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Charlie W.

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Graduation Post - KB1 

  • Aug 19th, 2019 at 12:44PM

I have to say, I am quite proud of my self for getting this far. It's not easy to do a 90 day program. I wasn't 100% compliant but I was pretty good - and an awful lot better than I would otherwise have been. I have dropped weight but not the hugely impressive numbers posted by others; for me it has been more of a case of my condition changing - less fat and more muscle. Am feeling so much better and clothes are now lose and tight in the right places.

I only realized the difference when my wife secretly bought me some skinny fit jeans. She hid the label and only showed it to me when I complained they were lose! Up till now I have always been wearing proper fat boy jeans, so this showed the physical changes. A few points from me:

1. Thanks to Ward - trainer fantastic and always helpful and positive. And thanks to you all. Without your blogs I would have dropped out on my holidays - no doubt about that.

2. Loved the lessons and how they came at the right time. Kind of spooky actually! I had to look over my shoulder a few times to see if Kenzai spies were following me around.

3. It has changed my approach to food and nutrition. I had my first desert for 90 days on Saturday and I didn't enjoy it. I am still annoyed that I ate it!

4. Probably the biggest benefit for me though - and one I did not anticipate at all - has been the impact on my family. My 15 year old daughter started doing circuit training, my 13 year old son asked me to take him down to the gym - which we now do quite regularly. Both of these were 100% their choices and I am pretty sure that my Kenzai experience played a part in that. Also, my wife has started working out again - and we are all eating better - including eating a lot of fruit.

As with others, I view this as a start. I will be continuing my Kenzai journey and I look forward to meeting you again on other programs.

Have great weeks and months ahead.

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Al L.Al L.Alumni
almost 2 years ago

Congrats. The point on family is especially great to hear. What a bonus! My kids are younger so i haven’t seen the impact quite so clearly but i do feel like my girls are more aware of the fact that being healthy requires them to make healthy choices, and i keep catching my 5yr old boy doing push ups!

    Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
    Head Traineralmost 2 years ago

    Fat boys out! Skin jeans in! So cool! And perhaps most importantly, your choices to be healthier and happier have had profound resonance in your family. This Kenzai stuff goes more than skin deep, man. It is a game changer on so many levels. So Charles, thanks for trusting us with your fitness and showing up just as you are. This new baseline is a perfect place to start again. I can't wait to see where the journey takes you next. 'Til then, Body is done and dusted. Congrats!

      Stefan R.Stefan R.Kenzai Member
      almost 2 years ago

      congrats Charlie! So pleased to hear you enjoyed the experience as much as I did

        Charlie W.Charlie W.Kenzai Member
        almost 2 years ago

        Thanks all. Appreciate the kind words and support. Love Al's son doing press-ups!

          Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Member
          Founderalmost 2 years ago

          Great work Charles, you're looking 10 years younger and feeling the same too I bet. Those jeans don't lie, you went through a true change in your body composition. Less fat, more muscle, higher energy levels, clearer focus, and a renovated palate that's satisfied with fruits and vegetables. You did it all right. Isn't it amazing how when you raise your own personal choices the rest of the family starts making the same good choices. So much easier than cajoling! Thanks for all your hard work, great trainees like you make Kenzai what it is. Congratulations and COMPLETE!

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