. Thank you all.


Am happy to report that I have been on point for diet and exercise. Thank you for the encouraging words. My new favorite condiment is Yellowbird Sriracha. Vinegar is not cutting it anymore, but vinegar and sriracha, what a favor bomb, sour with a bit of heat. Yum!


My head seems to not be in the game. I am finding it hard to be compliant with the diet. My sugar tooth seems to be nagging at me harder than usual and I am having a difficult time saying "NO!" Hopefully this week will be better.
On a separate note, Vicki and I went on an amazing hike. What we thought was a 10 mile hike turned out to be 13 miles. Those extra 3 miles put me over the edge. My legs are so tight, I can barely go down the stairs.


Oops, should of focused on that lesson more. What usually starts off as a taste, ends up being more. This week, I made macarons on Thursday, pizza on Saturday and my husband made ribs on Sunday. Hopefully my "tasting" will not affect my progress too much. Regardless, message received and I will keep the diet tighter starting tomorrow.

Exercise has been fine, scared to see what is in store for us this week.


There are times in our lives, where things feel so uncertain. One minute you feel "in control" and the next you are so unsure of what is to come next. Not to get into too much detail, but my son is currently in traction because his neck (C1C2) is not moving properly. As a mother, it is hard not to have clear answers and to not know that there will be a full recovery. (BTW there was some improvement this week, YAY!)

What I am grateful for is to be participating in this program. Without this structure, I would be eating ice cream and any sweet I can think of to calm myself. I would probably also be sitting on the sofa and binge watching tv. The exercise keeps me moving and probably is improving my mood.

I am also grateful that the exercise is manageable now (not like the end of KB1, where I felt like I was training all day long)

Greeting Fellow Anubians!

Hi, my name is Cathy. Am so excited to be doing Chisel with old friends/ team mates (Go Team Pegasus!) as well as to meet new ones. I recently finished KB1 and was amazed with the changes in my body and my team mates. Am happy that this program is starting now. Have tried to be compliant with the food but my sweet tooth is quickly getting the better of me. On Easter I had two slices of cake and two champagne cocktails! I seem to do better when I am "accountable" to others and have boxes to check.

The reason I am doing Chisel is to see where I can actually take my body, given that my core likes to hold onto insulation. After KB 1, I feel strong , so might as well go for it.

So fellow Anubians, know what I am rooting for you!


There are many things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for this program and the wonderful support I (and all my teammates) received from the Kenzai staff. This program has shown me that it is never too late to reclaim your body. At 52, and beginning to hit menopause, I thought I would never shed those ever increasing lbs of insulation. Ward and Tayla thank you for cheering us on in meaningful ways.

I am grateful for Team Pegasus. Going through hardship together is a bonding experience. I enjoyed hearing their journey and sharing mine. Initially, I didn’t think I would blog so much but in the end, I enjoyed connecting with my teammates.

I am grateful that I am healthy and well enough to still exercise. I, and many others I know, have negative thoughts of what is possible. We limit ourselves and create many excuses to keep ourselves stuck. Through this program, I am hoping to permanently throw that mindset away.

I have not worn a bikini since 2000. This summer I plan to! Whatever excess I have on my belly, I am going to wear it proud.

I have to also thank my family for giving me the space and time to work on myself.

So what's next?

Just curious as to what others are doing next. If you feel comfortable, please share. I do plan to buy a membership and am torn between sculpt and chisel. Need a shorter program. Really enjoyed our time together and don't want to lose touch. You guys were the best, so supportive, encouraging and funny. Best of luck in whatever comes next. Big Hug!

Almost there!

This was me in Spring 2012 after training with a trainer and eating paleo under the guidance of a nutritionist. Am so happy to be almost there again and really hope/ plan to maintain it. Thank you Kenzai and all my fellow trainees.

Food wise this week was fine, am trying to experiment with eating out (a bit more) and using a little bit of salt in my cooking from time to time. Apparently, I was not using any added salt and Vicki pointed out this was not a no-salt diet. I guess I am prepping for life after Kenzai.

Exercise was good, was able to do 5 out of 7 workouts (which is fine with me).

The reason I said one more week is because next Saturday I am traveling to Boston and New York. I am not sure how I am going to resist New York pizza, wine, and some other tasty treats while catching up with old friends. Wish we were on our last week so I can say that I finished strong.

Survival mode

As I am laying on the ground doing my side sit ups and wondering when the hell this exercise will be over, I realized that all I do is eat and exercise (and run a few errands). On a typical day, I eat breakfast, run an errand, have a snack, do 40 mins of cardio, have lunch, do another chore, eat my 2nd snack while driving to pick up my son, bring him to an activity, make dinner and then do the other exercises and have my last snack. I guess the monotony didn't really get to me before but now I am dreaming of a time where my whole life is not focused on eating and exercise.

These super sets are killing me, they seem to take such a long time. That being said, I am really happy with the results.

My husband has another business trip, will be in super survival mode soon

Went out to lunch today with some girlfriends intending to be good. Instead, I was good at finishing everything in my bowl! Good grief!

Usually, I feel really good after I eat when I am compliant, but now my body is dragging, bloated and I have a headache. When will I learn?!

Oh well, today will be a rest/ indulgence day.

On the plus side, I got to see some friends

In order to keep my life simple I have been eating basically the same thing everyday, rice, ground turkey and steamed vegetables with vinegar. My palate is screaming for something else. I also find that I am full quicker at lunch (or bored and thus can't finish everything) and then hungry quicker.

Need to make time to make my food more interesting. Besides Kip's butternut squash ragu, can anyone share other veggie recipes they have been enjoying.




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