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Charles Z.


Been off and on since my knee was feeling awful during runs. Have done a few bike exercises, but haven't been consistent for various reasons than just the knee. However, been doing a few light jogs this week and knee is feeling better. No real pain during or after the run. I'm now a week or 2 behind the pace. I am going to slowly work my way up to ensure the is indeed ok. Did the free run and the strong finish along and so for so good. Happy to be back.

I've been taking it easy his week following last week's 6km run. If my knee is still experiencing some discomfort. What can I do in place of the 8km run?

May still try it at a very moderate pace, but will be mindful of any stress to the knee.

Just lace up...

A pretty straight forward lesson today. I woke up this morning to tackle the distance run, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking about putting it off for just a moment.

6.5km may not seem long for some, but I've not run this length of distance before. This was a chance to test the mental barrier and happy to say I managed to complete the run. It's always good to make new progress and am looking forward to keep pushing.

I hope everyone had a good run today.

On a side note, had some pain on the side of the knee afterwards. Only feel it when I'm walking downstairs or in a lunge position (when my left leg is hind leg). Anyone know if this will be a nagging thing as I continue to train? Or does it go away pretty quickly and I can continue to keep up with the workouts?

I just don't want any unnecessary injuries.

distance run

Was great to get the 5k under the belt. I managed to run the full distance at a decent pace for myself. Off to a good start and looking forward to next week's training. 5k is where my mental barrier is at. I want to see how much progress I can make from here. I hope everyone enjoyed the run.

let the running begin

Got off to a late start, but am ready to start the training. I've never been a strong runner. It's been more of a mental roadblock than physical limitation. So my goal is to break the mental barrier and learn to run properly. I am excited for this training.

So even from the first time I did program, I did remember how eerily on point the lessons would be to what I'm thinking. So I originally was going to post and whine about how I wanted faster results. can't do that one anymore.

The diet and exercise is going well, although 15 mins of skipping is no joke. Can I ask how are people getting on without drinking? I'm definitely feeling it from a social perspective. All I can do is keep telling myself it'll be worth it and just taking it 1 day and 1 week at a time. And even if that makes me sound like an alcoholic, I'm damn fun when drunk and i'm damn boring when I'm not.


What's the ruling on Oatmeal? - would like to incorporate that to my morning for health purposes but having difficulty in figuring out how to measure/weight that? Thinking this can also take care of both my carb + milk requirements in the morning?

Last Post 

End of PCP comes with mixed emotions. I definitely took away many things from this program. The core of which is the knowledge and know how to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By no ways I think that day 90 is the end of my PCP but rather the start in the pursuit of a healthy and maintainable lifestyle. From this day I need to find that balance where I can still keep elements of the old lifestyle while still incorporating all that I have learned in this program. This is an awesome program which I cannot thank enough to patrick and sarah. Everything is well designed to help us challenge ourselves and reach goals which we will have deemed impossible at the beginning. 

Thank you Patrick, Sarah, and everyone in team Orion. This is the healthiest and strongest I have ever felt in my life and I feel ready to take on whatever comes my way.

prev week was in the beaches at Kenting in TW. Exercise wise, couldn't really do much but did lots of walking, surfed for a day which is a sick workout for your core and traps, and does lots of jumping, dancing count? unfort did feel like i put on some fat as diet was not followed and copious amounts of alcohol was drunk.

Focused on finishing this last week strong, although i have been deviating from the program at times, it's taught me that i can do this. the main thing is to have consistency. for me the end of PCP doesn't mark as the day i will simply revert back to my old eating and working out habits, but rather the start of the journey to finally get the body that i always wanted but never had. 

final stretch

last week been really good PCP week and really feel like i'm seeing some results. pics look similar but can feel shirts and pants are just a tad looser than before. this week will be tough, so far did the exercise a day ahead as i'm headed off to taiwan for a music festival tomorrow. will miss tommorow's exercise but will try my best to stick to diet and exercises for the remainder of this week. 

gym spying and sickness

first day back in the gym for a week, thank god, but had to really push myself to do it. Was on holiday last week in TW with the gf. can't say was proud of myself as i had a completely non pcp week. also came down with a cold last week, was feeling hot and cold all of last week. finally feeling better this weekend and back to the gym. seems like my lungs are still a bit infected as i'm coughing all day so i might need to go in to see docs and get some antibiotics.

on the gym front, well i go to a gym inside a shopping mall under a giant office complex. i go after work so needless to say the ppl at the gym are mostly working professionals who are there to get their sh*t done and go home. can't say really that many ppl are hanging around but can see a few groups. obviously there's the guys with personal trainers doing pcp like exercises, crawling, jumping, lunging, around the gym floor. There's the guys doing the classes whom are in and out within the hour...this group comes in various sizes...

the weight room is mostly taken by guys and are in decent shape. the aerobic machines seems to be split....this is where u see the overweight guys lazily on the bike/elliptical and then u see the ultra marathoners whom seem hell bent on breaking the damn machine...

that's all for my gym spying...


not the time nor place for me to get sick....grr....

new rope and diet

been using the new rope past 2 days, it's awesome but boy they fckin hurt when u miss, got whipped a few times today trying to do cross overs....goal now is to learn double unders....

food wise, this week pretty much been 1 non compliant week....did at least flip lunch/dinner around but hardly's a list of what happened and anything i can do to get back on track? I feel like i've veered so far off course where it undid weeks of progress.....perhaps extending the program myself post day 90?

tues had an anniversary dinner with the gf at Kani Zen which specializes in Crab Shabu Shabu, switched my lunch/dinner but still...

wed was client drinks/nibbles where i got hammered on sake/beer and turned into a night of debauchery - missed work out

Thurs - hungover breakfast of ham and egg sandwich, lunch consisted of salad, ham and cheese sandwich and split pea soup, dinner was compliant but missed work out

Fri - back on track until....bumped into same client from wed at a completely and utterly destroyed....crawled home at 6am sat morn

Sat - woke up at 4pm - ate my lunch, went to gym and re did thurs exercise....and sitting at home...

Next week have holiday trip to Taiwan, will be my first time there and I know I won't be sticking to PCP compliant meals...will try to do the exercises best I can

so Sarah, I know it's not ideal but do you think I can extend my program by 2 weeks post PCP to make up for lost times? and if so, what should I do on the diet front?

Dragonfly20130312 2 13udiag

again, another wed, client dinner, drinks, failed diet this week, failed exercise yesterday and today....crap if the food portions goes back to normal I might just re do this week's diet over as it was a total fail.....

in other news, i'm geeking out and fckking excited for my new toy.....dun dun dun...the Rx Beast Inferno....i'm gonna be rocking this with disco inferno while doing my skips tmrw....

Lil' Mama, show me how you move it
Better yet, put your back into it
Do your thing like it ain't nothin' to it

week 8 valley
Dragonfly20130312 2 xexw7o

and boy i'm glad to have it over... Week 8 was horrible for me, seem to have undone 2 weeks worth of progress. so after indulgence, went to Prive's 5th anniversary/pre closing party on Wed. For those not in HK Prive is a club that I've been frequenting since 2007, the place where you'll inevitably find me on friday and saturday nights. so wed was rough, didn't take long for the resistance against alcohol to break down and inevitably drank wayyy to much. it seems to me that now that i'm supposed to be off the sauce, when I do drink, I lose complete self control....ended the night at 3 and got to work late on thurs (late...which was 9am vs 7am normally) That in turn to non PCP compliant day on thurs and skipped work outs for both wed and thurs. Fri was relatively compliant and in an effort to remove myself, went to shenzhen with the gf to get a massage and spa day. saturday in terms of diet, while nothing crazy it was inevitably not quite compliant either. After getting back to HK, was really debating if I should go to Prive's last night. On one hand I do regret not going as it's rare that a ton of my friends will all be out at one place at one time. On another, I'm sure I will be falling off the wagon yet again if I do go. I ended up doing the only sensible thing and went to bed at 10pm on a saturday night, woke up this morning after 10 hours of sleep and catching up what I missed on Facebook. Will leave you all with a pic of why I got absolutely sloshed on a school night. I will get back into the groove of things today and finish this program, I will get rid of my love handles for the first time of my life...yes I WILL!!! stay strong pcp'ers

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