Channing F.

Channing F.

All Done 

This last week was really rough between being sick and at a conference. But I made it. I will certainly miss the rhythm of KB1 but I am going to do my best to stay consistent since it had made me feel so good. This last week I realized how quickly brain fog comes back when I don't stick to a consistent diet so a consistent diet is my #1 take away. Excited to end the year feeling energized and ready to take on 2020.

what has changed?

Realizing that food is not to be used for anything other than sustenance. It doesn’t bring me the same joy as feeling well, like less bloated and naturally energized. I was so worried about not having enough food or enough variety.

what to do next?

I think I’ll stick with the diet and consider getting back to my gym routine and add jumping to that. I don’t really miss anything food-wise so I think my main objective is to continue on the path and improve.


Having a cold really messes up the program. I've tried really hard to maintain diet and workouts but I had to miss one last week for business and then another because I was too sick and didn't have the energy. The sickness has caused some serious brainfog too so I've missed some of my fruit snacks. On the mend and trying to finish strong but definitely see my results slipping a bit without the consistency.

Still Trying

Still here, still sticking to my diet as best I can and still struggling with jumping rope. But in good news, after suffering from a cold spell, I put on a pair of pants and they were WAY too big. Even moved to the last hole on a belt I’ve had forever!

Energy Levels

My energy is so good to the point where I do not need a cup of coffee in the morning. I stick mostly to hot tea now and I feel so much better for it. I feel like I'm consistent through the day and don't really have any lulls. But I am anxious with the changes in my diet to AMAYW. I think that may cause me to struggle a bit. I worry that I'm not eating enough without weighing things so I'm working on that.

Tough Day

I thought getting through an intense work cycle would be the most difficult thing I would experience during Kenzai but guess I was wrong. Found out yesterday that my faithful companion, Duke, has terminal cancer and only 2-3 months (or less) to live as any treatment or surgery would be very painful for him. I tried to stay on diet yesterday but I wasn't very successful. I couldn't eat much. I didn't make my work out this morning but I am hoping I can keep up today and get my workout in this afternoon. Just a tough time.

Hardest Day

My hardest day is generally Saturday. I can only combat it by getting up at my normal 5am and get my work out in and hope for a nap later in the day. I feel like I have to stick close to home to really stay on the diet. I had an epiphany that restaurants don’t serve enough veggies!

Milk Bar

I’m using my indulgence for a piece of cake or crack pie at Milk Bar. Y’all need to look it up if you don’t know Christina Tosi. I could not be more excited that this indulgence came during my vacation!!!! Still working out every day and maintaining my diet as best I can. It’s hard when you are in museums all day but definitely walked for 9 hours of the day!


I have been so busy with work that I have only managed to focus on my food and workout but not posting. So here is my post. I'm still here. I'm still working out every morning, even though I detest jump rope more than I did a few weeks ago (Counterpoint: that it does work and I see the results.). I'm still eating within my diet. Although I feel hungry in the evenings and I solve it by drinking water and/or going to sleep earlier.

My indulgence was one glass of wine at a work dinner but then that expanded into another glass of wine at a different work event the next night. Once I realized how groggy it made me feel the next morning for my workouts, I resolved to stop.

I'm finally taking a vacation next week and I'm worried about falling away from my diet with all the dining out we will do. I will do my best to make good choices and cling to my work outs.

Social Life

So far I haven’t had too many issues as I take my food with me even to restaurants with friends. This coming week may be harder food wise since I have a HUGE work conference. But I’ve pre packed and weighed out all my meals. If I plan, I don’t feel pressured or guilty about my food.

Highlight is that I am much better with the rope and looking forward to tougher work outs!

QOTD - week 3

My brain feels less fuzzy and my clothes fit better. Working on not being frustrated with the body in the mirror but I do feel significantly better.

easiest part — the diet and scheduling all my food. I’m not hungry but I certainly still have cravings.

hardest part— the jump rope. The more I slap my legs with it, the more frustrated I get. I can see the difference it makes but, man, I get frustrated with the counting.

So far feeling great and seeing changes in my energy levels so I’ll just keep moving.


I am having an easy time with the diet so far thanks to my sister in law! However, I'm struggling with when to eat my fruit in the evenings. I generally go for an evening walk with my dog and eat it as a reward after. But then shortly thereafter I'm in bed.

Does it matter when I eat it or just that I consume it?

Intro to me!

Hi Team Ursa!

I'm excited to be on a journey with y'all. I live in a small town in North Carolina where I'm an in-house attorney at a healthcare company. I have a doberman, Duke, who goes everywhere with me and is my constant companion. He's even a big help in the kitchen! While I focus on others' health, I don't focus enough on mine. I love to work out, lift weights and run but my good eating habits are sporadic and I love a good glass (or two) of wine. I think I will struggle with keeping up with the meal planning and variety of meals. Generally at the end of the work day and week, I am completely worn out so planning is key. I have done Whole30 a few times and loved it but struggled afterward to make smart choices. Cheers to a great adventure with y'all!




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