Channing F.

Channing F.

Kenzai Body | Day 10
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:

I am having an easy time with the diet so far thanks to my sister in law! However, I'm struggling with when to eat my fruit in the evenings. I generally go for an evening walk with my dog and eat it as a reward after. But then shortly thereafter I'm in bed.

Does it matter when I eat it or just that I consume it?

Intro to me!

Hi Team Ursa!

I'm excited to be on a journey with y'all. I live in a small town in North Carolina where I'm an in-house attorney at a healthcare company. I have a doberman, Duke, who goes everywhere with me and is my constant companion. He's even a big help in the kitchen! While I focus on others' health, I don't focus enough on mine. I love to work out, lift weights and run but my good eating habits are sporadic and I love a good glass (or two) of wine. I think I will struggle with keeping up with the meal planning and variety of meals. Generally at the end of the work day and week, I am completely worn out so planning is key. I have done Whole30 a few times and loved it but struggled afterward to make smart choices. Cheers to a great adventure with y'all!

Day 2

Completed my work out before a conference call. Already feel more awake and ready to go.

Hi. I'm Channing, I work out regularly and eat everything on my plate... Always have. I'm really struggling with leaving 1/4 of my food behind. Had lunch out with colleagues and split my salmon before I started eating. The waitress even asked if I wanted a box for it but I left it behind. At least eating dinner, I could feed the extra protein to my dog so at least one of us is happy.

On to tomorrow.