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KB 2 Graduation Post 

I enjoyed KB 2 and found it easier than KB 1 - probably because I was used to the format and also because my wife was doing KB 1 at the same time, which made motivation and diet much easier.

I was pretty good on the exercise side and not too bad on the diet either - though I had regular blemishes, largely for work events. However, the last few weeks have been worse as I have had numerous family birthdays and other social events which I could not miss - including a trip to the UK. I also slacked off on my blogging at that time and did not provide my team mates support - sorry about that team.

I have really enjoyed the lessons, the introduction of free cardio and the reinforcement of the foundations of a healthy life - good food and regular exercise. I still have a long way to go on my Kenzai journey, but I think things are moving in the right direction. I am looking forward to deciding on my next course.

Team Hemlock and Kim - thank you all for your support, good humor and positive comments.

Tough week

Not the finish I was planning on. I actually did all the work outs apart from Sunday. I also reckon I was compliant until 6pm most days - it was after that when things went wrong. We had my daughter's 16th birthday, the office Christmas party, the rugby club end of year social for the kids, client drinks (twice), coaching all day Saturday in another rugby tournament and a U2 concert. Luckily I am not American so Thanksgiving wasn't an issue for me - small mercies!

It is just 'that time of year' for me, so no point moaning - just get on with it. Things are looking relatively clear until Friday night - which is when I fly to the UK for a family celebration.

I hope you all have great final weeks.

Kenzai Perfect Storm

Last week was a rough one for me. I missed my exercise on Monday due to a cold but then managed the next 4 days despite a business trip. The business trip was the trip from hell from a diet perspective though. I had dinner with one client and let's say that he liked red wine...a lot of red wine! My diet the next day suffered from the excess and to make it worse that day I met with another client which is a large fast food operator and they brought me a load of their new products for me to sample! Culturally it would have been very rude to refuse, so what can you do?

Then to crown it off, I was coaching rugby all this weekend and as I posted earlier on KB2- I find those days exhausting and don't have the energy to exercise or strictly adhere to the diet.

But that was last week. It happens. I was back on it this morning and plan on nailing it to day 90. I hope that you all have great weeks ahead.

Kenzai at 50

I had my 50th birthday celebrations this last weekend. I was pretty good for the weekdays running up to the celebrations and actually did all my workouts. However, the Saturday evening and Sunday were a festival of indulgences and I don't regret a calorie of them - was great fun and we created a lot of happy memories.

Taking it easy today as have a cough / cold, but hope to be back on the workouts tomorrow and to have a strong week. I want to have a good finish to KB2.

I hope that you all have good weeks ahead.

Hanging on....

Last week I was pretty good on my workouts - I missed one day - but it was not a strong week for me on the diet side. Three work events did me in. I can avoid social pressures easily enough as I generally defer meeting the people, or switch it from beers to a coffee. However, when clients want to spend time with me over a drink, I struggle as ultimately these clients pay my bills! If anyone has any tips for me, I would be grateful to hear them.

I am going to do my best to be compliant for the next 5 days but I know that I am having my 50th birthday dinner on Saturday and have friends arriving on Friday and then will be seeing some of them on Sunday. A number of people have flown in for this and hey, it is my 50th, so I won't be diet compliant but will try and get all my workouts in.

I hope that you all have a great week ahead.

Kenzai Fog

It seems like you are a long way into the program but not close enough to the end that you can see that clearly. Still thumping out the work outs, while being perplexed as to why the evening diet gets even worse!

Last week I was a little off-color at the start, but recovered and only missed one work out. The diet was pretty good on the whole, but I had some client drinks and then for the rugby world cup final - well, the less said the better. We were well beaten in the final by a strong South African performance. I used my inner rugby fan to ignore all Kenzai learnings and I dealt with the experience by consuming a lot of beer and pizza. Well - it happens some times.

Looking forward to the week ahead. And all the best to you all.

Kenzai Mini Post

Just a quick one as am really busy at work.

Last week was solid - all workouts checked and diet was pretty good as well. Even got through the England / New Zealand semi final pretty well. Not been feeling well since then though and missed training and diet yesterday. Let's see how I feel later today - hopefully I am better and can get back on it. Did cardio this morning but baulked at the work out - no energy.

Hope you all have a great week ahead.

Nearly half way

Managed to complete all the workouts. I also managed to avoid the wine dinner I mentioned in my last post and also minimized my rugby blow outs.

On the face of it that all looks like a good week but I didn't follow the diet on a number of occasions. There were no particularly bad meals or days but I know I need to improve my diet and keep my focus. Fingers crossed I can manage it this week.

All the best to you for the week ahead.

The Kenzai Line

I had a solid week on the workouts - I didn't miss any. Diet wise, I was pretty good but not perfect. Not the end of the world but I know that these are the weeks that you need to nail the diet to get the changes, so I am a bit annoyed with myself.

I have some challenges ahead this week as I have a wine themed work dinner tonight and a big rugby match to watch on Saturday (England vs. Australia). I will report next week on how I get on - putting that pressure on myself should help me toe the Kenzai line.

As you all know, these are the tough weeks - so keep your heads down and stick at it. We can do this.

Have a good week ahead.

Ready to step up

I hope you all had a good week. Am feeling for those of you in HK; not only must it be horrible to be experiencing the turmoil, but it must also be hard to focus on Kenzai.

I had a solid week, did all the work outs and diet was good too, although I did have a bad Saturday. Beers watching rugby with friends and then 'date night' with my wife. All in all I had more of an indulgence than I was allowed, but hey - you have to live a little some times.

It looks like the work outs are going to get harder next week and that we are moving into the light dinner phase. I find this combination tough but am going to get my head down and work through it. Also have some travel to navigate.

Oh - and on the music, I tried a few options for my free cardio today and ended up on AC/DC. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it worked for me!

Have a great week ahead everyone.

Kenzai Rugby

A mixed week for me. It started off well and then I had a 2 day trip to HK and that also went well. I was fully compliant until Friday afternoon - which is when the rugby tournament started. That kept me busy from 4pm till 9pm and I was exhausted when I got home. The same on Saturday from 0830 till 3pm and on Sunday from 0800 till 1pm. Sorry Kenzai, but I was spent and although I didn't have a blow out, I didn't have the energy to keep my Kenzai discipline. Am right back on it this morning and have steely eyed determination for the week ahead.

There were two wonderful aspects to the rugby:

1. I met my Hemlock team mate, Ian. He was a referee at the tournament and we met on Saturday. Then by a lovely coincidence, he was refereeing our team in their final - to win the Bowl. Ian did an excellent job refereeing and thankfully, our team prevailed in a tight, tense encounter.

2. To be honest, I was happy to trade in a few days of Kenzai compliance for these boys. They were wonderful and gave everything they had against some far stronger and better resourced teams. As you can see, not all our team are expat children and they come from a mix of backgrounds, all coming together for the enjoyment of playing rugby in a team. I like that.

Kenzai as a couple

Pretty good week for me. Had a trip to HK but navigated it pretty well and did all the workouts.

This was the first week on diet and my wife is at the same stage on KB1 and I must say, it makes it a lot easier to keep to your diet when you are Kenzaiing together. Not least as she is a much better cook than me and is delving into the Kenzai recipe list and coming up with much more tasty and interesting food than I was managing solo.

I have another trip to HK coming up and, subject to the Haze which is such a nuisance for us in Singapore right now, coaching my son's U.13 rugby team next Friday, Saturday and Sunday in a tournament. It is great fun but very tiring and you are surrounded by beer tents, pies, burgers and hot dogs for three day. I will need to call on my willpower reserves!

I hope you all have a good week ahead.

Intro to Team Hemlock

Hi Team,

I am based in Singapore and will mainly be training here in my condo; but like some many of the team I travel quite a lot and the next few months seem likely to see a spike in travel. I am on a flight to HK early tomorrow morning, so my resolve will be tested right away. I actually did my day 8 work out today as I can't be sure I will have time to work out tomorrow.

I like the discipline of Kenzai and on KB 1 I followed it pretty well, but I struggled with not 'treating' myself from time to time. I guess I have become accustomed to rewarding myself with some chocolate and / or red wine after a tough day at the office. I need to toughen up mentally on that side of things and I also need to plan better for my business trips. It is hard though, particularly when you have dinners with clients.

I am from Yorkshire in the UK but I have been living in Singapore and Jakarta for 21 years. So I crave the countryside and walking in the fresh air. I go back to Yorkshire at least once a year and I always enjoy it.

I hope you all have a good week ahead.

KB 2 - Day 1

I am looking forward to KB2 and working with Team Hemlock over the next 90 days.

I live in Singapore with my wife and two children (15 and 13) and will be turning 50 towards the end of this program. My wife has signed up for KB 1 and also starts today - so hopefully we can encourage each other on!

Have a good week ahead.

Graduation Post - KB1 

I have to say, I am quite proud of my self for getting this far. It's not easy to do a 90 day program. I wasn't 100% compliant but I was pretty good - and an awful lot better than I would otherwise have been. I have dropped weight but not the hugely impressive numbers posted by others; for me it has been more of a case of my condition changing - less fat and more muscle. Am feeling so much better and clothes are now lose and tight in the right places.

I only realized the difference when my wife secretly bought me some skinny fit jeans. She hid the label and only showed it to me when I complained they were lose! Up till now I have always been wearing proper fat boy jeans, so this showed the physical changes. A few points from me:

1. Thanks to Ward - trainer fantastic and always helpful and positive. And thanks to you all. Without your blogs I would have dropped out on my holidays - no doubt about that.

2. Loved the lessons and how they came at the right time. Kind of spooky actually! I had to look over my shoulder a few times to see if Kenzai spies were following me around.

3. It has changed my approach to food and nutrition. I had my first desert for 90 days on Saturday and I didn't enjoy it. I am still annoyed that I ate it!

4. Probably the biggest benefit for me though - and one I did not anticipate at all - has been the impact on my family. My 15 year old daughter started doing circuit training, my 13 year old son asked me to take him down to the gym - which we now do quite regularly. Both of these were 100% their choices and I am pretty sure that my Kenzai experience played a part in that. Also, my wife has started working out again - and we are all eating better - including eating a lot of fruit.

As with others, I view this as a start. I will be continuing my Kenzai journey and I look forward to meeting you again on other programs.

Have great weeks and months ahead.




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