Chelsea K.

Chelsea K.


so, my whole family got the norovirus - it was tough! i managed to get all the workouts in, but had a super hard time eating anything. finally feeling better and almost eating normally again!

the transition this week was tough - but i’m happy to see that the weekend is here! i will definitely do some serious meal planning this weekend... though tomorrow is going to be tough. it’s my 4 year old’s birthday party... all the bad foods will be there, hangin’ out... i think i’ll be ok (the cravings haven’t been too bad, yet).

happy weekending!!

this is me.

1. A basic intro.
i live in seattle and i’m a senior designer doing art direction/commissioning for a major coffee co. i liked to be called chelsea ☺️.

2. What or who has brought you to Kenzai and inspired you to take this journey?
i’ve wanted to get my self back in shape after having a few kiddos... i want to make sure i can keep up with them!

3. What has tripped you up in the past from achieving your fitness goals?
stress has always been a tough thing for my. i think i use food and even tv as an escape. so, i’m actively trying to corse correct.

4. Give us a window into your interests - what book, podcast, or movie do you think everyone should tune into?
my background is in archicture and i love all (ok most) things about design - books, art fairs, mural festivals. i also love movies - the good, the bad and the ugly (i’m an avid movie goer). if you’re in seattle (or even if you’re not) - come check our art fair this summer and the offshoot shows. it’s pretty great stuff!

5. While you are motivated, excited and have the novelty of this new journey in mind right now. What would you say to yourself to get you through a rough patch down the line?
i want to be a good role model for my two little dudes and for myself.

it’s nice to meet you all!

week one. ✔️.

parts of this week were hard... others easy! (thank goodness). going to keep workin’ on that 80/20 rational. i like it. and, i think i’ll get it!

day 3.

i’m really enjoying this notion of exercise and thinking about it differently! i had signed up for the kenzai 10 habits (to see if i was interested in trying out the program). one of the habits was thinking about exercise like we think about hygiene. it’s just like brushing my teeth! granted, we’re only two days in, but feeling pretty good about that mental shift!



looking forward to getting to know you all! and looking forward to making a conscious change for me (and in essence, for my family)!




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