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Graduation Post - KB1 

I have to say, I am quite proud of my self for getting this far. It's not easy to do a 90 day program. I wasn't 100% compliant but I was pretty good - and an awful lot better than I would otherwise have been. I have dropped weight but not the hugely impressive numbers posted by others; for me it has been more of a case of my condition changing - less fat and more muscle. Am feeling so much better and clothes are now lose and tight in the right places.

I only realized the difference when my wife secretly bought me some skinny fit jeans. She hid the label and only showed it to me when I complained they were lose! Up till now I have always been wearing proper fat boy jeans, so this showed the physical changes. A few points from me:

1. Thanks to Ward - trainer fantastic and always helpful and positive. And thanks to you all. Without your blogs I would have dropped out on my holidays - no doubt about that.

2. Loved the lessons and how they came at the right time. Kind of spooky actually! I had to look over my shoulder a few times to see if Kenzai spies were following me around.

3. It has changed my approach to food and nutrition. I had my first desert for 90 days on Saturday and I didn't enjoy it. I am still annoyed that I ate it!

4. Probably the biggest benefit for me though - and one I did not anticipate at all - has been the impact on my family. My 15 year old daughter started doing circuit training, my 13 year old son asked me to take him down to the gym - which we now do quite regularly. Both of these were 100% their choices and I am pretty sure that my Kenzai experience played a part in that. Also, my wife has started working out again - and we are all eating better - including eating a lot of fruit.

As with others, I view this as a start. I will be continuing my Kenzai journey and I look forward to meeting you again on other programs.

Have great weeks and months ahead.

I was OK this week but wobbled a bit on diet as we had a 4 day long weekend in Singapore. Too many meals out for me to navigate :) Exercise was good though and I have been working back into my road cycling so managed to get some decent rides in on top of the cycling I am doing for the substitute cardio.

I think that when I started I doubted in my ability to see the program out. I think I said that you would all be my superheroes if you managed to keep me on track. I haven't been perfect with work trips, holidays, date nights with my wife and so on - but I have been pretty good on the whole, and an awful lot better than I would otherwise have been. I certainly thought about throwing in the towel when I was on holiday but your posts kept me going - seeing all your enthusiasm and hearing about your progress. So thank you all for that.

So now in the final week, I think the main mental change is that I can see that I can improve my condition and I have improved my understanding in how to do so - particularly with my diet. Also - for me, an abiding image is the mule and how you need to be as stubborn as one to make real changes. How true.....

Day 77

Those workouts aren't getting any easier are they? Lots of sets and really working through the muscle groups. Due to problems with my calves I cannot skip so I am cycling instead and it takes up a lot of time, particularly when coupled with the workout. So now I am splitting them up into morning and evening.

I had a good week on both diet and exercise. It seems easier to follow the program when you know you are close to the end.

Have a good week ahead all. We are getting close now!

Day 70

Some jet lag issues and a business trip but all in all, a pretty solid week. I slacked off during my holiday so I am trying to be strong from here to the end of the program.

Hardest part of the process for me has been the diet in the evening. The breakfast, lunch and snacks have been fine on the whole. But changing your evening habits with ever decreasing quantum / egg white dinners (and no wine - but then again, I cannot think of a good wine to pair with egg whites!) has been hard and I have not always complied.

Exercises have been the easiest. I like routine and I like being told what to do, provided I have confidence in the program - which I do. It has been good to know that I was going to exercise every day and that I wouldn't have to make any choices.

Wishing you all a good week ahead. Not many to go now....

Wow - holidays are not conducive to Kenzai. At least not for me, anyway. I managed to train pretty well last week but sticking to the diet was challenging and again, I was making sensible food choices rather than strictly following the diet. I arrived back in Singapore this morning and plan on being focused and compliant for the rest of the program. The end is in sight which makes it easier to get your head down.

Lifestyle changes have been similar to those observed by others. I am a lot more aware of what I eat and drink and view exercise in a much more positive way.

I hope that you all have good weeks ahead.

Hard to follow but I have done my best. We have been on a road trip with my family and I am driver, bottle washer and general organizer and also working 3-4 hours a day. So I have tried my best to do what I can with some emergency workouts and choosing carefully in restaurants. Breakfasts have been relatively easy and after that I have tried to eat lots of salads and avoided all sweet things.

OK - I had better get this out of the way up front. Last week was my worst so far. I was really busy at work and then on Thursday night I had a flight back to the UK to join my family for holiday. All my extended family had gathered there for a large family celebration and as a result Kenzai went on the back burner! On the positive side, I still managed 4 work outs and although I had some major deviations from the diet, I still stuck to some of the good habits I have picked up - like eating more fruit and vegetables.

Later today we head to Switzerland and I expect it to be easier to be healthier there as I will only be with my immediate family. Realistically it will still be difficult to follow it precisely as I will be eating in hotels and restaurants the whole time. However, I am going to do my best and whatever I manage will still be better than what I would have done pre-Kenzai.

I keep remembering that picture of a mule in an early lesson and remember that I need to retain that mule-like grim determination to keep going. My wife tells me I have lost weight and is encouraging me to stick to the program, which helps.

All the best to you all for the week ahead.


Nope. I am not going to quit because I want to finish the program. You get this far, you want to see it through.

I go on holiday in about 5 days or so and I am sure I will struggle then, but I will do my best to follow things and be right back on it when I get back.

All the best to you all for the week ahead.

Day 35

Wow - Day 35! That's a long time - longer than I have managed on any of my own health pushes before. Thanks to all for your support in getting me this far.

This week went pretty well. I can't skip yet as my calf is still sore (actually, I did about 300 on Thursday and then it went again) so I am doing alternative cardio which is not ideal, but better than nothing. Apart from that, the exercise and diet went pretty well, despite a trip during the week to HK.

What am I getting fed up with? Well it's not the exercise - I enjoy that and I like having the training decisions made for me. Diet wise, it's not the fruit - I am really enjoying that. The breakfast and lunch may be repetitive (my fault really) and therefore dull, but they fill me up. I think it's these new dinners that are kind of annoying. I could deal with them this week as they were a novelty, but I can see they are going to bore the pants of me this week. I am sure they serve a purpose - but they would not be my preferred dinner choice if I wasn't on this program! :)

Good luck to you all for the next week. I have another trip coming up, hopefully I will manage to navigate the challenges and keep with the program.

Into Week 5

Week 4 was a challenging one for me. There were three work functions I had to attend and I also tweaked my calf muscle. In total I missed two workouts (the first ones I missed, so it was a bit annoying) and I went off diet on those evenings and a couple of other times as well.

I have put a line under that and am moving on and aiming for a strong week 5.

Impact on my social life? Yes it has certainly done that as I avoid going out, so as to avoid temptation.

Day 25

I have found this week challenging so far. I had some technical problems with my skipping - which Ward helped me with. For a couple of days things all felt a bit too difficult. I missed an exercise day and, dare I say it, had a few drinks and even ate some Oreos which were in my office pantry!

However, today I was back on it and really enjoyed my exercise and am being 100% compliant. There is still a stack of Oreos which wave and beckon me whenever I walk through the office panty but I am walking right by them. Oreos be damned! I didn't even enjoy them yesterday and they certainly didn't fill me up.

I have some office events coming up over the next few days. I will manage them as best I can and be right back on things. I don't want to give up after working on this for 25 days!

No - not the David Bowie song but some pretty average blogging by me I am afraid :)

As one of the earlier lessons anticipated, I have experienced some changes over the last week. One which I didn't expect was that my food was tasting really, really bland without salt - far more than the first diet week. I was close to cracking a few times, but I managed to keep the salt at bay. Anyone else facing this and if so, any tips?

On the positives, I have lost some weight and can feel that I have recovered some muscle tone. A few people have commented which motivates me. Mentally, I feel pretty good. I am sleeping well and my energy levels are high. I am pleased with myself with sticking with the program so far and starting to see / feel some positive results.

Now I need to keep my discipline and stick with the program. As per my previous posts, my willpower is a fickle friend and often deserts me! A welcome change for me will be maintaining my willpower till I finish the program and see meaningful changes.

Good luck to you all for the week ahead. Let's do this.

So far, so good...

Thanks for all the blogs by everyone. It is helpful to hear how everyone is getting on.

So far I have found the diet to be relatively easy to follow. I am eating a lot of food - probably more than I was eating before - so I am not going hungry. I thought the lack of salt would be harder than it is. Same with the lack of added sugar, despite the odd craving. I have noticed how sweet good fruit tastes and I am really enjoying that part of the diet. Why wasn't I doing this before? I have deviated a couple of times in work / social situations but not by much and have managed to get back on track right away.

The exercise certainly increased in the second week and I see the skipping increases again next week and - from what I hear from a friend who completed Kenzai Body - the skipping demands keep increasing. I can see I may find that to be a challenge. His tip - which is in line with the lesson today - was to keep my head down and keep working through it. I will try to!

Good luck to you all this week!

I found the workouts to be pretty comfortable and actually supplemented them with some indoor bike training. I see the workouts for week 2 look harder and will take longer - so I will see whether I keep up the additional training.

I didn't always leave a 1/4 as sometimes it was impractical, but I was certainly a lot more mindful of what I ate and drank. I had one 'wobble' for a business dinner with an old friend but I was back on the horse the next day.

It feels a little bit as though we have been having a phoney war for the first week and the real nasty stuff starts tomorrow. I am little nervous as this is unchartered territory for me, but I am going to give it my best shot.

Good luck to all of you - particularly those with willpower issues like me!


Hi all - I hope that you are all well. It has been great to read about you all and I look forward to getting to know you better over the coming weeks.

My name is Charlie and I am an Englishman who lives in Singapore - I have been in Singapore and Jakarta for the last 20 years. I have a lovely wife and two (sometimes) lovely children aged 15 and 12.

I am also a lawyer (looks like there are a few of us in this group) and the sedentary life has been catching up with me. Plus I spend a lot of time travelling and wining / dining. There has always been a ready excuse to break any health regime I have embarked on. However, I am approaching 50 and I figure that now really is as good a time as any to try to 're-set' and get back in shape.

I heard about Kenzai from a friend on a long charity bike ride in Vietnam. He enthused about it and I liked the sound of it - particularly the group aspect and the accountability. Hopefully it can provide a balance to my woeful lack of willpower! So no pressure, but I am relying on you all! If you can help me do this, you will all be my superheroes :)

Good luck to all of you.